Friday, February 19, 2016

US State Dept- No Supplies to YPG- Bald Faced Lie

Bald-Faced Lie:  barefaced, blatant, brazen, brazenfaced, shameless, unabashed, unblushing.
The United States has not supplied weapons to the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG, the State Department said on Friday, after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said U.S.-supplied weapons were used by the group that Ankara blames for a deadly suicide bombing.
"We have not provided any weapons of any kind to the YPG and we have also seen no evidence to substantiate the claim that the YPG is somehow smuggling U.S. weapons to the PKK," spokesman Mark Toner said in response to Erdogan's comments.

There are reports a plenty here at the blog on weapons dropped to YPG/PKK
There are reports a plenty here at the blog regarding airstrikes done, by the US, on behalf of YPG
Since YPG = PKK it's a given weapons are being transferred between the two groups
Wow, that's a whopper!

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The state department denial  explains why the video linked below has already been removed by You Tube on one occasion - It's a pretty 'ballsy' video for a supposed underdog to make. Especially one you are supposed to believe, hence the State dept lie, isn't backed by the US. Shakes head in disgust!

All part of managing your perception

YPG Declare War on Turkey: YPG/ PKK = Same/Same

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  1. Penny,
    If I might ask a bit of a favor, when you have a moment, would you view the video of the Russian MOD press briefing, from the Saker blog site, and possibly provide your insight? Especially that part dealing with the Turkish shelling of Syrian territory. Here is the link:

    Thank you.