Sunday, January 3, 2016

Carbon Pricing’s Dirty Secret: Tax Payer Subsidies to Prevent “Carbon Leakage”

The entire AGW/Carbon pricing hoax is maddening! Simply maddening. AGW rebranded to climate change is another in a long line of hoaxes perpetrated against the masses. It is a rebrand of the same agenda- Getting the taxpayer to subsidize & support the profits and machinations of corporations. Window dressing and a means to assuage the brainwashed masses while doing ZERO to address REAL Environmental Issues.

All governments are more then happy to continue waging war on a global scale- War has one big "carbon footprint" and the phony greens never speak against that! Greenpeace?

What is “Carbon Leakage”?
"Carbon leakage is the term often used to describe the situation that may occur if, for reasons of costs related to climate policies, businesses were to transfer production to other countries which have laxer constraints on greenhouse gas emissions. This could lead to an increase in their total emissions. The risk of carbon leakage may be higher in certain energy-intensive industries"

“Carbon Leakage” What a deceptive name!!
Let me dish this up in plain talk. This is business fleeing to lower cost areas of the world to avoid paying taxes. Same as usual. Let’s stop with the manipulative language usage, the type that casts spells over us all and call it what it is!!! Business as usual!  Of course “Carbon Leakage” as a label or a term wouldn’t exist save for the bogus AGW agenda, preached by the high priests & priestesses of the cult, slurped up by the carbon cult followers! But thanks to the new indoctrination, “Carbon Leakage” exists and it’s a problem that needs a solution!

How to deal with business avoiding paying taxes, ooops I mean, how to curtail “Carbon Leakage”?

Despite the rebrand of corporate tax avoidance to “carbon leakage” the solution is one that is well known. Tried and True. Have the taxpayer pay! That’s right. In order to prevent carbon leakage the tax payer has to subsidize industry! Gee, where have I  heard that previously?

Quoting from the Sun-  a media outlet that is not opposed to this scam, hoax. They only take issue with the fact that only Ontario and Alberta are engaging in this market.
In order to prevent Canadian industries from fleeing to jurisdictions like the U.S., provinces like Alberta and Ontario are doing exactly the same thing that has undermined carbon pricing everywhere it’s been tried, from Norway’s 25-year-old carbon tax to Europe’s decade-old cap-and-trade market.

That is, handing out huge public subsidies to big polluters, or, alternatively, exempting them from carbon pricing.

Statistics Norway, the equivalent of Statistics Canada, concluded 14 years ago that the reason its carbon tax has not been effective at lowering emissions (while very effective at raising money) was that it exempted too many industries.

In Europe’s cap-and-trade market, European governments handed out so many free carbon credits to major industrial polluters, that their market price crashed, making it cheaper for them to buy credits rather than reduce emissions.
That’s why no one who understands how carbon pricing works was surprised big business representatives were happy to stand on the same stage as Notley when she announced her carbon tax.
Of course they were. She’s going to give them billions of dollars in public subsidies from her carbon tax, ostensibly to help them make the transition to a greener economy.
Which brings us to the greatest injustice of Notley’s and Wynne’s carbon pricing schemes.

Why are major polluters being giving billions of dollars in public subsidies to cope with the impact of carbon pricing, at the expense of ordinary citizens who will be paying for it?
Tax payers subsidizing business, with no reduction of 'carbon'- Since carbon is not a pollutant that makes perfect sense-
 Carbon forms the key component for all known life on Earth. Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, and carbon is able to bond with all of these because of its four valence electrons. Carbon is abundant on earth
It's all smoke and mirrors. So, why is business being given billions of dollars in stolen taxpayer funds? Because that’s the way government and business always work. Together. Not in the best interests of the population. The environment. The planet. Future generations. It’s all plunder, all the time!

The EU and it's carbon market
“Today’s publication of the EU ETS review proposes to increase pollution subsidies to industry to at least €160 billion after 2020? – Carbon Market Watch

EU attempts to better target free allowances:

Not free allowances- tax payer subsidized same as will be starting here in Ontario and Alberta
“Today’s publication of the EU ETS review proposes to increase pollution subsidies to industry to at least €160 billion after 2020″ – Carbon Market Watch
What has attracted industry’s greatest ire is that the Commission wants to fix in law the share of carbon allowances to be auctioned – and therefore the share that can be given away to industry for free. The Commission says 57% must be auctioned. This is the share that is auctioned today and European leaders in October agreed that it must not go down. That’s 57% of a total 15.5 billion allowances available under the EU ETS cap for 2021-30. It leaves 43% or some 6.3 billion allowances to give away for free.

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    1. Any idea that comes from govt and corp. is a sham. Then here in Calli.

    2. Hi jo! I am aware of the giant gas leak in California,and have been for weeks now- though it get's zero coverage in the msm

      I was quite surprised that no one took exception to taxpayers footing the bill for corporations, again, or should I say as always...?

      I guess it's ok as long as some feel 'better' about it all.
      Though I don't understand how being ripped off on multiple levels could make anyone feel better?

    3. Lately I have heard the mantra, even if AGW isn't real, we still have to do something about CO2 pollution and these taxes will help with other environmental issues.

      good gods..... people really are that stupid..


      1. "these taxes will help with other environmental issues"

        No evidence to support those bogus claims!

        "good gods..... people really are that stupid.."

        scary ain't it Buffy?

        phony science- religious presentation
        a multi-pronged agenda push (to take in as many as possible) and yup it's that simple

        these taxes won't do a thing for other environmental issues- what I like to call the real issues
        such as excessive herbicide use- because genetically mutilated food is necessary thanks to AGW/Climate change.
        Or so the spin goes, but, that is just another elitist lie