Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Washington Post Reporter Detained in Israel for “Provocative Incitement” aka Creating News

Washington Post Reporter William Booth Detained by Israel

I’ve run across this  media manipulaiton previously with regard to Syria. Where reporters stage news events- then report on them as if it's something real. Apparently a passerby foiled what might have been a breaking news story playing all across tell-a-vision today.

A police spokeswoman, Luba Samri, said in a statement:A passer-by complained that he witnessed a number of people intending to stage a provocative situation and disturbances by young Arabs toward policemen responsible for security in the area, apparently for propaganda purposes. In view of the complaint, the policemen detained a number of suspects in order to clarify the facts in a sensitive and discreet manner at the nearby police facility.”

She added: “When the details of the incident were clarified and no suspicion at all of criminal activity was raised, the detainees were released immediately by the investigating officer without any other steps taken in the matter.”
It should be criminal to stage provocations for the purpose of propaganda or perception management!

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “This is a regrettable incident, casting an unnecessary shadow over the work of an excellent journalist. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask the police for the necessary clarifications.”

Mr. Booth is a veteran correspondent for The Post, having served as a bureau chief in Mexico City, Miami and Los Angeles; as a pop culture correspondent; and as a reporter covering conflicts on several continents.
Covering and creating conflicts on several continents, no doubt.

Police briefly detain Washington Post reporter for ‘incitement’

An Arab woman told Booth that if he paid some of the bystanders, they would provoke the nearby police officers and start a violent demonstration, Jerusalem Police spokesperson Asi Aharoni told The Times of Israel.

“Police officers noticed that she said if you pay these youngsters, they will start the provocation and you’ll be able to take pictures,” Aharoni said.
 A passerby complained to Border Police officers, who were standing a few feet away, the Jerusalem Police spokesperson said.
William Booth- Journalists as spooks/spooks as journalists

I do NOT believe the claim regarding the  presence of the Arab woman

What makes more sense is the passerby saw Mr Booth give money to children to throw rocks so he could take pictures, and that passerby notified the police. I doubt there was any Arab woman present at all or she too would have been arrested. Israeli Times reporting is not consistent with NYTs reporting in that regard. So the Arab woman claim can be discounted as simple Israeli propaganda used to incite hatred against the Arab population. In other words, typical stuff.

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  1. This is exactly why folks like the commentors and readers of a truly informative source as yours are here in the first place. Almost all "news" coming out of the "only democratic state in the ME" serves the zionist agenda. MSM sources here in the empire are almost all in service of the deep state. They are told what the citizenry allowed to know. Propaganda, misinformation and distraction regurgitated to the easily manipulated, complacent public. If they only had a brain, would it be better? Not in my opinion.