Friday, February 19, 2016

Obfuscation: PKK "Splinter" Group Claimed Responsibility for the Bombing in Ankara

Yet another PKK "splinter group".  TAK . TAK claimed responsibility for the most recent bombing in Ankara. Another set of letters in the alphabet soup bowl!

  Makes no difference when your slurping from the same soup bowl.  And that's what this is readers. An alphabet soup, swirl the letters around for different initials, but it still the same gross bowl of soup. 


It's very convenient that TAK took responsibility for the bombing because this tears down theTurkish claim that YPG (alphabet soup/same bowl) did the Ankara bombing. It's very convenient, on the same day, the US denies supplying YPG with weapons. US State Dept- No Supplies to YPG- Bald Faced Lie

Imagine those two challenges to Turkey's claim occurring on the same day? Must be a 'coincidence'- Not! It's a planned strategy. Just another chapter in the ongoing betrayal of Turkey, the nation and her people. All readers here know that the State Dept. lied- All readers here know that PKK = YPG =  TAK = more alphabet militias in the same Kurdish militia bowl.

Here's the claim of responsibility news! 

Ankara Bombing mentioned in the post directly below

US Considers Air Support to "Afrin" Kurds aka Khorasan- Goading Turkey & False Flag Alert

In a statement on its website, a group calling itself the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) claimed responsibility for the attack in Ankara on Wednesday which left 28 people dead.
TAK is a well know PKK crony and long recognized terror group- Nothing new under the sun!
We'll get to that! 
The faction also vowed to "take revenge for all the suffering of the Kurdish people," and warned tourists to avoid Turkey.
"We are not responsible for who will die in the attacks" in tourist areas, they said in the Friday statement.
Really, you set off bombs, killing people, but your not responsible for that?
The Turkey-based TAK group is an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which is the dominant force behind the decades-long Kurdish insurgency. TAK broke away from the larger militia over ten years ago, although some security experts claim there are still links between the two.
In December, the TAK claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on an airport in Istanbul in which a female cleaner was killed.
Conflicting accounts
The official account, provided by the Turkish government, blamed the attacks on the YPG, a different Kurdish group   (NOT!) based in Syria. The YPG is the key Western ally in the fight against the "Islamic State" (IS) group.
"We have no doubt that the perpetrators are the YPG and PYD," Prime Minister Erdogan said earlier on Friday, referring to the Syrian Kurdish militia and their political wing.
Based on the video made by YPG.....

YPG Declare War on Turkey: YPG/ PKK = Same/Same

Take a look at this book."The Militant Kurds- A Dual Strategy for Freedom"

Pg 45 - "Denigration of Turkishness" : Denigration of the nation state Turkey and it's people- Just like the alt and msm!

TAK is mentioned right on those pages! "The US State Department declared that the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons was a PKK affiliate- In 2008-  Hence a recognized terror group.

By the way take the time to read through  more of those embedded pages, I've been reading for the past 30-40 minutes- links to the Syrian Kurds. Kurdish 'rappers' Germany. Israel. Lots included there!


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