Thursday, February 25, 2016

UN Lost 21 Tons of Food Aid- Was It Really Food Aid?

I do NOT believe this story as presented. It's not credible in the least. And yet the UN, an entity of questionable value, expects me to accept their claims. That's not going to happen.

Here is the basic timeline:

1- Pallets landed in target area according to initial reports

2- Ooooops, we aren't so sure?

3-  To all of it is lost

Here is the reporting- 18 hours ago
The United Nations carried out its first airdrop of humanitarian aid to the Syrian city of Deir al-Zor , UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien said, delivering 21 tonnes of relief to civilians besieged by Islamic State militants.
"Earlier this morning a WFP (World Food Programme) plane dropped the first cargo of 21 [metric] tonnes of items into Deir al-Zor," O'Brien told the UN Security Council on Wednesday. "We have received initial reports ... that pallets have landed in the target area."
UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien told the UN security council:
"Earlier this morning a WFP (World Food Programme) plane dropped the first cargo of 21 [metric] tonnes of items into Deir al-Zor,"

  "We have received initial reports ... that pallets have landed in the target area."
Sounds to me as if Mr Stephen O Brien had verified, through appropriate channels, the pallets had landed in the target area

 Initially, the UN said reports from Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams on the ground in Deir al-Zour suggested that the first cargo of 21 tonnes of aid dropped over the city had landed in the target area as planned.
 2- Ooooops, we aren't so sure?
  UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric later told reporters the WFP was still trying to get information on where the aid ended up, suggesting it may not have all reached the target area.

"As you know, airdrops can be very challenging," he said. "The pallets were dropped. They're trying to reach local partners to ensure that the aid was received.”

 3-  To all of it is lost
 An agency of the United Nations has admitted on Thursday that 21 tons of humanitarian aid scheduled to be air dropped to assist the legions of people starving in Syrian has been damaged, lost, or destroyed, when it fell into an area that had been covered by land mines.
 According to the U.N. World Food Programme spokesman Abeer Etefa, 10 of the 21 pallets of vegetable oil, lentils, rice, and salt “drifted away and are so far unaccounted for,” seven pallets landed in no man’s land, and four of them were damaged

10 just drifted away..... Seven landed in "no man's land". Whatever the heck that is supposed to mean?! Sounds like nonsense! Sounds like excuse making!  What defines no man's land in this circumstance?  Words that say nothing. And the last four were damaged 

Reminds me of those airdrops of weapons that inadvertently end up in the hands of ISIS- ;)  Could be more weapons to YPG, undercover of 'food aid'? 
What is certain? The UN claims are not credible.


  1. The Russians have been running aid drops into beseiged Deir ez-Zor without any problem whatsoever. No failures, no losses.
    Perhaps in future the UN should deal with professionals rather than the cowboy outfits it clearly uses, assuming the aid was intended for the civilians in Deir ez-Zor.

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      That's right! I forgot about that. So how have the Russian managed to drop aid no problem into the area, yet, the UN loses it all?

      "assuming the aid was intended for the civilians in Deir ez-Zor"

      ?? that's the big question

  2. State of the art electronic monitoring, air cover, and spetsnaz. Besides, the Russians are doing exactly as they state. No b.s. behind the scenes collusion with other members of the world-wide organized criminal syndicate in which the US/NATO gang are card holding members; along with their zionist partners.
    I do not believe the Russians act with alterior motives all of the time.

  3. And, they have managed to lose pallets on top of pallets of 100 dollar bills in the past. What's 21 tons of lentils and toilet tissue worth.
    Now if it was 21 tons of armaments and not human aid???

  4. Let's not beat around the bush here.
    This was most definitely an illegal arms shipment pure and simple.

    And again we can all thank the criminal US/Israeli cabal for this act of deception.

    Let's hope the Russians are onto this sick game!

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  6. Mmmmmmm let me see. I look the wrong way and the background systems will have me taken away, it required. I write the wrong thing and GCHQ can have me taken away and silenced, if required.

    CEOs like the DAVOS cru and Co. are all supreme and all knowing, yet when their organisations are caught involved in on demand clinically dead children trafficking they know nothing.

    So the UN "lost" something. Don't believe a word of it. Whatever got "lost" got delivered exactly where it was supposed to go. My favourite scenario being a deliberate botched aid delivery in plain sight of those in desperate need of salvation. The message being "How dare you get in the way of our plan!You will die as gamed by us somehow, somewhere, sometimesoon. By now you should be dead and forgotten".

    Mind you I could be wrong.


  7. OT: CNN just promoted Al Nusra (Turkey's pet) to worst jihadi group ^^