Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pentagon & CIA Chiefs: Collude for a Russian Quagmire

Very enlightening article from WSJ

The US was never going to abide by this ceasefire- Their agenda is set. And as has been mentioned here previously, they will happily drag this out until the election of the next government.

February 8/16- Aleppo: Syrian Actions- NATO Reactions

 To summarize- The NATO global army and it’s minions will supply more weapons. To keep the opposition viable as a fighting force. To prevent Syria from retaking it’s territory. At all costs. Until a new president is in place. And it will be the evil & ruthless Hillary Clinton. 
Surprise, surprise-  or NOT! That is exactly the plan ...
WSJ ; I've omitted just a couple of paragraphs- This is an excellent information packed article.
"President Barack Obama’s top military and intelligence advisers don’t believe Russia will abide by a just-announced cease-fire in Syria and want the administration to ready plans to increase pressure on Moscow by expanding covert support to rebels fighting the Russian-backed Assad regime"
Which tells us all very clearly the US has no intention of abiding by the ceasefire- no matter their claims about Russia- the US will not abide.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, and Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan have voiced increasingly hawkish views towards Moscow in recent White House meetings, jointly calling for new measures to “inflict real pain on the Russians," a senior administration official said.
Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria, launched last year, has infuriated the CIA in particular because the strikes have directly targeted CIA-backed rebels, U.S. officials say, weakening more moderate forces opposed to the regime.
Officials say it remains unclear whether stepped-up support for CIA-backed rebels in Syria would make much of a difference at this stage, given how much ground they have already lost in the Russian-backed assault. Mr. Obama has also been reluctant to allow either the U.S. or its regional partners to supply the rebels with advanced ground-to-air anti-aircraft weapons so opposition fighters can fend off Russian air power, the sort of system which could be a game changer.

Addressing this talk of Saudi Arabia supplying these weapons to the rebels without US consent. The Saudis themselves have said they would not do so unless the US ok's the transfer of these weapons to the CIA backed fighters- This has been mentioned here. All this talk of the Saudi's invading. Turkey invading. It's just obfuscation. Neither nation will invade or send arms that are not approved by the US. Because the US is running this show!

"Officials said Mr. Carter and Gen. Dunford have yet to make formal recommendations to Mr. Obama about so-called “Plan B” options should the ceasefire collapse, though discussions are under way at the White House. Officials said Mr. Carter could support several options to increase pressure on Moscow, not just an expansion of the CIA’s arming program"
 A senior administration official said of the White House’s review of options: “We’ve always said we’ll judge Russia by its actions, not its words. And that remains the case even more so following the announcement on Monday of a path toward a cessation of hostilities.”
The official added: “We would be derelict were we not to plan for various contingencies, especially given the tragic history of this conflict... To be clear: our actions are not aimed at Russia. Our focus, however, does not change the fact that Russia, by increasingly involving itself in a vicious conflict on the side of a brutal dictator, will become enmeshed in a quagmire. Should it not change course, Russia’s fate will be self-inflicted.”

Shades of Afghanistan? The US will attempt to create the quagmire conditions.

Additional options:
Other options under discussion in the White House meetings include providing intelligence support to moderate rebels to help them better defend themselves against Russian air attacks and possibly help them conduct more effective offensive operations. Any decision to help the rebels directly go after Russian soldiers or destroy Russian airplanes could mark a dramatic escalation in the conflict.
A less divisive option with wide support among Mr. Obama’s advisers would impose new economic sanctions against Russia. But senior administration officials said they doubt European powers would go along with such an effort at this time given the importance they place on trade ties with Moscow.

This month’s drawn-out State Department-led negotiations with Moscow over a cease-fire agreement in Syria exposed a growing rift within the Obama administration over how tough to be with Russia.
Mr. Carter has voiced public support for the negotiations launched by Secretary of State John Kerry. But while the talks were under way last week, Messrs. Carter and Brennan, and Gen. Dunford, warned the White House the continued negotiations risked undermining Washington’s standing with key partners in the region who are part of parallel U.S.-led coalitions—one in support of anti-Assad rebels, the other supporting the fight against Islamic State.
At one point last week, the Pentagon came close to withdrawing its representatives from the Geneva cease-fire talks after the Russians claimed military cooperation between the U.S. and Russia was part of the closed-door discussions, according to senior administration officials.
Mr. Carter was upset about the Russian claims because he had explicitly ruled out putting military-to-military cooperation on the table during the cease-fire discussions, the officials said.
The Pentagon believes Russia made the claims to try to drive a wedge between the U.S. and its coalition partners, and to try to make it look like Washington would support Moscow’s military campaign in Syria and accept Mr. Assad.
While Russia was engaged in the cease fire talks, U.S. officials say its war planes stepped up the pace of their attacks on positions held by moderate rebels. The CIA saw the expanded strikes as an effort by Moscow to crush the agency’s partners on the ground, and some intelligence officials questioned whether moderate forces would be able to bounce back even if more covert aid was provided.
“The Russians, you have to admit, are very skilled at the way they work it in a way that does provide the perception that they’re working hard on trying to find a solution. Meanwhile they’re bombing very aggressively all the things that they have in the past,” a senior administration official said.
Russian officials say they are fighting terrorists.
Mr. Kerry, who spearheaded the cease-fire talks, believes the agreement the U.S. and Russia announced on Monday has “a viable chance of succeeding,” according to a senior administration official close to the secretary.
 The success of the ceasefire, like the existence of moderate rebels, just smoke and mirrors
In contrast, Mr. Carter told senior officials as recently as Monday that the ceasefire won't hold. “He thinks it’s a ruse," a senior administration official said.
Messrs. Carter and Brennan, and Gen. Dunford raised many of their concerns about Mr. Kerry’s talks with Moscow in a series of private White House sessions last week involving Mr. Kerry, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, according to senior administration officials.
The senior administration official close to Mr. Kerry said the secretary was cognizant of the challenge of ensuring Russian compliance with the deal. The official added that the ceasefire agreement was partially intended in Mr. Kerry’s view to “pin the Russians down” and to test whether Moscow can be trusted. If Russia doesn’t abide by the deal, then “Plan B thinking needs to occur,” the official said.
Mr. Kerry has been a longtime supporter of the CIA program in Syria and has repeatedly run into opposition from the Pentagon when he advocated for greater military involvement in the conflict, such as the creation of a “safe” zone in northern Syria to protect the moderate opposition from aerial attack. But it is unclear if Mr. Kerry is prepared to join the Pentagon and CIA chiefs in supporting an expansion of the CIA program at this time.
So the CIA and Pentagon, working together- quibbling over differences but not over the aims or goals of the plot.
Senior administration officials involved in the discussions said it also is unclear whether Mr. Obama would support an increase in covert assistance to the CIA-backed rebels at this time.
Several senior White House national security officials, including Ms. Rice and Mr. McDonough, have privately voiced skepticism in the past about the CIA effort. White House critics of the program warned that open-ended support for the rebels could pull the U.S. deeper into the conflict over time, with little chance of success as long as Moscow is prepared to double down in support of Mr. Assad, according to former administration officials.
Current and former officials said Mr. Obama was persuaded in 2013 to green-light the covert program in Syria in part because doing so gave the CIA influence over the actions of regional partners, including Saudi and Turkish intelligence, preventing them, for example, from introducing advanced anti-aircraft weapons known as Manpads on the battlefield. Washington warned the weapons could fall into terrorists’ hands and be turned against commercial aircraft.
As mentioned in previous posts the intermingling of intelligence agencies across nation state borders- CIA "influencing" Turkish and Saudi intelligence agencies.....
If the U.S. doesn’t take action to prevent moderate rebel forces from being wiped out by the Russian-backed offensive, then the Saudis or some other group could decide to break ranks with Washington and send large numbers of Manpads into northern Syria to shoot down Russian bombers, U.S. intelligence agencies have warned policy makers, increasing the chances of a wider conflict.
If , ranks are broken,  it will only be to give the US plausible deniability. The CIA, as admitted, has much influence over the intelligence apparatus of both Turkey and Saudi Arabia. In my opinion, the US wants either or both of these nations to enmesh themselves into this quagmire. For the very same reason they wish to create a quagmire for Russia. To weaken all 3 nations, simultaneously.




  1. Turkey's Erdogan should come to terms with the "stark reality" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will not fall anytime soon, former senior CIA official Graham E. Fuller notes, stressing that Erdogan's personal interests are not synonymous with Turkey’s national interests.


    Interesting Fuller? Boston bombing link? Openly calling out Erdogan versus Turkey?

  2. "Instead Ankara has opened a dubious, dangerous and futureless coalition with Saudi Arabia," he stresses"

    Graham Fuller, doing the same job he did during the time of the Boston Bombing, creating a narrative -Bad Turkey, Bad Saudi Arabia- Just like his demonization of the two young men framed for the BB attack- convenient
    Is he former CIA really?

  3. Fuller: Ankara must "stop trying to drag NATO into unwise confrontations with Russia."

    This guy is a laugh a minute- ha ha ha
    when it is really the US/NATO that has been baiting a fight between the Turkey and Russia.

  4. The confrontation between Russia and Turkey is something the Zionists have planned, two regional powers destroying each other for the good of Jewmerica, the Kurds are a 5th Column in the Middle-East working for the Zionists, the Sunni Terrorists like Daesh/ISIS are also destroying Syria and Iraq for the good of the Zionists.

    The Zionists only fear the Secular Leaders like Assad, Saddam, Gaddaffi, Nasser or Shia Muslims like Hezbollah, Iran,..

    1. Hi Alexandros!
      Great comment

      "The confrontation between Russia and Turkey is something the Zionists have planned"

      Sure seems to be the case!

      " destroying each other for the good of Jewmerica"

      Or Usrael? But, I get your point

      " the Kurds are a 5th Column in the Middle-East working for the Zionists"

      Yup, not all of them of course. But the ones that matter are definitely working for that 2nd Israel.
      And to enrich themselves off the suffering of others

      "Sunni Terrorists like Daesh/ISIS are also destroying Syria and Iraq for the good of the Zionists"

      There are posts here specifically reporting on Israel's support for the Nusra terrorists in the Golan..

      It's a web of treachery being intricately woven

  5. Kerry: We have a plan "B".
    Yes, the Empire, has one, partioning of Syria. Straight from the puppets mouth. Breaking up the country. Just as I commented a couple of days ago.
    Plan "B" includes greater sanctions against Russia. The war upon Russia moves to the next level. Everything proceeding exactlt as you've called it across the game board. Soon it might become more than a game and get really serious.
    Kerry and Ash are already stating the ceasfire will fail; again just as you called it. They are more than merely implying it will fail due to actions by Russia; and by association Assad.
    It's all like some "B" level hollywood movie script. You don't have to think very hard to conclude the US's next move. They don't try very hard to hide it.
    So what's next? A false-flag with the blame being laid upon Russia.
    Are the good guys simply masochists? Continually falling into traps? Trying and trying to cooperate with their western partners? Always to be p/##€d upon?
    Or is the Putin, Lavrov team as saavy as so many believe (I used to beleve so, but it's becoming more difficult to do so)? Are they anticipating empire's every move and developing strategies to counteract them?
    We'll see shortly.

    1. There is zero support in Europe for more Russian sanctions. Austria opposed. Italy opposed. Former french PM just came out in opposition (Sarkozy too). Czech. Hungary. Japan. Canada. So more unilateral sanctions. Q the French farmer protests.

    2. Europol just warned of an imminent attack following France and the CIA all citing the inevitability.

  6. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2016/02/selling-nato-intervention-in-syria-r2p.html?showComment=1455678031894#c5635179959920734756
    Negative Rates Advocate Fujimaki Says BOJ's Kuroda Got It Wrong.

    feb 12
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has held a meeting with his top financial diplomat, as well as the Bank of Japan's governor, amid a report the "architect of Abenomics" had called for a Group of 20-wide response to the market rout

    ignore developments in south china sea at your peril

    China Can Reportedly Track Pentagon's 'Undetectable' F-22 Fighters

    1. Saudi just pulled peole from lebanon
      Reports days ago of Israeli strike south Damascus
      Israel warned yesterday of hamas war (this after they allegedly cut a deal with Hamas for a port and energy transfer since denied)
      Nasrallah warned days ago that Israeli energy storage facilities could be hit causing a nuke like explosion
      Joint Chiefs recent visit to Israel as the US and Israel wrap up major joint drills
      Is Israel brewing up its own Molotov cocktail in Lebanon with outside support in view of past interventions especially with Russia and Syria pounding rebels in the north?
      It may explain the Saudi pullout given the Israel foreshadowing of Civilian casualties, like the Serbians in Libya days ago...


      Just the kind of existential threat that will prompt the Israelis who have been quietly activating in Egypt as the Palestinian conflict comes to a another head


    2. Aleppo = Debaltsevo

      "He also admitted it was possible Russian-backed forces could capture Aleppo, but pointed out that it has been very hard to retain territory in the five-year civil war"

      Perfectly summarizes your post.