Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mike Whitney: Regime Change In Ankara-Obfuscating for NATO again

Mike Whitney OBFUSCATES, via the alternative NATO media.

Obfuscate/Obfuscation is the obscuring of intended meaning in communication, making the message confusing, willfully ambiguous, or harder to understand

I used to like Mike Whitney: That affection alongside much of my trust, respect, whatever for alt media has flown the coop.

Where to begin? How about the first sentence?
“On Friday, the United States rejected a draft resolution by Russia that was intended to prevent a Turkish invasion of Syria”
 Incorrect. Since the resolution never mentioned Turkey, I wouldn’t assume it was intended to specifally prevent a Turkish invasion. Making that point in this previous post: Russia’s UN Resolution Demanding an End to ANY actions that Undermine Syrian Sovereignty- Rejected

The resolution demanded the end to ANY actions that could undermine Syrian sovereignty.
Which means that resolution could have been aimed at many players- US. Israel. UK. France. Turkey. Saudi Arabia.

Mike Whitney opens up with a questionable claim, framing the narrative. He then contradicts his opening claim:
 "Russia’s deputy U.N. envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, “The main elements of this Russian draft resolution are to demand that all parties refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Syria, that they fully respect Syria’s sovereignty and independence, stop incursions, and abandon plans for ground operations.”

As I’ve stated. All parties respect Syria’s sovereignty and independence So why finger point at Turkey? Because shill for NATO, Mike Whitney wants readers to know that Turkey is a bad nation. While misleading with this UN resolution claim. Mike Whitney wants reader to think that Russia and Turkey are headed for a conflict. This is certainly what NATO wants. What NATO desires. What NATO has encouraged. But so far neither Russia nor Turkey have taken the bait-

There was nothing controversial about the resolution, no tricks and no hidden meaning. The delegates were simply asked to support Syrian sovereignty and oppose armed aggression. These are the very principles upon which the United Nations was founded. The US and its allies rejected these principles because they failed to jibe with Washington’s geopolitical ambitions in Syria”

Yes, the US and their allies rejected the principles because it obviously failed to jibe with Washingtons’ political ambitions in Syria- AND in Turkey. Since the US wants to draw Turkey into Syria.

Fuller: Ankara must "stop trying to drag NATO into unwise confrontations with Russia."

This guy is a laugh a minute- ha ha ha
when it is really the US/NATO that has been baiting a fight between the Turkey and Russia.
"We continue to believe that the US-Kurdish (YPG) alliance does not really advance US strategic interests in Syria"
Really Mike? Well if it doesn't advance US strategic interests does it advance Israel's? Dishonest.

“Turkish generals want assurances that they will not be prosecuted for war crimes in the future. The best way to do that is to make sure that any invasion has the blessing of either the US, NATO or the UN.”

Mr Whitney, speaking the same language I’ve spoken here- The intermingling of Turkey’s military with that of the US. Good disinfo always contains some tidbits of valid info

MW :
“This leads me to believe that the Washington’s primary objective in Syria is no longer the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad but the bogging down of Russia in a never-ending conflict.”

Washington hasn’t given up on removing Bashar al Assad- That’s still the plan.  But there is more to it still, how about getting Turkey and Russia fighting? How many times has that been mentioned here? Over and over. Since the shooting down of the Russian jet- The US has pushed and pushed Russia and Turkey towards confrontation.
Last mention yesterday: Pentagon &  CIA Chiefs: Collude for a Russian Quagmire

How does Mike Whitney tie all this into Erdogan being overthrown? I’m hoping we get to that information at some point in time- Instead Mike Whitney presents a garbled hodge podge of mumbo jumbo- Intended to dazzle the reader with bullshit or truthiness? Whichever?

“Erdogan’s threats to invade Syria have intensified following a car bombing in Ankara last week.....”

Except there has been no threat to invade from Erdogan. There has been no move to invade either. Just lies presented by liars like Whitney. And others such as Zero Hedge.  I mentioned this fact, again, just the other day- Russian/US Ceasefire Plan to Begin Saturday. Feb.27/16- John Kerry Statement
Turkey and Saudi Arabia still have zero intention of sending ground troops into Syria- Both nations, as stated weeks ago, will only commit to ground troops if the US takes the lead.
"Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says Turkey and Saudi Arabia have currently no plan for a ground incursion into Syria"
Considering the compromised military assets of both Turkey and Saudi Arabia I’m not sure how long they can stay out of this quagmire, but, so far they’ve managed

“The real purpose of the US-YPG alliance is to enrage Turkey and provoke them into a cross-border conflict with the Russian-led coalition. If Turkey deploys ground troops to Syria, then Moscow could face the quagmire it has tried so hard to avoid"

Well Mike, that’s a half truth!  While the US/ YPG alliance is definitely being employed to ‘enrage’ Turkey, it's also being employed to destabilize Turkey. (PKK= YPG) With an eye to balkanization.
If Turkey deployed troops it would only be with US approval/leadership. The deployment of troops to Syria would leave Turkey wide open to increased PKK attacks- And possibly a coup.  The end of Turkey as we've all known it - I’ve written about this for so long now Mike. But not in half truth style

“More importantly, a Turkish invasion would exacerbate divisions inside Turkey seriously eroding Erdogan’s grip on power while creating vulnerabilities the US could exploit by working with its agents in the Turkish military and Intel agency (MIT). The ultimate objective would be to foment sufficient social unrest to incite a color-coded revolution that would dispose of the troublemaking Erdogan in a Washington-orchestrated coup, much like the one the CIA executed in Kiev.

But Mike this has been going on for a while now. This is a work in progress. Your talking the end game for Erdogan, while ignoring this is a plan in motion- Long in motion- Goodness know I’ve mentioned the impending destruction of Turkey since November 2014. And have bolstered that theory in article after article- Yet,  somehow I’ve been troll attacked at varying sites as a “Turkish agent” for stating the obvious. That which was staring us all straight into the eyes. Perhaps my observations were too close to the truth?

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.

Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

"It is not hard to imagine Obama secretly giving Erdogan the greenlight, and then pulling the rug out from under him as soon as his troops crossed over into Syria.  A similar scam was carried out in 1990 when U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, gave Saddam Hussein the nod to invade Kuwait"
It’s so not hard to imagine this  scenario! In fact,  I actually have to ask myself if Mike Whitney reads my blog? Because I spoke of the April Glaspie handshake in this post dated: August 11/2015-  Is the US/Turkey "Safe Zone" the April Glaspie Handshake?

Using a safe zone to draw Turkey into the fight
“But even worse, the safe zone may be a way to draw Turkey into a fight it can't win- In order to grind it down”

Mike Whitney. Seriously, have you been pilfering my ideas? And if you are, why don’t you mention the creation of Kurdistan? Or would that give too much away? And erode your value as as an obfuscator for NATO ? Disinfo propagator? 

This is the third time I've noticed Mike Whitney engaging in extremely misleading writings

2-Mike Whitney- Obfuscating for NATO, AGAIN! Turkey to 'annex' Syria? 

All the while misdirecting from the US backed/ YPG annexation of Syrian territory 

  1- Russia: No Arms to Kurds/Cooperating with Turkey & Mike Whitney obfuscating for NATO?
  Best Mike Whitney lie
“DNA samples from the two suicide bombers indicate they were both members of ISIS”

Does ISIS have some kind of special DNA?

YPG using US High Tech Anti-Tank Missile to fight ISIS? Or Target Turkey?


  1. lets not blame Whitney

    the DNA case

    1. Yes, let's blame Whitney
      because your link is not the case being referenced in in that older post
      Whitney claimed it was ISIS DNA- There is no such thing as ISIS DNA- disinfo

    2. and that article is crap- unnamed turkish "official"

      "On Tuesday, a senior Turkish security official, citing DNA evidence collected from the blast site, stated that Abdulbaki"

      And even if the unnamed official was not lying the dna evidence proves nothing because PKK = YPG = TAK

      It changes nothing

    3. Hezbollah rhetoric hot and heavy. including the recent drug bust. Saudi/ GCC pullout of Lebanon is foreboding. Watch Lebanon in wake of latest Baghdad sectarian attack no doubt aimed to fracture tribal alliances and move on mosul.

      Clearly ineffective support that Baghdad receives from the US-led coalition raises many questions," Bogdanov said at the conference

      and this

      And keep that Lebanon bombing in mind in shadow of the Paris attacks.

    4. That article is worthless.

    5. Sisi comments yesterday about those trying to stir insurrection also notable. Egypt and Lebanon = ?

      AlArabiya yesterday
      El-Sisi said only that he would ‘remove from the face of the Earth’ anyone plotting to bring down the state

      MEE been prognosticating form months....
      Israeli officials believe Sisi will not 'survive his term' - See more at:

    6. sure you saw this
      UK’s Telegraph newspaper, some 1,000 to 2,000 Turkish troops are currently stationed less than 15 kilometres north of Iraq’s second city of Mosul, which has been in IS hands since June 2014. - See more at:

      Turkey there to stop the Gorran and PKK + benefactors linkup. What will iran do?

    7. “If the US was doing more [against IS in Mosul] the Turks wouldn’t have had to come in” General Bahram Yasin, a Kurdish Peshmerga leader, told the newspaper.

      So, the Turks are supporting the KRG?
      I mentioned that possibility way back when this story broke-

      "Just over two years later Barzani is one of the few Iraqi leaders supporting the presence of Turkish forces at Bashiqa. Kurdish leaders say that Turkish troops helped train their peshmerga forces and make them more effective in the fight against IS.

      But it would seem that at Bashiqa, long before the attack on Mosul had even begun, a struggle got under way between the various groups - Kurdish, Sunni, Shia and the Baghdad government - who want to lay claim to it when IS is gone.
      Turkey feels that its presence there would be a stabilising factor in an extremely unstable situation"

      What will Iran do? I would figure they would be happy that Gorran & PKK are being impeded?

    8. I'm beginning to wonder if the US has some idea of merging a syrian lebanon state?

      I read Israel making noise about taking Golan


      The kickoff

  2. Penny,
    I've e-mailed MW in order to comment on numerous occassions. Usually when I question his statements and suggest alternate means of analysis he does not, as many do, become defensive or ask why I believe I am smarter than the author/commentor. Something especially folks like PCR use as a retort. He seems open to other points of view and somewhat receptive to critical analysis of his writings.
    I am not disagreeing with your main point, his "towing the mainstream alt media line" which has been infitrated by agents of empire,nato and the deep state.
    I believe too often in lieu of doing hard research he allows himself to be trapped by the messages which are being developed or influenced by those agents.
    Just my two cents again.

    1. Hi Charles
      I'll be interested to know his response.

      "I believe too often in lieu of doing hard research he allows himself to be trapped by the messages which are being developed or influenced by those agents"

      That could very well be the case!
      Because one of the other articles he'd written had Turkey "annexing" territory
      that same rhetoric was being tossed around by many other alt media writers- Whitney wasn't alone
      But there was zero indication Turkey was or had annexed anything- and all the while all these writers failed to mention the going on under our noses Kurdish annexation of Syria and Iraq (more then just the area where Barzani governs)- even though the annexation is reported on. Though well hidden via the manipulative language.

      There was another time a gaggle of alt media was screaming Turkey had invaded Syria,(Sent tanks in) another false claim ...

      If these writers get these things wrong,they should just say- they made a mistake,cause it happens, but, they go on as if nothing happened- its' good for them that most people don't pay attention- but I do. As much as possible. I pay attention to msm lies as well as alt media lies. There is much similarities

      Also, if I get something wrong, I will admit to it

    2. But you are the penultimate blogger on the web. And I mean that. I used to go to Saker first; not any longer. I think as he has expanded from a blogger to a source his site has suffered somewhat. And I've already spoken concerning his commenters. The fact is, it's monkey see monkey do with so many of the alt media writers. Many just simply ignore the fact of propaganda being implanted into much of what is put out.

    3. Thanks Charles :)

      It's odd to think that anyone would ignore the propaganda being implanted?

      I don't know?

      It seems people should just figure it's all word play and perception management all the time?

      But then I can truly only speak for myself.

    4. People aren't awake enough to realize it's all about manipulation through the distribution of fabrications and misinformatiin. It's scary how effective the propaganda purveyors are. It's disheartening to witness the complacency of most of the public. They live in a bubble, not caring about or desiring to know about reality. For those not "normal", for the "freaks" that give a damn it becomes very depressing. I live for it and for the others that do be proud anout it. Spread truth.

  3. From yesterday
    “As the development of the situation shows, the need to create such a wide front is only growing. Deep concern is growing from the steps directed at the further invigoration of the Syrian crisis. In particular this concerns attempts to realize and create a buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border and slapping together some sort of new military blocs for ground operations in Syria, against whom and for what purpose and how these operations are coordinated with an international legal base,” Bogdanov said at a meeting with the International Valdai Discussion Club in Moscow.

    Read more:

    Breedlove more EUROPE jawboning about US ready to fight and win in Europe?
    US plans Minuteman III launch after accusing Russia of violating treaty yesterday (again)
    the Saudi fighter plane stories being played up to hilt with a Wikipedia dump aiming to sow division with Russia like the opil charade which makes the latest EIA raise of surplus ironic in front of the Saudi and Russia 'deal. If the Saudi planes are arriving today why did the pentagon feel the need to put a press release out on 16FEB16 saying the Saudis took part in airstrikes the same day the Saudi said no troops and none planned for Syria

    Saudi former spy chief just had another run in with Israel at the Munich conference. Saudi moves in Egypt and Lebanon are worth watching. The Saudis are preparing inside and out for something. the BND warning and then the EU weapons sale ban yesterday punctuate the point along with the latest downgrade as BBG calls for more transparency on their US Treasury dump. What is TBD. But it isn't small.

    1. Seems like an important debutante

      Kurds are now key to a Middle East solution -

    2. Love how the article is written as if it's all happenstance..... rolling eyes

    3. Also- there have been rumours of an impending Saudi Coup?

    4. Iraqi Kurdish oil pipeline seen shut for two more weeks hurriyet. noose tightening on Barzani.

      This from Ekurd back in Jan

      " well-known US commentator, Michael Rubin “both the Barzanis (and Talabanis) confuse personal, party, and public funds. That said, while Nechirvan Barzani may be corrupt, it is in the Tammany Hall sense: his machine may be shady at times, but it delivers not only to his immediate inner circle but to the public at large…. Nechirvan also knows that it is far better to co-opt or ignore opponents than use force to imprison or kill them. Masrour is not so nuanced. Most of the crises which soiled the Barzani name over the past decade—the imprisonment of political critics, the attacks on critics in Virginia and Vienna, and the murder of journalists seem to rest at Masrour’s feet…”6"

      BIO HERE:

    5. “The second thing: if you do any research on Javelin missiles, you will find that these missiles are manufactured in the U.S., but the US military is not the only one that purchases them. Several other NATO militaries and militaries of some non-NATO partners, maybe 10 or 15 countries, have purchased these missiles in the past and I assume that they have them in their inventories,” said the U.S. official. “I can’t obviously say whether or not one of those countries and militaries engaged to provide these to the PYD. I just don’t know.”

    6. I saw the news on the pipeline being shut down and I definitely see it as noose tightening on Barzani

      I had something bookmarked where the PKK denies the attack on the pipeline but, the denial is so hollow- you just know they were behind it to further destabilize the kurd gov in Iraq

      one ring to rule them all...