Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Former PM Harper's Bandmate Sentenced for Pedophilia

The media isn't using the pedophile word, but, that's what he is. 

 Following up on this previous post:

PM Harper's drummer charged with sexual assaults. On children

Phil Nolan who played drums in former prime minister Stephen Harper’s band until the sins of his past caught up with him — got two years in prison Monday after pleading guilty in October to two counts of sexual interference.
Disgraced teacher Phillip Nolan leaves the Ottawa courthouse on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 after pleading guilty to counts of sexual interference involving a 13-year-old former student. Nolan was an award-winning teacher and played drums in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's band
Yes, he was the drummer in the band at the time of his arrest. Only afterwards did the former PM distance himself from his friend and band mate
“He manipulated a 13-year-old child to ... believe that this was a relationship,” Judge Ann Alder said. “In reality it was sexual child abuse.”

Nolan, 45, had told the author of a pre-sentence report that his 29-year-old self “just hit it off” with the young middle school girl.

“It just happened,” he’d explained.

Alder was blunt.

“Child sexual abuse is not something that happens because a 29-year-old man and a 13-year-old child hit it off,” Alder said, calling the illicit relationship “a parent’s worst nightmare.”

Things turned physical in the girl’s own home.

According to an agreed statement of facts, teacher and student had had heart-to-hearts for months at school; Nolan had even helped set up an e-mail for the girl so they could correspond covertly.

He gave her rides home — asking her to duck when they drove past parents — and then, at the end of one of those trips, he lay atop her and said he wanted to kiss her.

He did.

Nolan taught her sex acts and, on an end-of-year school trip, he ensured she would be sleeping in a hotel room by herself.

He didn’t allow her to be alone there for long.

According to the facts, the strain of the secret began to wear on her.

She remembered bursting into tears at a party, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her worried friend about Nolan’s appetites.

She nevertheless wrote Nolan chatty letters from summer camp and obeyed his requests to use the camera he bought for her to take photos of herself.

They would prove to be his undoing.

The girl, who’d continued to struggle with the growing realization that Nolan had groomed her for sex, reported him to police in 2013.
Nolan told his wife about the investigation and she did some sleuthing of her own.

That’s when she found an old bag of his, containing photos of the girl and her love letters — trophies from his conquest.

He’d hoped to be spared jail, asking Alder to impose house arrest, while Crown prosecutor John Ramsay had asked for a four- to six-year prison sentence.

The judge said it had to be prison.

“He was entrusted to educate, guide and inspire children,” Alder said. “He abused his position of trust for his own sexual gratification.”

Nolan had apologized to the court during his October plea, calling the latest chapter in his life “a living hell for me.”

“I cry every time I read (the girl’s) victim impact statement,” he said.

But Alder noted the victim still suffers.

“The trauma Mr. Nolan caused was immeasurable,” the judge said.

“For years she suffered alone. She suffered for something that she was not responsible for — that Mr. Nolan was responsible for.”

The judge also gave him three years of probation and placed him on the national sex offender registry for life.

Much about the Harper regime was bothersome. The Conservative Government aside. Mr Harper's general creepiness.  His friend the pedophile. The Conservative Party's unusual connections to the Luka Magnotta case

Luka Magnotta: Starting with a US Lawyer and ending.....

 -The story was that Mr Magnotta sent body parts to members of the Conservative party... including Mr Harper
-But then some heavy hitters (legal types) in the Conservative party offered to defend Mr Magnotta
-But only after the Conservative government spent more then $375,000 taxpayer dollars including catering to fly Mr Magnotta back to Canada!!!!
 I did then and do now find that entire case bizarre and exactly how the Conservative party connects to this boy toy/slasher is highly suspicious.

And then we had the drunken teenage girl outside of the PM residence?

Drunken 18 yr old female taken from PM Harper's residence

Keep in  mind that the legal drinking age is 19 in Ontario

Medical authorities intervened at 24 Sussex Dr. over the weekend after a young party-goer suffered from severe intoxication.
The Ottawa Paramedic Service confirmed that an 18-year-old girl was brought to hospital after suffering from “possible alcohol intoxication” at an event at the Prime Minister’s official residence.
The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19, but the RCMP, which is responsible for security at 24 Sussex, said it will not intervene

Was the girl drunk?  Or had she been drugged? It's possible, but, since the RCMP conveniently chose not to intervene, Canadians will never know!

Keep in  mind the RCMP was  very lax regarding the multiple murders in BC. Robert Pickton at Piggy's Palace

They were "monitoring" the parties... ya know what I mean?

RCMP was monitoring club frequented by Pickton, probe told

 A Cameron Ward & Company
According to Tim Dickson, counsel for the Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Police Board, the RCMP’s handling of the investigation into Robert William Pickton after July of 1998, when he was a known murder suspect, was “a chronicle of inaction”.
While this is hardly in dispute, the real question, the question that should have been answered in these hearings, is why?  Why did the RCMP allow their investigation to languish?

Pickton is a whole other story... It isn't hard to understand why the RCMP allowed their investigation to languish...


  1. Why is this not bigger news in the mass media?!?

    (that's a rhetorical question, as you can imagine)

    Thanks for doing the research to get the details of exactly what kind of behaviour went on. If only more mass media publications would do the same - to shame and destroy these sick a--holes. Because people are just so naive about it, most have little imagination for evil and perversion, so many of us can't imagine sickos doing this or that to set things up. Unfortunately, the more you research and the more you know, the more depressing it is.

    But we definitely need to know.

  2. One quick other comment . . . in an article on CBC News Ottawa, posted Feb 7, 2014, it says the alleged assaults involved 2 girls:
    "Police charged 43-year-old Phillip I. Nolan on Thursday with five counts each of sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation in connection with alleged incidents while Nolan was teaching at a school in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB).

    Phillip Nolan, drummer in Stephen Harper's band, charged with sexual assault
    The alleged assaults involve two girls and occurred between 1998 and 2000 while Nolan was teaching Grades 7 and 8."

    I wonder what happened to the second girl? Perhaps not enough evidence or charges dropped, or even worse - intimidated or coerced into silence? Who knows.

    What I DO know is, that pedophiles on average - this is ON AVERAGE - assault at least a dozen or more victims BEFORE getting caught. This is a rough police estimate from back in the day, and I am sure there are studies out there that say it's even more, like 15 or 17 or more. At any rate, stopping to think about that for even a few seconds, is . . . sobering, and scary, to say the least.

    1. Hi Slozo

      yes, I thought when the story originally broke there were more victims also. What happened to the second one is anyone's guess?

      What I found very interesting was the actions of the wife. He told her about the investigation, no doubt reassuring her there was nothing to it, but...

      "she did some sleuthing of her own.

      This tells me she suspected her husband. Perhaps there had been previous incidents that planted the seeds of doubt in her head, whatever? But the fact that she dug the dirt on her husband and gave it to the police tells me there is more to this then meets the eye.

    2. Yeah, I caught that bit. No word though on whether she split up with him or filed for divorce or anything though. And I wouldn't assume that she actually gave anything to police - they didn't actually say that, only that she did her own investigating. Quite likely, as is usual in these situations, she merely confirmed to the police by statement that yes, he did it - only a point in the direction of where to look. Despite the marital infraction, you can't normally look for a spouse to give you up like that and make you serve harder time, etc.

      Guaranteed there are more victims, but it's tough to make them come out on their own to police in these crimes.

      Also - and I'm sure you're used to this yourself - why can't these major news outlets (CBC, Sun, Star) write up their own columns on a story like this? They are literally all cut and paste, same wording even for the most part. Makes you wonder which one was the original, or if the editors just get a memo from Harper himself on what they can print, and they simply use that as their starter script.