Wednesday, February 17, 2016

US Considers Air Support to "Afrin" Kurds aka Khorasan- Goading Turkey & False Flag Alert

Remember the dreaded terror group: Khorasan?  I’ll remind the readers of the air strikes the US undertook to ‘target’ Khorosan. Conveniently located in north western Syria at the Turkish border.  I had my suspicions way back about “Khorosan”

First up! Pentagon US Willing to Consider Air Support for Afrin Kurds in N Syria
The US military will look into the possibility of supporting from the air the Afrin Kurds’ advances in northern Syria against Daesh, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters on Wednesday.
pic from Sputnik

"Right now our airpower is focused on vetted Syrian opposition and some with moderate Syrian opposition," Warren said in a briefing.

"We have not yet taken strikes in support of this group of Afrin Kurds, but it is certainly something to consider."
Col Warren is intentionally misleading on at least two counts: 

1st: Claiming air power is focused on “vetted Syrian opposition” as if the Kurds are not vetted Syrian opposition.

-The Kurds (YPG/PKK)  have provided the US with targeting information for airstrikes  previously. Targeting that interestingly resulted in civilian casualties- Arab civilian casualties, of course- We will briefly revisit that!

Recall? Is the US Complicit in Ethnic Cleansing in Syria? Yes, Obviously!
Yes the US is complicit in the ethnic cleansing going on right now in Syria. I of course wouldn’t limit it to just this one incident.  In order to be complicit, choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others; having complicity, the US needs partner in crime. This specific incident was covered here at the blog, May 03/2015:

 US Led Airstrikes Kill 52 Syrian Civilians, 7 children inc. Completely missing ISIS
Here is a snip of my commentary at that time, based on the numerous reports I had read.

“Kurdish spokesperson, associated with YPG, knows of no civilian casualties. Or doesn't wish to acknowledge them? If the village was emptied of civilians prior to the strike, as the Kurdish spokesperson claims, what was this large group of civilians including children still doing there?
My question is this. Was this large group of persons the intended target of the airstrikes? Because that's the only conclusion I can draw from all these reports”
Which they have in their allied Kurdish groups.
 An activist, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity for his safety, told McClatchy last week that he suspected that members of the local Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG in the Kurdish language, which had worked closely with the United States during the fight for Kobani, had intentionally called in the strike to drive away Arab residents.
 Recall? The "Heroic" Kurds- Call for Airstrikes and Claim ISIS Used Chlorine Gas

 You can reread those two posts including external links. US airstrikes, called in by YPG, resulting in Arab ethnic cleansing- There might be other posts, but these two  demonstrate previous US/Kurdish cooperation on airstrikes

2nd problem:  In my opinion he is lying about not supporting the so called Afrin Kurds previously.

 Are we to believe that the “Afrin Kurds” are somehow different then the Kurdish forces to the east? If we believed that we would be fools.  Is this the first time airstrikes have been undertaken in support of Kurds in the north west of Syria? This is NOT the first time. The US did strike that area of Syria on two occasions those incidents have been covered here, in support of the Kurds, but obfuscated their strikes claiming they were targeting Khorosan.

 Recall? Khorosan airstrikes conveniently located...

1-US Strikes Khorasan, again, in Syria
“Where is this Khorasan story line going to take us? To Iran? Lebanon? Or into Turkey?
Options. So many options.....  The US military says it has carried out air strikes against the al-Qaeda-linked Khorasan group in north-western Syria.
The US hit five targets related to the group, including several vehicles and buildings, near the border with Turkey.
2- Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis the Impending Destabilization of Turkey
“Recall that latest attack on Khorasan? Where did it take place? Were you paying attention? 
See where Afrin is? Right at the border with Turkey. That is roughly where the US struck”

“US strikes Khorosan in Syria near the town of Samarda. Samarda appears to be very near Afrin, going in a southern direction Is the US softening targets in advance of a PKK onslaught?”
Two maps from the 2nd relinked post:


3- Kurdish Militia aims to connect Kurdish Cantons
Kobani [Ayn al-Arab] and Afrin. For these cities to be connected and for there to be no problem in transportation between these cities, Azaz and Jarablus must be liberated, too.” Remember these names- Tel Abyad - Azaz - Jarablus
Gee haven't those names been in the news as of late!

Finally: Keep in mind the US is goading/baiting Turkey!!!

One last interesting piece of news that has false flag potential

Exclusive: Radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security concerns

Radioactive material stolen last year in November, so 4 months ago, making the rounds now?
Iraq is searching for "highly dangerous" radioactive material whose theft last year has raised fears among Iraqi officials that it could be used as a weapon if acquired by Islamic State.
Baghdad reported the stolen material to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in November but has not requested assistance to recover it, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Wednesday.
 The material, stored in a protective case the size of a laptop computer, went missing from a storage facility near the southern city of Basra belonging to U.S. oilfield services company Weatherford WFT.N, an environment ministry document seen by Reuters showed and security, environmental and provincial officials confirmed.

Oops just one more final news item- As Turkey keeps on being destabilized

Bombing in Ankara- Targeting military officers- Very reminiscent of the destabilization of  Syria 

At least 28 people have been killed and 61 injured in a car bomb explosion targeting the Turkish military in the capital Ankara, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus says.

A vehicle laden with explosives reportedly targeted a convoy of buses carrying military personnel that were stopped at traffic lights, the army said.
Mr Kurtulmus said it was clear the attack was well planned and vowed to "shed all light" on the bombing.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said the attack was an act of terrorism and told parliament, which was in session when the blast occurred, that the car had exploded on a part of the street lined on both sides by military vehicles.


  1. I knew everything was going to go wild after Munich- but all this is horrid, really.
    False flag/dirty bomb
    Us considering expanding bombing
    Car bomb in Ankara reminiscent of Syria
    I've covered much ground in the above post

    1. Penny,

      Khorasan is a apparently a province in Iran, Looks like a US intel psychop, like AQ, and ISIS. AQ is sunni based and would unlikely ally with a Iranian group. The whole thing is a blame Iran operation.

      US airstrikes primary objectives:
      I believe the airstrikes 1. are competing with Russia over influence over Kurdish insurgency. I think russia is winning. 2. Attacking Turkish intelligence supporting FSA/AQ/ISIS. 3. I think Turkey is the primary target now. Look at US Russian cooperation in the news on syria. I think US is trying to salvage losses in syria by destabalizing Turkey. I think putin has given up on Erdogan, they think Erdogan is a empty suit, and the Grey Wolves NATO unit will win. Kurds are advancing( US wants them to be strong enough to be able to take over turkish cities), while Turkish military is continually being restrained by NATO from stopping the Kurds. Russia, Iran, US are working together to destroy Turkey. The bombings, I believe are US false flags to create panic in Turkey.

    2. Khorasan is an obfuscation for Kurdistan which will be carved out of Iran- that's why the US used a bogus name as cover for backing the Kurds in the north west. I knew there was more to the whole Khorasan baloney!!!


      Greater Khorasan, a historic region which lies mainly in modern-day Iran. It was previously known as Parthia; later, during the Sassanid era, it was changed to Khorasan.

      Oops I mean Khorasan, yeah, yeah, Khorasan

      Why are they called Khorasan?

      Khorasan was an ancient province of eastern Persia, which the group aims to recreate.

      I'll repeat that

      Khorasan was an ancient province of eastern Persia, which the group aims to recreate.

      For Kurdistan aka 2nd Israel a chunk of Iran is necessary- Khorasan obfuscates for the kurds


      "The Kurds of Khorasan or Khorasani Kurds (Kurdish: Kurdên Xorasanê‎, Persian: کردهای خراسان‎‎) are Kurds native to northeastern Iran, across the Iran-Turkmenistan border. They inhabit much of North Khorasan province, northern and northwestern parts of Razavi Khorasan province, as well as parts of Golestan province."

      Like I said the US obfuscated their bombing of north western Syria behind another brand or label of PKK

  2. Penny,

    Excellent website on "weapons of mass migration," political and psychological warfare.

    Merkel exiting her job? Who will be next chancellor? Schauble? Schauble looks like an old school german nazi, will either end EU or send refugees to poland

    running out of time, two factions: Germany (mass refugee relocation, Open Society) and Poland/Hungary (End of EU, Schengen). This year will probably see some crazy things happen, grab your popcorn.

    Looks like Erdogan trying to stop the kurds is restrained by army (NATO), army ironically wants more chaos.

    If the Kurds get strong enough, and Erdogan gets sacked, We will see EU collapse in 2-3 years after that. At least Merkel has a escape plan.

    1. I had a talk here at the blog previously by this woman

  3. Hi Penny: I'm Scott Creighton from American Everyman. This is good work. I've been covering what I call the formation of "Greater Kurdistan" for a while now while so many fake alternative websites parrot the Turkish regime change propaganda endlessly. it's good to see some who understands what this is all about. thanks.

    1. Hi Willy or Scott? Thanks. Always good to know I'm not alone in this line of thinking and exposing reality
      It's the school of hard knocks way though! As you can take lots of hits for it- Lots of personal attacks aka ad hominems- I know from personal experience the minions that promote the lie are out in full force on other websites and if I stop by to leave a comment the knives are out

      Two places bad for Israeli hasbara/PKK funded trolls obfuscating for this whole mess are sakers' and syrian perspective- No offence to Saker or Ziad, but, they have paid troll issues
      And what's worse it's the same people or the same script- same types of language used, same types of writing, common attributes across both forums

      I pay attention to stuff like that

    2. Hi Scott: do you moderate all posts?
      I've just left a comment but, it didn't appear.

      Everything here is moderated save for the first 48 hours of posts- got to keep the trouble down to a minimum.
      If you stop in let me know? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Penny,
    can you please link some infos about Kurds attacking turkish cities on the border?

    1. Perhaps, you could do that and leave some information here? It could be informative to read.

      I have other lines of interest I'm working on presently and don't want to get off track.