Monday, January 25, 2016

Syrian Peace Talks Delayed- As Expected

Syrian peace talks that were slated to begin today have been postponed, but U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, while on a visit to Laos, played down posturing by the Syrian regime and opposition as “just tensions.” “We’re going to have the meetings and they’re going to start, but what we’re trying to do is make absolutely certain that when they start everybody is clear about roles and what’s happening, so that you don’t go there and wind up with a question mark or a failure,” Kerry said, saying he hoped the situation would be resolved in the next day or two. His comments come after a stop in Riyadh over the weekend to discuss the planned proximity talks to be held in Geneva.

One of the anon's mentioned protests in Tunisia:

Protests Continue in Tunisia Despite Curfew
After an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid responded to popular unrest saying that “Solutions exist but some patience and optimism are needed.” Security forces made dozens of arrests enforcing a curfew, and while protests in Kasserine quieted, activists in Sidi Bouzid shut down streets with torched tires. Protests continued today when thousands of police officers marched in Tunis demanding higher wages.

And there are rumblings about another "spring" in Egypt

Sykes Picot 100 year anniversary just a few months away- 


  1. Hürriyet learned from sources that while Biden was here, the Turkish side proposed a project to the U.S. to calm Iraq’s unease. According to the project, which found support from the U.S., U.S., NATO and the anti-ISIL coalition will jointly operate at the training base in Bashiqa. Nonetheless, no logistical change will be made at the base other than a sign showing that an international force is deployed there. The Iraqi army will be allowed to have a representative as part of the international coalition.

  2. Algerian authorities have detained over 200 Moroccans at Algiers airport and summoned the Moroccan envoy to explain an "unusual" increase in the number of Moroccans apparently trying to cross into Libya, airport and government officials said Sunday.
    German troops deploying to Libya

    and NATO

    Italy moves forces into place in Sicily

    ISIS threats on Europe large scale


    2. anonymous- just got your above comment at 3:47am out of spam- thanks for leaving it and sorry for the tardiness


    Look at the peters map. Black Sea Access for Kurdistan in this vicinity.
    German and Swedish hunters

    Turkey / Syria
    Hunting rifles

    1. anon: regarding the Peters map
      There are multiple 'maps' for "kurdistan'
      some, besides black sea access have kurdistan going to the persian gulf

      I assume these map variations are predicated on just what can be accomplished? Or blocked?

    2. hmmm.. hunting as cover for spooks- interesting
      Goat hunting yet- too bad about coming home 'empty handed' allegedly. At least without a goat. Emptyhanded? Anyone's guess

  4. Replies
    1. Widely reported. Irrelevant but for his uncermonious death.

  5. A video report from South Front, who I believe is a great source, on the current events in Syria.

    Certainly worth a watch. And another from RT concerning the illegal US/NATO occupation of what is described as a former airbase that served agriculture in the area. Illegal occupation of sovereign Syrian territory. Illegal occupation by empires special forces. A complete violation of international law by a lawless state. In support of a terrorist group known as the Syrian Kurds? This could very well lead to escalation and confrontation. The psychos want WWIII.

  6. Ooops. Here is the link to the RT report:

    Though RT is far from one of my go to sources; unlike South Front.