Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iran Expresses Sympathy with Friendly Turkey

I do take this as a legitimate expression of both sympathy and solidarity:

TEHRAN - The Islamic Republic of Iran has condemned terror bombings in Turkey’s Istanbul.

Tehran expresses condolences to the families of the victims and the government of the “friendly and brotherly” country of Turkey, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said, ISNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

This act of terror showed once more the necessity to stage a universal front against terrorism in the region and the world, he stressed.

Ansari asserted that Iran stands by Turkey in fighting extremism and pushing for political approaches to exterminate terrorism.

Iran sees the writing on the wall- The NATO backed destabilization is at their doorstep

This was mentioned in the prophetic post of last week:
Back to January 07/16 again..
The Top US Military Official Arrives in Turkey. Who Greets Him?
 Turkey. NATO occupied Turkey, is the “monkey in the middle”. Turkey the sovereign nation gains nothing being caught up in this melee. NATO occupied Turkey will play it’s role. It’s vital role.  I believe the PKK will be involved. The PKK crosses freely between Turkey and Iran, through the many mountain routes that run between the two nations. The PKK are allies/one and the same with many, but, not all of the Kurds in Iran. The Kurds are for the most part Sunni Muslim. The Kurds are in an ideal position to kick off terror attacks in Iran. It would be to their benefit to participate in destabilizing Iran.
 I wrote about this back in August of 2015:  P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border
 Something happening here, what it is, is becoming clear...

For more  background information, including a spooky "independent bishop"  ala David Ferrie being at the Blue Mosque  and the reason German tourists were, most plausibly, intentionally targeted, 

Bomb Rips Through Tourist Spot In Istanbul- An Expected Development
Update: All kinds of divergent reporting on the suicide bomber inc., claims of it being a woman. A Saudi born Syrian. Or a Syrian national (which could also be a kurd)

 Davutoglu described the assailant as a "foreign national," and Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said he was a Syrian citizen born in 1988. However, the private Dogan news agency said the bomber was Saudi-born. Kurtulmus said the attacker was believed to have recently entered Turkey from Syria and was not among a list of potential bombers wanted by Turkey.

I would expect the Deputy PM to be more "in the know" then a news agency.
Clearly NATO media is running with the Saudi born bomber- Which would be convenient for the expanded destabilization campaign- Good to pit Saudi Arabia against Iran, using Turkey. As discussed here previously. Too bad we'll never really know. But, I wouldn't take the claim of it being a Saudi national as truth.

Time : Istanbul Bombing Was a Strike Against Turkey’s Economy

"Targeting tourists in the city's historic district will deal the country an economic blow"
 Dealing Turkey and economic blow fits so well into a destabilization campaign

This image made from footage on a tourist’s camera shows an explosion at Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul, Turkey, Jan. 12, 2016.
The suicide bomber struck right next to an 3,500-year-old Egyptian obelisk and just outside the iconic Blue Mosque, the very heart of Istanbul’s historical district.

The same Egyptian Obelisk mentioned by the spooky 'bishop'. In the exact spot he happened to have posed for a photo just a few short minutes before detonation with his group...
Read the earlier post from today to understand the reference to the spooky bishop

A bit more from Time- Interesting...
By targeting Germans, the attack threatened to further fuel the backlash against Merkel’s pro-Syrian refugee policy, said Soner Cagaptay, director of the Washington Institute’s Turkish Program. “By bringing the war to Istanbul,” he added, “ISIS also aims to preemptively undercut Turkish-U.S. cooperation against that group.” 
Turkey and the U.S. have been in talks to push ISIS back from a 60 mile strip of land across the Turkish border in Syria.
ISIS aims to preemptively undercut Turkish /US cooperation?  ISIS wants to prevent Turkey and the US from creating a safe zone on that 60 mile strip of land?  Why? That's the 60 mile safe zone Turkey has been after- That the 60 mile strip of land Turkey wants to flood with Syrian refugees to block the unification of the already annexed Syrian territory by the PKK/YPG. The section of land that  just happens to be the last piece of Rojova the PKK/YPG are needing to take to create a unified annexation of Syria.

Why would ISIS want to impede the creation of that safe zone? Are they trying to help the PKK/YPG annex Syrian territory for Syrian Kurdistan/Rojova. So vital to begin annexing Turkey in earnest.
You just know they are!

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    "children" as opposed to MErkel should have been named persons of the year

    The Saudi link to the bombing is timely in view of the BND recent warning on Saudi export...as the Germans deliver the latest diesel sub to Israel while publishing Mein Kompf


    A neatly packed narrative covering all the bases. The refugee angle. The German deployments AWACs. The BND warning.

    Apparently the Turks found his finger. Better than a passport.