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Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win?

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Consider the Syrian Endgame in alignment with reports of Pentagon Considering Turkish Proposal – Ask yourself what group or organization would want only to deny Syria’s combined allied forces from taking back Aleppo?  The answer is NATO. NATO occupied Turkey will play their role, but, not the civilian government which is increasingly left out of military decisions.
The Top US Military Official Arrives in Turkey. Who Greets Him?... 
Where I predicted a turn for the worse.
 "As I've suggested:  Increasing the destabilization geographically- worsening it in Turkey. Iraq. Syria. Moving into Iran"
The Turkish request came during talks between Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Turkish military officials in Ankara during the US general's visit last week.

That’s correct, Turkish military officials requested this- Which means the conversation was something like ..... we’ll claim you guys requested this help, but, it's really all part of the plan to prevent Syria from retaking Aleppo which would be the beginning of the end and that just can't happen.

Sounds like a satanic plan- Right up the alley of evil/genocidal NATO

Syrian endgame could begin with Aleppo

"The give and take over which opposition parties and individuals are represented in the peace talks may in the end be a sideshow for the real trend in Syria, which is the progress of the Syrian army, backed by Russia and Iran, in retaking territory from the Islamic State (IS), Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups. Who is winning on the battlefield matters more than who fills the chairs in Vienna or Geneva"
This column wrote in November that the battle for Aleppo could determine Syria’s fate. It is worth reflecting on the meaning of Aleppo for Syria and the region. Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and its commercial hub, was also known as the “city of light” for its refined people and culture. There was no real legacy of oppression in Aleppo beyond the agonies and constraints of doing business with the Assad family and its various agents and enterprises. Aleppo is not Homs, and it is not Daraa, where there are histories of popular grievances. The Assads, by design, kept it that way.

Aleppo, therefore, represents the failed promise of the terrorist and armed groups that have offered little more than Islamic law and criminality. Aleppo, which is mostly Sunni, was sold a sectarian bill of goods by the opposition. And it has been a disaster for the people of Aleppo.

The tide may be turning. If the Syrian army, backed by its Iranian and Russian allies, retakes Aleppo, the city’s liberation will come by directly defeating terrorists and armed groups that are already deserting the battlefield. A government victory would be of a different order and have a different impact than the negotiated departures of besieged armed opposition forces in Homs and around Damascus. The people of Aleppo would experience a flat-out victory by the government and a defeat, and exodus, by the armed groups.
A good question is whether the Syrian army would be received as liberators by those Syrians, including Sunnis, freed from the reign of Islamic law and armed gangs. The answer might surprise those who would prefer to engage with the likes of Zahran Alloush and the “Army of Islam” (Read at link)

A Syrian government victory in Aleppo could be the beginning of the end of the sectarian mindset that would have been alien to the city prior to 2011. There is no more appropriate city to begin Syria’s healing. A Syrian government victory in Aleppo will make it harder to rationalize Western backing for jihadi groups who want to keep up the fight against long odds in the rest of the country. IS and al-Qaeda may prefer, over time, to begin to relocate to Libya and other countries where they can avoid the pounding from the US-led anti-IS coalition and Russian- and Iranian-backed Syrian forces. This may already be happening, and if so, it is to be cheered by those who seek a unified, secular and nonsectarian Syria, as outlined in the Vienna Communique, and as is Aleppo’s tradition.

Could the gains made by SAA, Iranian Forces and Russian air support be the REAL reason the Pentagon is talking about training and supplying fighters "to secure Turkey's border"

Would the taking back of Aleppo be the equivalent of Russia's Stalingrad? Pivotal to blocking the plans for a new Sykes Picot as envisioned by the US/NATO and Israel?

Update Begins:
Rudaw: Syria regime prepares for ‘biggest military operation’ of war in Aleppo 

"Military and militia forces under the command of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are reportedly preparing to launch a major offensive against Syria's largest city, Aleppo.
A Syrian security source told AFP that, "Through its operations, the army is trying to broaden its security zone around the city," which has long been fought over by the regime and the various armed groups opposed to it.

Another field commander claimed that, "This will be the biggest military operation in Syria since the beginning of the war."

As fighters in the city dig-in and try to consolidate their positions, those fighting on the regime’s side are cutting off supply lines along seven fronts in a bid to cut-off the eastern part of the city, ahead of the upcoming offensive.

The Syrian military and its allied militias have once again started offensive operations after Russia intervened late last September on their side and began providing air support"
Pivotal indeed

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Blowback: Begging the Question/Petitio Principii and Circular Reasoning


  1. Didn't Putin tell the Turkish Ambassador that he was going to make Syria their "Stalingrad" after the shoot-down of the SU-24?

    1. Hey GC: that was the story that went around, but, I had my doubts. It was based on hearsay and also the language reported didn't sound like Putin's speech, he's generally more savvy

      Here is the statement allegedly made "The first is an article supposedly from The Moscow Times, titled: “Russian President to Turkish Ambassador: ‘Tell your dictator President he can go to hell along with his ISIS terrorists; I will make Syria a Big Stalingrad for him!” This article was posted on thousands of websites, e-mailed around the globe, and reprinted in countless newspapers"

      According to this article:

      'Readers and even newspaper editors apparently did not bother to check that there was no such article in The Moscow Times. Furthermore, hardly anyone seems to have wondered how a Russian newspaper could have misspelled Pres. Putin’s name as ‘Purin’?

      I know Webster Tarpley was hyping this news and I saw tons about it all over the place.

  2. If the Turkish military initiated the request for US 'trainers' to be stationed within Syria, they would not publicise that request as it would likely embarrass the US. It would also embarrass Turkey if the US refused as it would likely do to save face.

    Given that the request was publicised, it could only have been so with the prior agreement of the US which means it was the decision of the US in the first place.

    On the face of it, it would make more sense for the US to have its 'trainers' safe within Turkey and not in Syria which is a war zone. Unless . . . the US wants its troops within the war zone that is Syria.

    One reason they may want this is to threaten and inhibit the Russians and to embolden the terrorists and aspiring terrorists. By all accounts, the morale of the terrorists is heading for the 'S bend' so they need something to hang in there.

    If this is the case, then the US have likely misread the Russians yet again. Yes, Putin did say Syria would be Russia's Stalingrad which means Russia is fully committed to defeating its enemies. This will include US soldiers if they are stupid enough to position themselves on the battlefield alongside Russia's enemies.

    Stalingrad not only marked the end of retreat for the Soviets but also the beginning of their advance and the routing of their enemy. Stalingrad was the point where the tide of war and history turned.

    1. "Given that the request was publicised, it could only have been so with the prior agreement of the US which means it was the decision of the US in the first place"


      " Unless . . . the US wants its troops within the war zone that is Syria"

      Seems to be the case

  3. I've added an additional related news item from Rudaw-

  4. Knowing that Syria is prepping to move on Aleppo makes clear that there is no proposal to train fighters- This is a report after the fact- The training has almost certainly been completed - And the story is coming out now as cover for this next planned stage of the battle

  5. I agree, the training has been an on-going operation. It continues currently, I believe. Aleppo is a last stand in that region of Syria.

    1. Hi Charles- undoubtedly the training had never stopped- It seems one would have to be foolish to be believe it had- when the goal is destabilization and annexation- all are needed- so training would never be a stop and start kind of thing

  6. ISIS has made a massive counter-attack at Deir e Zor, which has been totally surrounded for a long time. It is supplied by helicopter. About ~280 civilians, women, children and old men in a nearby village were murdered by ISIS during this attack. There is a suggestion that this action was coordinated by Turkey in order to divert resources from the north to protect this zone. The SAA has been stuck at Palmyra, on the road to Deir e Zor, for a while now. This may be an act of desperation by ISIS and its backers, but the loss of Deir e Zor would be a big psychological blow for Syria.

    1. haven't had a chance to look into exactly what happened at Deir e Zor- I get a sense of conflicting narratives so am refraining on commenting about it due to lack of information