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US Envoy/NATO visit to Annexed Syria- Turkey under fire- PKK warns Barzani....

Lots going on present day- So a quick round up of interesting news items!

U.S. envoy visited Kurdish- Annexed Syrian north
This surely has to do with the impending move to create that continuous Kurdish area, annexed violently, from Syria. Covered in two previous posts:  "Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory And Narrative Prep for NATO's Invasion of Syria via (NATO Occupied) Turkey

Brett McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State, speaks to reporters during a news conference at the U.S. embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, December 9, 2015. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani
Brett McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State

- This is also a NATO visit. And, it is a significant visit!
"We can confirm that Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk completed a two day visit to northern Syria this weekend to assess progress in the campaign to degrade and destroy ISIL," the U.S. official said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

"This visit and the discussions he had are in keeping with the Special Envoy's efforts to continue looking for ways to increase coalition pressure on ISIL," the official said.

Fred Hof, a Syria expert with the Atlantic Council think tank, said to his knowledge this was the first declared visit to Syria (annexed territory) by a U.S. government official since the February 2012 closure of the U.S. embassy in Damascus.

The Syrian Kurdish official told Reuters McGurk landed at a Kurdish-controlled airport being used by U.S. military helicopters for logistical purposes and deliveries.

McGurk was received by officials including the prime minister of one of three autonomous regions, or cantons, the Syrian Kurds have set up in northern Syria.

In a statement posted on Youtube, Akram Hasso, head of the administration of Jazeera province, said McGurk's delegation was 17 strong and included representatives of France and Britain.

The trip by Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the coalition against Islamic State, may anger neighboring Turkey ......
 I would say that visit is intended to send a message to Turkey’s leadership-

I want to share some picture’s at this time:
This isn’t Syria. If you thought it was, it would be understandable, but it's not.

Those images are from Turkey.  Can anyone really believe Turkey is not being covertly destabilized by NATO proxies the PKK and special forces from multiple other nations

"We were oppressed by both sides," Ramazan Duruk, 56, who lived under curfew for 12 days in the town of Silvan last November, told Human Rights Watch. "This should not be a war zone. The population lives here. We keep saying this to both sides."

Exactly as I'd mentioned previously- The PKK set up shop right in the residential areas in order to provoke a response from the Turkish government! But the regular Kurds that reside in that area are not blaming the Turkish government alone- They are saying both sides are oppressing them.

Covered that topic previously in this post: PKK’s War of Choice lacks Kurdish public support in Turkey- YPG Terror in Syria

Foreign nationals employed by the PKK as snipers? - One Serbian sniper was recently identified. This is not a first for this reporting, but, a first time mention at the blog. The Serbian embassy did not deny this news, their statement was something like this activity is not officially condoned and it is not part of their official business in Turkey
The statement indicated that the Republic of Serbia strongly opposes any participation of its citizens in any armed conflicts in third countries. "The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has passed a law that sharply sanctions any such activity. Bearing in mind that the allegations cannot and should not be in any case or way related to the official policy or activities of the Republic of Serbia and its institutions. The embassy expects to be officially informed about the case by the Turkish side so the relevant Turkish and Serbian institutions can work together on its clarification in the aim of the fight against terrorism," the statement from the embassy said.

Russia wants information from NATO and the Pentagon,  not Turkey, regarding cross border shelling
It’s self evident why the request is being made to NATO and the Pentagon. Since NATO and the Pentagon have been running the show out of their NATO occupied territory and NATO airspace. Jens Stoltenberg made it abundantly clear that it was NATO's airspace recently violated, allegedly.

Recall? NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo

Russia would no more ask Justin Trudeau for an explanation of Canada’s involvement in the middle east  then they would ask Erdogan? Neither leader is in charge of their occupied territories.
“Russian Defense Ministry is waiting for explanations from representatives of NATO and the Pentagon of the actions of Turkish military which the ministry accuses of shelling the Syrian territory, official spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Monday”

Finally a warning to Iraq’s Kurdish leadership courtesy of the PKK
On 29 January, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeted a gas pipeline in the Shwan area of Kirkuk province; the pipeline feeds power stations in Erbil and Chemchemal, Sulaimaniyah province.

Independent energy company, Dana Gas, announced its gas plant at the Khor Mor field was offline for a few hours as a result.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, however a Kurdistan Region Government official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which administers Erbil and Dahuk, Nadhim Harky, stated it would have been impossible for Islamic State to access the area since it falls within Kurdish-controlled territory.
 KDP states not Islamic State. Who could it have been?


  1. Serb-Russia nexus. Surely not an accident.

    Also keep in mind that Dana gas just won an arbitration against Kurdistan which like the arbitration finding against Egypt puts incremental financial strain on the admins (Barzani just calling for a US bailout as the advisers arrive). BBG out this am talking about the shares of Genel rallying on back of Kurdistan guarantees to back payments and arrears to Kurd oil majors. Genel of course being Hayward/Rothy vehicle until Hayward left to run Glencore.

    Barzani going to go quietly after $8B from Saudi as the IMF warns defaults coming to the Kingdom and BBG touts the reserve drain?

    Egypt sees the financial pincer also

    1. Croatia mercs into Ukraine


    Quoting the Goran movement after $8B from Saudi - who the IMF just said is creeping up on defaults itself which makes those arbitration rulings in Egypt and Kurdistan (Dana at center of that ruling against Barzani) rather critical as far as timing.

    That Dana gas is in the middle of it or at least mentioned comes back to the arbitration ruling sin egypt and kurdistan - think Yukos - at inopportune times

    WSJ this am on Kurd oil payments to majors

    Genel to benefit -> HAyward - Rothy -. Glenmcore Swiss traders

    Did someone just LBO Barzani for $8B? Who knew?

    1. Serb invocation probably not an accident given Russia-Serb relationship and NATO strong Croatia

      U.S.-led coalition warns bloody, long battle to free Iraq's Mosul from IS

      Iraq says it is ready to move.

      Which Iraq troops or coalition is the US refereing to. Another wait it out?

  3. Empire and its NATO stooges are ramping up in Syria. They will not permit the SAA and especially Russia accomplish their goals. I belive it's only a matter of time before NATO and the Russian forces cross paths the tesult of which will not be pretty.

    1. Revenge of prisitina

      China too?

  4. “The International Court of Arbitration has ruled [for] a 10-15 percent of discount for the gas supplied to Turkey during 2011-2015,” he said, as quoted by Reuters on Feb. 2.

    another arbitration loss goin g to the Gazprom dropping the discount?

  5. Was reading from here :

    Hasso gives some interesting though not exactly true statements. Definitely says US is using that airport but forgets that it does so illegally. Kurds control Al Qamishli - guess he forgot about them attacking the GPF who are Assyrian Christians in the town. GPF has been in control of the airport Russia is alleged to be taking over since SAA troops pulled out in 2013? However, even western maps show the area as being Syrian govt. controlled.
    Never says anything about the ethnic cleansing going on in any no kurd areas.
    Never mentions the agreement on autonomy with Syrian govt. that they made...just wants more from anyone who will help them.
    Typical kurd if you ask me. Bought by US but not getting what they thought they would, will try to play all sides against each other - including Turkey.

  6. Barzani declare, referendum Crimea like


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    Sadly, yesterday, we lost a member of our family- Somewhat unexpectedly, very tragically. Particularly hard for my youngest sister- who lost her much loved husband.

    I will be back as soon as possible.
    Thank You for understanding

    1. My heartfelt sympathy


    2. Sorry to hear that, Pen - condolences to you and your family.

    3. thanks Gallier and slozo and Charles

      It's been difficult for my sister, to say the least.
      We've been trying to be there for her as much as possible, but, the grieving road is long and hard.
      And she has a way to go, for sure.
      We've brought food, talked endlessly- helped her with arrangements, as there weren't any made at all, which made everything that much more difficult.
      It's about as shitty a situation as one person should never be confronted with and yet there it is

  9. Kissinger in Russia

  10. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I will keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts. Finding your blog has been a blessing. Your insights and analysis are among the best. Be well.

  11. I am very sorry to hear about your sisters' and your loss. I will keep both your loved ones and you in my thoughts. It has been a blessing that I discovered your blog. Your insights and analysis are among the best available. Be well.

  12. In just one 24-hour period, Kurdish peshmerga fighters witnessed some 300-400 petrol tankers south of Sinjar, driven by non-bearded ISIS operatives, making their way unmolested from Qayara, south of Mosul, where they control the refinery, towards the Syrian border and to Turkey, bound for Gaziantep. “They don’t fly their flags when they are doing this”, one commentator observed.

    At the same time, the US forces seem to stand back. When ISIS’s men are moving the petrol convoys, for example, there are no attacks. The rules of war no longer seem to apply.