Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Takfiri "Surrender" Key City to Kurdish Militias- Turkey-no ground operation

Wow, that's convenient!

As Kurdish fighters continue to annex Syrian territory, in breach of the ceasefire,  the oh so fierce terrorists simply decide to give a strategically necessary city to the YPG/PKK militia. Without a fight?
The Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) have agreed with an offer of the Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham groups to allow them to leave Marea for Sandef without any clashes and surrender Marea to the Kurdish fighters.

Cause, I'm wondering would the takfiri terrorists of al nusra & al sham merely have surrendered without a fight to Syrian army ??? I'm confident they would NOT have given up the territory without a fight.

Ceasefire breach:

Pentagon Tells Kurds NO to Seizing New Territory- Turkey cease firing and more

  the Pentagon said in a statement. “We have urged Syrian Kurdish forces affiliated with the YPG not to take advantage of a confused situation by seizing new territory. 
You know that was just  a lip service statement. 

  Also: Despite all the nonsense around the media, main stream and alternative, so called... Turkey and Saudi Arabia appear to have zero intention of being drawn into a ground war in Syria

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said on Tuesday that It would be unrealistic for Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to conduct ground operations in Syria alone.

"If such an operation is to take place, it has to be carried out jointly, like the (coalition) air strikes," he said.

"The coalition has not given this ground operation issue serious debate. There were opponents, and there were those who weren't going to take part but expressed a desire for Turkey or another country doing it," he said. 

So, this (Turkey taking a lead) was discussed and others (which others, I wonder?) expressed a desire for Turkey or another country (Saudi Arabia) to invade, but, Turkey isn't taking the bait. Interesting?

As I covered the other day Saudi Arabia isn't sending in ground troops either, unless the US leads.

Here is another article covering that situation:
No Saudi Troops Unless the US leads the way
"But the Saudi proposal came with a hitch as big as a battleship anchor: You go first. The kingdom said its troops would “participate with ground troops with the U.S.-led coalition.”  

The Syrian situation is a quagmire. Unless the US commits troops and leads the way neither Saudi Arabia or Turkey will fight the US desired fight.


  1. http://sputniknews.com/military/20160216/1034870438/saudi-arabia-ground-troops-yemen.html

    No Saudi troops period. Saudis annual exercises; same exercises a few years ago prompting the Saudis to call out 30K troops as the border guards in Iraq 'melted away"

    Defmin and Bandar huddling? Writing on the wall grows

    1. http://sputniknews.com/world/20160216/1034849939/russian-jets-tornado-aircraft.html

      after BND engages Assad

      Sell more CoCos?

      Or impose a no fly zone. That is the question, for Merkel at least.

    2. thanks for the links
      so far it looks as if there will be no Saudi troops on the ground and Turkey so far looks to be a no show also- with everyone waiting for the US to lead the way or carry the entire effort- not sure?

    3. Anonymous, I realize it is your prerogative to post as such. I simply ask why you find it necessary to do so?

  2. Penny,

    What do you think of the Scalia Death?


    I don't believe everything here, but there is a high probability that the death was faked. Scalia, and Obama probably made a deal, he fakes his death, gets alot of money, and Obama puts another liberal in the Supreme Court, to pass socially liberal policies. Maybe undermine trump. Obama is apparently likely to nominate Loretta Lynch, Powerful democrat.

    1. I know this might come as a surprise but were I seat in Amerika obomber is not a liberal. He'll nominate a right of center repug. Obomber is big fan of dead Ronnie-ray-gunn. Just saying;)

    2. Avirgo: I'll be honest I know nothing of Scalia or his health or much else about him...

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