Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Children addicted to smartphones & tablets- Stunting emotional/social development

Children addicted to smartphones & tablets-
 Nearly half of youngsters are addicted to their tablets and smartphones, according to parents in a new poll.

Some 47 per cent of mums and dads said their children spend too much time in front of their screens, while 43 per cent said this was akin to emotional dependency.

Damaging children one smartphone and tablet at a time- Making anti social miscreants out of your own offspring. That’s not helping your children, it’s harming them. And it’s harm you as a parent are responsible for.

Is Technology Ruining Our Ability to Read Emotions? Study Says Yes

“The researchers provided sixth grade students with a pre-test to establish their baseline abilities to read emotions. The students were shown photographs and videotaped scenes where the audio was silenced. The participants were then asked to infer people’s emotional states based on facial expressions and non-verbal cues.

Half the students were then sent away to a camp where they lacked access to digital media. They spent their time doing traditional camp activities – hiking, archery, and learning about nature. The control group went about their daily activity as usual including their normal access to digital media (which for these students averaged about four and a half hours on the typical school day).

After five days, both groups participated in a post-test. The kids who went to camp showed significant improvements in their abilities to recognize emotions. The control group only showed a slight improvement. The authors concluded that the increased face-to-face interaction improved the campers’ social skills”
that image is embedded in your child's brain- think that's healthy?

Children outdoors

These problems being reported on? They are real. I see them every day. Poor communication. Small children, toddlers, with their faces planted in their mommies cell phone or Ipad. Mommies are generally worse then daddies, sadly. It’s twisted. There is an entire whole huge, real world , all around us. The world that sustains us all. And far too many of us are not participating in it. Often, I walk. In a number of different places and spaces. It is rare to see a child walking with their parents engaged in the real world.  It is rare to see (un)accompanied children in the woods admiring the beauty all around them. It is rare to see any children interacting with nature. Anywhere. Just admiring all there is to admire. It’s not healthy. It is abnormal. On the occasion when I do see a family all together walking, the kids always appear happier and carefree when compared to the children I see having their vibrance & exuberance destroyed by electronic devices. And society is and will continue to suffer for this. Sorry if this is offensive to anyone. It’s not intended to be. It’s just an observation of the world I see around myself. The real world. The one I actually pay attention to and actively participate in.

One last observation.
When we woods walk and we do run into parents and children, over all I find the children happier and chattier. Freely so.  Just animated & brimming with energy.  Like the picture I borrowed from another blog. That little boy portrayed perfectly the happy children we see out of doors- with their families. Having a great time.
When we see the children with their faces planted in a device- they don't look up and if they do their eyes have a distant weird glazed over look. Sigh...

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  1. So, mind control was started a long a go this just an ad on to that that system/ It was the press/teevee. then the Intertubes plase take care in in what's is right

    1. Mind control started with shamanism, then turned into religion. Then turned into serfdom/nobility. Ig ors on ad finitum, continually being refined by the powers that be.

      And in each mind control device or set-up, it is meant to break the bond of family, the bond of communication, and the need to question authority.

      Family, communication, and retaining one's free will/discerning logic is the key to mental health and strength. Having that is definitely what's "right".

    2. Hi jo and slozo: while mind control likely did start way back... the tv definitely promoted it broadly.

      "And in each mind control device or set-up, it is meant to break the bond of family, the bond of communication, and the need to question authority"

      exactly! this is where tv started this on a mass scale- the internet perfected this in many ways making each man an island- devices take it even further by allowing the isolation in and out of doors- to keep each person an island in the real world.

      "Family, communication, and retaining one's free will/discerning logic is the key to mental health and strength. Having that is definitely what's "right".


  2. Nice post Pen.
    It's a tough struggle against the zombie-fication we all go through from tv, computer monitor and smart phone use. It's crazy what parents let their kids do as well . . . but it's just simple weakness. Easier for the TV to parent one's kids instead of yourself - one takes effort and time, and brain cells, and has lots of opportunity for disagreement. The other gives you free time, peace and quiet, and docile brainless children who can be easily placated with sweets or more TV. The same goes with video games, computer games, etc.

    But sometimes, I tell ya . . . the only time I get to read blogs like yours is on my smart phone, when I'm doing something mundane like waiting in line, etc. Ha ha, that's the truth of it! :)

    1. Slozo- everything in balance- everything in moderation
      this is the key- I use the computer, daily. No smartphone- but I also read, real books
      go outdoors- garden, bike, walk, hike cook etc.,

      When our daughter was young- it was the beginning of the video game craze, I noticed if she played too long, she went sort of irrational- her frustration levels were to high- she became intolerable.
      I could see that even then- I used to say to her you've become a gorilla- not healthy for her at all

      We put a time limit to the game playing- so much time a day and that was it.
      Same thing with tv viewing- so much time a day then off- this was applied to the children I cared for also.

      Then it was time for outside play and activities-

      I definitely see it made for more balanced children.

  3. Mmmmm...this reminds me of the legend behind the Milgram. The "supposed" opposite of the wringing of hands is the desired outcome. Just checking how much work had to be done to bring about the desired outcome. In the Milgram the desired outcome is turning USofA society into a psychostate.

    The desired outcome with hand held devices Mk 1, is a global monoculture with some of the following characteristics.
    1.HHD is where God lives.
    2 Flashmob Pavlovian murder squads on command
    3.Ration vouchers delivered into HHD.
    4.History as given by the AI priest.

    If you do not comply the AI priest will cut you off from life.

    In UKplc, the most advanced society on earth, we are only 1 generation maximum from that desired outcome. An obvious experiment to test the progress here, with concomitant hand wringing, would be a spontaneous killing for no apparent reason of an honest to goodness real old fashioned book reader in a public space. Most likely on the London underground.

    You guys in the less developed Rothparks have perhaps 3 generations left. Canada is phekked though, what with you being an Crown over flow lab from UKplc.;-)

    Cheers Pen.

    1. Don't get me going on Canada- Justin Trudeau is making me want to vomit on a regular basis-
      thanks for commenting incoming :)

  4. I'm not completely sold on this idea. At least when the kids play video games they don't watch TV and more dangerous than TV, they don't read magazines and read bad books. TV is so over the top nowadays that even 8 year old morons catch that it is all bullshit, whereas my PhD colleagues still believe that Der Spiegel, Le Monde or New York Times are perfectly clean.
    I have to admit that joining Facebook 2 years ago was an eye opener I wouldn't have thought before. I have around 100 friends on it and they are composed of people I know from childhood up to colleagues from academia and work (add also some migrants from Africa in the mix). The intersting part is the social mix, as I was born in a typical french mining region (worker lower social class) and climbed the social ladder to arrive at a middle class level and having contacts with some higher middle class people. What surprised me the most, was how small minded and petty the higher ups are and how open minded and tolerant the lower classes are (I've only ever been unfriended by upper middle class people).

    1. Hi Gallier2:

      Sadly, my experience and my observation demonstrates too much computer/gadget/game time is no good for children
      Two people, specific to my life, one family- one like family

      In both cases their parents did not restrict their internet access or limit their game time

      One recently lost his job because he has no social skills- And he doesn't. He can't communicate face to face and has no idea of interacting with people. The discomfort is obvious

      The other one, a young woman, is socially awkward and a loner- when younger her sleep wake cycles were lopsided (from being up all night) and she actually told me about the pictures of 'naked ladies' she had seen on line- Yikes!

      You are correct about tv and magazines being bad too
      And of course, I have a problem with all that crap

      But I've seen the negative effects of internet gadget use with my own eyes. And I see it way too often. What children learn is what they take to adulthood- Moderation is the key, always

    2. Unfriending doesn't equal intolerant/not open-minded. Be aware of that mistake.

      Your upper middle class and upper class peeps are much more likely to have better, more corporate jobs - where FB friends and messages are mined, monitored and observed. And that matters, on a professional and personal level. That person themselves may be open to you talking about 9/11 being a sham, but they DEFINITELY have the brains to know they can't have you as a friend or heaven forbid commenting positively on it, as it would be a huge black mark on them. It's the concept of self-policing within our society, that the PTB install so effectively within our society.

      The more money and power you have, the more you have to lose, so the less open you are. It's a natural law.

    3. I understand what you mean slozo, but that was definitely not the case here. I know exactly why they unfriended me, as I said I know the people (except for a few) on my list from RL, which means that I have already an idea of their political orientation. This said, on facebook, using my real identity, I post very rarely "conspi stuff". If you really want to "influence" an audience, you have to adapt the message to the frame of reference of the public it will be addressed to.

    4. SO my messages are more of the kind to show the holes and contradictions of the offical narratives, not giving answers, i.e. I try to get them to think for themselves. As said, work like a charm for people with low education. The one with higher educations are truly masters of cognitive dissonance, they can hold several contradictory ideas without breaking a sweat. It is when you expose their paradoxical positions that they hate you ;-)
      The problem of higher education is that it eradicates humility from a personality.

  5. Hi Penny

    Reading this was reminded of a programme I watched some time ago showing how dependant upon mobile phones we have become. Link : 70 min long. Highlighting how quickly society breaks down after an "Event"
    Being older 60's "I was brought up different" We actually went outside and played, most of our free time. Learned social skills, which sadly, are missing today in many younger people. Cutting a long story short, a volatile bad temperament is the most common result of the Teck generation, how self absorbed they are also how little tolerance they have towards others not agreeing with them.

    1. Hi Gordon- being early 50's I know exactly what you mean about being brought up different- Freedom.
      I recall it well as a child- And with a dam smile too.
      Knowing every kid for blocks, not just on my street. Kids a couple of blocks away! Not from school, but, from spending time outside. No one played 'organized sports' but there was street hockey- there was street baseball
      Everyone played together- building forts
      Hell boys even turned rope for the girls!
      marbles- tips and tops
      Hours and hours of outdoors time
      Of course we got in trouble and all parents dished out hell to us-
      Ah, great stuff

      "Cutting a long story short, a volatile bad temperament is the most common result of the Teck generation, how self absorbed they are also how little tolerance they have towards others not agreeing with them"

      I would agree with that, indeed I would.

      The over dependence on technology scares me too.
      So many skills lost- conversation, social interaction.
      finding your way with a map, rather then gps.
      Asking someone for directions requiring conversation
      Just looking at people and saying hello- You know greeting your fellow man? On the street. The one in your reality.
      Never mind normal human stuff like growing your own food and cooking it- sewing.
      I think of my grandmother.. she could sew, knit, embroider, quilt. Can, cook, garden.
      I can only do half of that!

      I could go on, but, I think you understand.
      Loss of skills social and otherwise affects our ability to survive

  6. The isolation of individuals, through the echo chamber of their own 'screen time' will only increase in the near future. Virtual Reality headsets will further reduce, real social interactions as they become the norm. Children will live increasingly inside their own Disney (HelloKitty/Starwars/Kardasian) VR world.
    I have noticed too, that young adults working inside an office environment, often wear headphones at their cubicle desks while they work. You literally have to tap them on the shoulder to ask a question! This seemingly small divide, further isolates and creates a barrier for communication that previously did not exist.

    1. Hi anonymous 7:11 am

      You make many good points- Sadly :(

      I don't want to be a defeatist- so I'm going to say what will become the norm, can only be the norm, if we allow it and participate in it-

      If we don't participate it can't take hold

  7. I notice that with a screen and a button or swipe-screen the user gets instant gratification. Swipe and you get a new 'something' on the screen. Thus the 'learning' from that activity may teach children not to want to wait for or persevere at any task , possibly a developing brain may have its activity short-circuited by not working things through in the real world. Also the lack of mobility, the body even more visually predominant, a large area of the body in a 'freeze' position, breathing shallow.
    Corporate entities want consumers for life, so they start on children earlier and earlier. When the children become parents the cycle will be stronger.
    As far as TV is concerned, it is full of vile garbage but it wasn't possible to take it outside, unlike the phones and ceraptops.


  8. This makes me so sad! I saw a 2 year old glued to his moms iphone while the family was eating dinner.