Thursday, January 14, 2016

Armenian Origins of Istanbul Suicide Bomber

As mentioned the claim of this suicide bomber being Saudi were not entirely credible...
Though I find the Armenian more plausible, still, I don't know.

To add to the confusion regarding just who the suicide bomber was!

The mother of suicide bomber who committed a terror attack in Istanbul, Nabila Fadly is a Syrian citizen of Armenian origin, Turkish Haberturk newspaper reported citing the source of the country’s intelligence service.
It is also reported that Fadly arrived in Turkey on Jan. 5, 2016 from Syria, pretending to be a refugee.
An explosion occurred in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square Jan. 12, which killed 10 people of German citizenship.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the explosion a terrorist attack, which was carried out by a Syrian citizen, a former member of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”

There are Armenians fighting alongside PKK/YPG or as I call them KurdISHIS

Take a few minutes and do a search,  you'll find even more information

I'm still sticking with my original prediction KurdIShIS was the perp in Istanbul 
 I'm predicting a PKK suicide bomber (witting or unwitting)  And that includes ISIS brand also - Because the KurdIShIS symbiosis has always been apparent.
So now we have an individual of Armenian heritage and can connect Armenians to the PKK....



  1. "It’s the deft way that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted to the deadly bombing in Istanbul this week that raises suspicions. Suspicions that there is much more to the incident than simply an Islamist terror attack carried out against innocent civilians. To put it bluntly: Erdogan «needed» this atrocity in order to erase mounting evidence of his own regime’s collusion in terrorism with the very same Islamist terror network alleged to have carried out the Istanbul bombing."
    -from Finian Cunningham The whole article is well worth reading.

    One of the sure signs of state involvement in terror attacks is the announcement within hours of the identity of the perpetrator. The reason being that the state would not have had the time to establish the perp's identity in such short a time unless they were aware of the identity ahead of time. Which means the state was involved in one capacity or another.

    The too quick announcement is a giveaway, of course, so why do they (the state) do it?
    It is because this is a brainwashing technique (and its primary purpose).

    You create terror in order to shut down people's conscious thinking so the implantation of false ideas and concepts happens unimpeded - straight into the unconscious. Maximum effect is achieved as close as possible to the terror/fear event while fear is at its maximum. Hence the quick identification of the 'perp'.

    1. Hi james

      I tried to respond to your comment yesterday three times- blogger wouldn't let me post it.

      Regarding Finian's article

      "Within hours of the attack early Tuesday, Turkish authorities had named the suicide bomber...."

      Very vague. How many hours?

      Considering the time difference of 7 hours to my EST
      When I first saw the news no name was mentioned, no specific name at all. I made note of that in my posts from that day.
      There was confusion. It was not until in the afternoon let's say about 3 pm EST there was finally a name mentioned.

      "At first when the identity of the suicide bomber was still a mystery there were speculations that the HDP and its loose-mouth leader feared that their affiliates in the PKK terrorist organization may be behind the attack and thus decided to shut up"

      Contrast that to 9/11:
      Example Paul Bremer interview on 9/11 literally in under 3 hours- specifically 12:46 pm that day.

      Exactly naming Osama Bin Laden. Hijackers. Arab terror. Middle east. On national television along with talking response/retaliation to the attack

      Notice all the memes they are dropping?
      The day that will change our lives

      - very, very scripted

      Considering time to get him to the studio and ready- Obviously discussions prior to his appearance with what ever PR firm and security experts- his script had to have been made some time prior to his NBC visit
      By that I mean- it was ready to go. Look at how smoothly the entire conversation comes off?

      Funny that the talking head called him a terrorist expert?
      north tower struck 8:46
      9:02 am south tower struck
      Pentagon struck not sure of the time
      Building seven hadn't 'collapsed' yet, Paul Bremer is on NBC naming names, creative narrative, and talking retaliation within a few hours, literally under 3 hours.

      The bombing in Istanbul appeared nothing like that via media reports accessible to me

    2. Hi Pen,
      I don't know how many hours were involved before the 'culprit' was identified but if it was less than, say, 24 hrs I'd say it was too soon to really know.

      As for the HDP leadership remaining silent, I can think of an equally (if not more) plausible answer and that is that the leadership had no idea or no evidence, at least, of who was responsible.

      Cui Bono? Possibilities are - Erdogan, the Turkish Deep State, Mossad, CIA and/or NATO (directly or indirectly through ISIS). I don't see how any of the Kurdish organisations, for instance, would benefit from blowing up German tourists but I could be missing something.

      I am suspicious of the whole 'suicide bomber' meme, as well. Greencrow visited the square some weeks ago and said security was minimal so why would the perps need a suicide bomber? Why not just leave a bomb in a briefcase under a table and walk away? Much less trouble to organise.

      How do the 'authorities' establish that it as a suicide bomber? How do the 'authorities' determine which finger or piece of DNA belongs to the 'suicide bomber'? And all in under 24 hrs?

    3. James: There was something extremely suspicious about the 'suicide bomber' in Istanbul.

      It bothered me- A whole heck of a lot!
      It was the presence of a bishop (From Northern Ireland. Which has to be a place just filled with spooks of all sorts)
      An "independent" Bishop one could say a wandering bishop who was at the exact place the bomber allegedly exploded just a few minutes prior to exploding- but he had moved on- then the same 'bishop' appeared on BBC to present the narrative- nothing says spook like an interview with the BBC just like Paul Bremer after 9/11

      The bishops were present most famously during the JFK assassination

      And your right- It could have been a briefcase or an unwitting dupe- Which is what I lean towards.

      I find the whole suicide bomber meme extremely questionable myself- The name could have been pulled from a hat to present a specific narrative.

      It's hard to know, however, Mr Cunningham should have been more precise in his time frame.

      there are very good reasons the Kurds would engage in targeting the German citizens- I covered them in that post- reasons of their own and as part of the NATO group

      I believe the US is waging economic warfare against Germany

    4. The 'bishop' points to the spooks being the perps. We agree on that. If the spooks are to blame, then the Kurds are not. If it is a double agent amongst the Kurds (or whomever), then this is still down to the spooks.

      Your previous article cites a Zaman (Gullen/CIA) article which quotes a police report saying the Kurds are likely to target Turkish companies and organisations within Germany. This doesn't make sense. The German police are saying they have intelligence to this effect and instead of acting on it, they are publicising it and thereby warning the kurds to be more careful!

      What makes more sense is that Zaman and the police (and the spooks behind both) are 'dipping' the Kurdish population in Germany to foment unrest between Kurds and Turks and between native Germans.

      This aids social and economic disruption which we know are goals of the US and Israel - economic war, as you say, Pen.

      It also doesn't make sense that the Kurds in Germany would march and protest the PKK being banned because it is a terrorist organisation and then go and deliberately prove that it is! Now that's a false flag.

      All the organisations involved in this are almost certainly all run by psychopaths who jockey for position and power amongst themselves by dividing ordinary human beings by lying to them and filling them with fear and finally throwing them at each other in armed conflict.

    5. Re:"It also doesn't make sense that the Kurds in Germany would march and protest the PKK being banned because it is a terrorist organisation and then go and deliberately prove that it is!"

      Actually terrorism is the one catalyst that has succeeded in bringing about change- It worked for Israel. It worked on 9/11. It worked in Libya. Etc
      It works for the US/NATO

      In the case of Israel terrorism was employed to create Israel and for US/NATO overthrow governments. Regularly

      So- if you can't effect change one way you do it another-

      Considering those known facts. I can't say with any certainty that it wasn't the Kurds.So they have to remain suspect

      The Bishop indicates covert activity- that much is for sure- Likely of US/UK intelligence.

      "All the organisations involved in this are almost certainly all run by psychopaths who jockey for position and power amongst themselves by dividing ordinary human beings by lying to them and filling them with fear and finally throwing them at each other in armed conflict.

      I agree completely with that! :)

    6. BTW: james no one claimed responsibility for the attack which could also point us to the PKK not wanting to advertise what they had done (Bad PR)- But, a message may have been sent to someone who will understand it