Monday, February 15, 2016

Russia Will Not Attack Turkish Military

The only action Turkey has taken, that I can verify to my satisfaction, is firing over the border at YPG.

Russia isn't going to fire back. 

Moscow, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) The head of Russiaâ�Ös upper parliamentâ�Ös Defense and Security Committee Viktor Ozerov ruled out today a confrontation in Syria against military personnel from other countries that are not included as terrorists, referring to the Turkish troops. Ozerov stated that Moscow would not make the tense relations with Ankara worse than they already are.

A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry deplored today the aggressive behavior of Turkey regarding Syria and expressed deep concern about those actions.

 “Considering the fact that Turkish military personnel are not striking the Russian military in Syria, and the goal of our military in Syria is countering terrorism, Russia will not enter into a confrontation with the militaries of other countries that are not included as terrorists so as not to make the tense relations worse than they already are,” Viktor Ozerov told RIA Novosti.

Interesting, no?

Earlier today:

Armed Forces Enter Syria from Turkish Territory?


  1. Penny,

    Kurds are probably going to get crushed now, Russia while giving air support is not going to go to war with Turkey over the kurds. I think russian intelligence knows that NATO wants to pull the turks back from attacking kurds, so kurds have a chance to create more chaos and more refugees in Turkey, so syrian and turkish refugees along with terrorists can have cover to go into Europe. Erdogan is going to get the "Hitler" treatment now, and probably going to get UN sanctioned. I don't think Russia is going to help Erdogan in the UN security Council vote, probably will condemn the shelling, but may abstain from sanctions.

    1. Erdogan just called for a face to face with Putin. With the neo ottomanism rhetoric over the top - which is the PM Ahmet Davutoglu construct - there would be something poeticly noble about Erdogan moving to "engage" Russia. So far as the 'headlines" the noise is coming from Davutoglu.

      Revenge on the revenge of Ergenekon

    2. Wow,

      Very interesting link. Ergenekon looks like a NATO operation gladio outfit. Probably ties with grey wolves, Ahmet Davutoglu looks like he is connected with the NATO chaos refugee plan. Erdogan wants to engage russia, but cant look weak or the gladio guys will depose him.

    3. anon 2:37 would you have a link handy to that news item? Hubby said he saw it,but, I can't find it


      also interesting

    5. saw the news about that fellow- well connected, certainly

      "That year, Vehbi Koc had taken over a grocery store from his father in Ankara and later become the local representative of foreign companies such as Ford Motor Co and Standard Oil"

  2. I'm not commenting at this time, cause I'm trying to wrap my head around all that is going on at this time- yikes!

  3. Penny,

    Look at how George Soros advocate of a "Open Society" hates both Poland and Hungary for closing their borders. Look at how GOP and Dems and Zionist Media is trying to hate trump for closing borders. Why did Poland's new party raid a NATO "counterintelligence" center in the middle of the night. I stated this before Poland is VERY pro nato, yet they did something very anti-nato. NATO is a "open society" outfit, and grey wolves, Davutoglu, Ergenekon , Kurdish seperatists, are part of a grand plan to destroy borders and usher in a "Open Society" world government controlled by a Jewish bankocracy. See also Soros demand for debt mutualization, destruction of cultures, creating a international language "Esperanto", and Zionist media advocating alternative lifestyles of homosexuality, transgender, feminist movements, pedophilia, multiracial sex, destruction of society,nuclear family values and religion. These people promote extremists (nazis, marxists) to discredit healthy societies.

    1. "These people promote extremists (nazis, marxists) to discredit healthy societies"

      That sums it up nicely.

      The transgender stuff is pure rubbish- I see it pushed and gender exists in nature for the purpose of reproductions- You don't choose- It exists and is not an artificial construct- elites are definitely trying to destroy humanity with that one

      same for the destruction of family

  4. Penny,

    Looks like "anonymous" internet "vigilantes" (are they really independent? or controlled?) They hacked Turkish Police due to “in light of various government abuses in the past few months."

    Look at this interesting tweet. It is ataturk founder of Republic of Turkey, a secular, pro european figure.

    Obama praises ataturk, blames Erdogan for "islamizing" turkey.

    us neoconservatives hate erdogan and support ataturk

    I don't know if ataturk would support NATO and a "open society". It looks like a organized plot, just like how social media was used to start the Tunisia, Libya,Egyptian, Syrian, revolutions. I think "Anonymous" is now NATO infiltrated organization used to overthrow countries. Look at how well all these countries are doing, we have multiple civil wars and terrorism.

    1. I've written about 'anonymous' previously and have the view they are an extension of NATO's global terror army- for the internet. And nothing more
      They attack the targets of NATO aggression- in the case you mention Turkey
      They have attacked Syria previously also
      And their non attack on Israel a few years back was covered here also

      They are just another psyop against the people

  5. The fact anonymous continues to operate as some unknown group, inspite of empires technological prowess, at least they want you to believe it, and has not been taken down, tells me they are a NATO/Empire proxy or that they have been completely infiltrated and judged to be nothing for empire to be concerned about. Just too slick. Sort of like those IS vids.

  6. However, I find it difficult to accept sources such as reuters, zero hedge and now even RT as reliable.

    1. You have to be really careful with all those sources IMO.
      Including zero hedge, who has had Turkey invading Syria a number of times now- as far back as last year- with no substantiation what so ever
      It's like crying wolf- at least once out of the multiple times they'll get it right

  7. Hi Charles- Anonymous is a, what's the word or concept??
    Let me explain
    If you believe 'anonymous' is out there challenging authority, you will be more apt to sit on your butt and do nothing.

    Not you specifically Charles, all the you's out there who prefer illusion to taking action, necessary action believing instead in 'anonymous' or Snowden as authority challengers when they are given to us all, like a pacifier.