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Selling NATO Intervention in Syria the R2P way: Save Refugees and Europe

From the Atlantic Council-  How to Reverse Putin’s Damage in Syria
By John E. Herbst-  John E. Herbst is Director of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council. He served as US Ambassador to Ukraine from 2003 to 2006.

For this post I'm ignoring the title and cutting to the chase! When reading this ask yourself, could it be any more clear that ISIS was never the enemy. They were always the proxy, needed to remake the middle east & create 2nd Israel aka Kurdistan.  Read as the demon masquerading as a human suggests the necessary US actions to destroy Syria and change the balance of power on the ground. Target Syrian Arab Army! Target Iranian Forces! Target Hezbollah fighters! Cut supply lines to these allied fighters!. Bomb, bomb, bomb with US Airpower and kill kill kill with 10's of thousands of ground troops- Insanity. War is Insanity.

Here responsibility lies primarily with Washington. With Russia in the game, only the United States has the military power to change the balance of forces on the Syrian battlefield in ways that would alleviate the refugee crisis.
Refresh your memory  Takfiri "Surrender" Key City to Kurdish Militias- Turkey-no ground operation:  No Turkish or Saudi Troops unless the US takes the lead or runs the entire operation themselves!

Such measures would require US air power and tens of thousands of troops. Potential troop contributors might include France and Turkey. This approach would be the quickest way to address the crisis. Unfortunately, with Russian air power dominating the skies of northern Syria, the risk of a military confrontation between the two nuclear superpowers would be substantial.
What if France and Turkey don't want to, or cannot contribute troops in the numbers necessary? John Herbst has a solution.
Another approach might offer fewer risks. Thanks to Moscow’s airpower, the Assad regime enjoys an advantage over US allies. To offset this advantage, the United States could destroy Syrian military hardware, target advancing Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces, and their supply lines. US forces could use precision missile strikes to achieve most of these objectives, reducing the danger of a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia.
Bomb, bomb, bomb- Kill, kill, kill- Wantonly and Indiscriminately - Where is the US going to conduct all these precision missile strikes from. And why didn't they do this to ISIS? (Nevermind on the KurdIShIS!)
With Russian veto-power in the UN Security Council, it is doubtful that the United States and Europe could get UN approval for the operation. But the EU could give a European-wide imprimatur to the operation and the Arab League a Middle Eastern one. 
Such an operation would thwart the Russian mission and have international legitimacy. 
It would give Moscow reason to reconsider its campaign and agree to a superpower ceasefire in Syria that would permit the establishment of safe havens there, and perhaps open the door to US-Russia-EU cooperation on a diplomatic track to end Syria’s civil war.

It would have the added advantage of demonstrating to European skeptics the indispensability of the transatlantic alliance to their security.
It might also help persuade the nations of Europe’s south—who are most immediately threatened by the refugee flow caused by Moscow’s military campaign—that appeasing the Kremlin in the East (Ukraine) is just bad politics.
 The "refugee flow' had it's roots in the US operation against Syria, Iraq, Libya etc.,
The refugee flow was aided by the NATO war machine- The refugee flow had it's roots in the creation of Kurdistan aka 2nd Israel.  It's interesting to notice the transfer propaganda being employed. The flow of refugees particularly young fighting men is not something that benefits Russia- Let's go way back to 2012! Reread the post linked below including external links
To understand the long planned destabilization of Russia, including a breaking up or balkanization, consider how all those Islamist fighters entering Europe figure into this picture

Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia

Keeping in mind, of course, the goal of balkanization.
As laid out by the Heritage Foundation and one Ariel Cohen Ph.D
I am only including excerpts here, it's a big article, linked so you can read it at your leisure

A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response

A threat to the West?  Of course! 
The rise of "Islamist Insurgency"?  Of course!
Russia's Inadequate Response?  Of course!

Well you just know someone is going to have to step up to that plate!
Who might that be?

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  1. I find the article's European and Middle east peace force as a empty threat. NATO and middle east militaries are very cowardly, especially in tne face of nuclear weapons. Russia's intervention, at a relatively low cost has destroyed all plans of NATO in syria. Refugees are backfiring on Schengen and Soros's open society. Chechnya is now pretty secure with Kadyrov, and the Chechen wars. Its panic time for NATO.

    1. The man is presenting 2 scenarios- both equally unsavoury- However, I don't come away with the impression he is talking about the EU and GCC really participating- we can see signs of that non participation with Turkey and Saudi Arabia- they don't want to send troops

      He is suggesting the US blow Syria to hell, kill and bomb everything in sight, if they can't get ground troops- and it doesn't seem they can in the required numbers without risk, from some distant location perhaps? Not sure, but, where was this fire power when it came to fighting ISIS- no where?

      "To offset this advantage, the United States could destroy Syrian military hardware, target advancing Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces, and their supply lines. US forces could use precision missile strikes to achieve most of these objectives, reducing the danger of a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia"

      And then the bit about refugees to Europe- I relinked the post to demonstrate the scenario envisioned to destroy Russia- using Islamists and the threat of Islamists- making the refugee flow to Europe non beneficial to Russia- which also explains the heavy bombing campaign against NATO's mercs in Syria

      Interesting also that he is US ambassador to Ukraine formerly

    2. He obviously lacks knowledge concerning the abilities and deployment of equipment in Syria; Russian, that is. The precision missles he speaks of can and would be interdicted by the S-400's. They have also deployed Pantsir S-1 system in Syria. Formidable threats to the NATO/Zio airpower. Though the Russian deployment of advanced aircraft is not an exceptionally large force, which NATO could most likely overwhelm. But are they willing to engage the Russian forces and suffer obvious losses? Are they also open to the distinct possibility that the SU-35 is found to be a superior aircraft to the F-22 and F-16. I find that very dubious.

  2. Russia announces today it has ships in position to take out 200 targets simultaneously. Lebanon Nasrallah has just said that if Hezbollah hits the Israeli gas tanks the explosive damage will mimic a nuke (Haaretz)

    US leaked out over the weekend that China is deploying S/A missiles on contested island. That follows the multiple US warnings about the airstrip. The leaks come as the US 'uses' the NK test to push THAAD on South Korea which China today came out and opposed. Keep in mind that the last NK nuke test occurred within a day of the Russia Meteor incident which say Russian bombers circling Guam per the Gertz. More recently Russian bombers dropped down over a US carrier in waters around China (whch the USN passed off as normal in the wake of the Black Sea incidents). Then comes the Iran interdiction and Marines arrest with the latest release of the clip of the Marine crying.

    So far Japan, Canada, France (former PM), Sarkozy, German Fm (+Bavaria), Czech, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria etc have pushed a sanctions rollback.

    Austria has moved to shut down borders while Merkel fights a rearguard effort to keep them open. Last check it was a stimulus and 'solution' to labor gap (the later being recently debunked with the majority having little skill and education to fill the purported roles). No Merkel wants a no fly zone while the BND is coordinating with Assad and apparently flying its fighters alongside Russian planes on missions (per report today).

    Finally the markets are in full blwon meltdown with the Fed trapped. Abenomics has shown itself to be a paper tiger and the Yen performance in the wake of the latest central bank bazooka turns out to be more of a pea shooter. As Dallas Fed Fisher recently said a massive front loaded rally on money printing and the weapons has no more ammunition. Draghi promises to ease while the Bundesbank says EU is no where close to deflation while the Finmin pushes a more integrated EU finance mechanism. The ratings agencies are back at with strategic downgrades. The OPEC / Russia deal was sold heavily by someone today presumably to fund the Emini lift. virtually every investment bank is out touting the 'strength of the US economy" and the massively dilute debt funded buybacks.

    The operative statement from the man who predicted the 2007 meltdown for BIS economist with some truthiness

    “The objective of that policy has changed totally -- it’s trying to stimulate aggregate demand and the honest truth is that it’s not capable of doing that in a sustainable way, ” White said in Bloomberg Television interview on Tuesday. “If people thought we were in a period of deleveraging that would set the scene for a period of robust growth. We haven’t even started yet.”


    Massive unwind and panic showing

    GS downgrades gold

    1937 apt in view of the Supreme Court and recession/hike

    What next?



    The Canada story echoes those stories a few years ago about the Mexican carjacks of medical isotopes stolen.


  3. Hello Penny,

    Russia violates territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine, Syria; next could be Azerbaijan – Turkey's PM

    Looks like a plan with crimean tatars perhaps to resettle turkish refuges to eastern ukraine?

    Turkey may start supplying military equipment to Ukraine

    Kremlin-Backed Prosecutor In Crimea Seeks Closure Of Tatar Mejlis

    Looks like FSB is thinking about some tatar subversion backed by Turkish ultranationalists and NATO

    Honestly, though I am not very impressed by NATO tactics, I don't think refugees will want to move from one war zone to another, especially a colder one.

    1. "I don't think refugees will want to move from one war zone to another, especially a colder one"

      It's may not be a choice- It may be the only option

    2. Destruction of states is a George Soros Open Society Tactic=destroy the state=No borders. Examples: Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt. Soon: Turkey

      Perfect Open Societies

    3. Agreed, Penny. Why on earth locate in Ukro/Nazi land? Essentially a failed state whose government and economy is in a state of collapse. I know, I know Turkey is going down the same road, but I do not believe they are at the same level.

  4. Atlantic Council tagline is "Working Together to Secure the Future." For whom??? Certainly not Syrians.
    The doublespeak is overwhelming in this vile article, whose solution to war is always more war. But what stands out for me, is how NATO is reeling on the back foot here, talking of "Putin's Damage" and "address the crisis" like Russia broke their all their toys! The situation is evolving so quickly in Syria, the NATO war gamers can't keep up.

    1. Atlantic Council is a NATO blog

      Working together = NATO "alliance"
      Secure the Future = Some kind of one world order with NATO as the global army

      So NATO nations (US/UK mostly) working together to SECURE ( through force,tyranny) and some sort of Dystopian future

  5. the scenario today is similar to 730, when the Khazar were building their empire, Erbil, Mosul, Damascus, very similar to what is happening today

  6. "The Islamic Rape Of Europe" - A Polish Magazine's Shocking Cover


    Looks like poland doesnt want to be George Soros. Explains the NATO HQ raid.

    Ukraine disputes Poland claim of taking 1 million refugees


    Ukraine is NATO now, looks like Poland needs more refugees, as if 1 million "economic migrants" aren't refugees.

  7. Huge blast in central Ankara targeting Turkish military.

    The Kurds? Who else? What do you think?

    1. Of course it's the PKK- I covered that in the new post I've just put together- busy day today and I've just gotten around to it!

    2. I was attempting to be irreverent,not entirely serious, in fingering the Kurds. I'd have to be pretty dense not to be able to figure it out after following your blog. Which, and I must compliment you for it,is a step ahead of most blog spots.

    3. Hi Charles- thanks again for the compliment :)
      I keep in mind that the PKK ended the ceasefire which tells everyone they were set to wage war or begin fire