Monday, January 11, 2016

"There's a Star Man Waiting in the Sky" - RIP David Bowie

1983- The Serious Moonlight Tour- Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, Ontario.

That's when the hubby and I saw David Bowie perform. Of course, hubby wasn't hubby then. He was my beau, though!  The Ex was on at the time. So rides and stuff. Concert at night.
In the course of our day at the Exhibition, I went to use one of the washrooms at the old Exhibition Stadium. ( Gone now) Up the stairs to some level, not sure which one? Beau at my side. ;)
What do we see? The band tuning instruments and practicing.  And it sure looked & sounded like David Bowie singing with band. No costume. Just jeans and a t shirt. Very scaled back compared to the show we were set to see. We watched for a few moments then hightailed it before security came 'round. Though security was not then, what it is now.

Recalliing today, watching through the chain link fence from above thinking it sure was a great sneak peak before the show. And, speaking of the show..... The fans were out in full Bowie costume. I cannot tell you how many Ziggy Stardusts or  "Lads (and lasses) in Sane" were there that day? Great fun. When your  20 & 21 years old!

Oh yeah, and to make this story even more interesting- We hitch hiked a ride down the 406 (highway) to go and buy our tickets- A mad man driving above the speed limit picked us up and delivered us safely, amazingly, to Sam the Record Man. Whew!

The concert itself was very good. I recall enjoying it but being dam, dam tired!

Obviously, I like so many others have a number of fave Bowie songs- But there is one song  that sticks out for me as, not one of the most popular, but as an interesting and challenging song. It also happens to be on the Bowie album I like best:

Station to Station- From the album of the same name
And yes, I have this, ALBUM on vinyl!

Buffy left the link to Bowie's latest:

Buffy, feeling gutted.

Titled- Lazarus (the resurrected one)


  1. Wow - have not heard that song by Bowie before. Interesting. My favourite was another one, popularized by Nirvana's version which was done acoustic, but Bowie's original was far superior - The Man Who Sold the World.

    He was an interesting dude indeed. Seemed like a solid philanthropist in many respects too, although he definitely did come off as a bit of a mind control media head at times. A talented artist nonetheless.

    1. Hey Slozo;
      Yup, the man who sold the world
      Bowie did do that one the best- Though Nirvana covered it quite well- On that nirvana release I like their cover of the leadbelly song- quite a bit

      Yes Bowie was interesting, he did indeed come off as a mind control media head at times, but, that's par for the course in that business. Or in all entertainment for that matter.

      As a parent you should check out the song Kooks from the Hunky Dory album. Quite appropriate and cute, if a bit flaky, but I like it too

      My hubby like the Pin Ups album which was a series of covers- It was not one of my favourites-

      Also liked Alladin Sane

  2. Great memories Penny!

    Gotta say one of my favourite Bowie songs as well. Dad brought me a few german pressings of his albums when he traveled over there way back in the stone age, and yes I still have them!

    He will be sorely missed.

    That Lazarus video is simply haunting.


    1. I like the whole song- with the train at the beginning
      and the slow start building up to this faster tempo
      It's disjointed and a bit frantic, matching the lyrics well- It's challenging.

      What about TVC15? Oh my tvc15 oh, oh tvc15
      Bowie's gal eaten by the TV, perhaps to get his attention? Since as the lyrics said
      "Up every evening 'bout half eight or nine
      I give my complete attention
      to a very good friend of mine
      He's quadraphonic, he's a,
      he's got more channels
      So hologramic"

      Interesting if not a scathing rebuke of the detrimental force of tell a vision.

      OH and heroes-