Thursday, February 18, 2016

YPG Declare War on Turkey: YPG/ PKK = Same/Same

In a charming little video. So very reminiscent of ISIS....
Including the threat that "Erdogan will drown in his own blood"
Nice stuff.
From very nice people (snark) YPG = PKK.  NATO backed of course. Remaking the region while causing mayhem, destroying the environment, wasting resources, engaging in ethnic cleansing and mass displacement. Wantonly killing, raping, stealing the property of others and forcing children to serve in their militias. While some morons in the west cheer on NATO's killers,  actually believing that two wrongs (if you believe the Kurd victim meme?) make some kind of bizarre sicko version of 'right'
I have no doubt the NATO backed Kurds, with external assistance, were behind the bombing in Ankara.

So it seems the first video was taken down. How long before the Youtube censors take it down again?
Thanks to Scott at willyloman for letting me know the new location of the video!

Penny: the video has been pulled. You can go here to reload it but it probably wont last long either. I guess Google has a vested interest in Greater Kurdistan.

What Turkey has been trying hard to tell the U.S. and the West in general that there can be no "good terrorist" proved true once again with a video in which militants of the PKK's Syrian wing PYD show their real faces.

 In the video recorded in Syria's PYD-controlled Amude, the hometown of Saleh Najer who is the perpetrator of the second Ankara bombing that took place on Wednesday, a group of armed YPG militants are seen lined up in single files, apparently before a training session. The commander, speaking to the terrorists, is heard shouting slogans and uttering threats against Turkey in an attempt to provoke Kurdish people living in southeastern Turkey.

 As the people of Amude, from now on, we will defend the rights of our people, using every means available as Asayish, YPG, YPJ and HPJ," he says in the video.

"Our people are the same, we don't recognize any borders or boundaries. Amude is Nusaybin, Cizre, Diyarbakır. We will abolish the rotten borders," the commander adds, vowing unity with PKK terrorists living in Turkey.

"We will defend the rights of our people in the North [in southeastern Turkey]. With our people in Western and Northern Kurdistan, we will make [President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan drown in his own blood," he pledges, adding that the PYD will "try" the President.

"What we are saying is, the fight of Western Kurdistan is the fight of Northern Kurdistan," he concludes labeling southeastern Turkey as part of the so-called "Kurdistan" while pointing to the PKK's war against the Turkish state and PYD-ruled parts of Northern Syria.

In the end of the video, the militants shout "Serok Apo" that means "Leader Apo," paying homage to the PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been serving a life sentence in İmralı Island in the Marmara Sea since 1999 when he was captured by Turkish security forces in Kenya.
UPDATE: H/T Willy Loman
Quoting from Bloomberg news-

" The U.S. agrees with Turkey that the PKK, which has been fighting for autonomy in Turkey’s Kurdish regions for three decades, is a terrorist group" 

John Kirby expressed condolences for the loss of life in Turkey, and praised the country for its contribution to the fight against Islamic State in Syria. But he rejected the increasingly vocal calls from Turkish leaders for the U.S. to choose between its ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Syrian Kurds.


“It’s not about choosing sides,” Kirby said. “There’s no doubt about Turkey’s membership in the coalition; obviously, there is no doubt about our commitment to a fellow NATO ally. And there is also no doubt that some of the strongest fighters against Daesh inside Syria have been Kurdish fighters.”
The U.S.-led coalition has carried out airstrikes in the past to support Kurds in Syria as they fought Islamic State.
“That kind of coalition support will continue,” Kirby said. The U.S. understands Turkey’s concerns....."

And the US doesn't care- because they have betrayed Turkey and are again supporting terrorism and terrorists.

It was the PKK that broke the ceasefire with Turkey- I've covered that in two seperate posts here at the blog. It was the PKK when offered a deal for peace, rejected that deal. It is the PKK that seeded Gorran, YPG and other Kurdish militias. And it is the US/Israel that succors them.

  From Yesterday:

US Considers Air Support to "Afrin" Kurds aka Khorasan- Goading Turkey & False Flag Alert


  1. I covered this today as well. Did you also notice the State Department acknowledged the fact that the PKK/YPG is a terrorist organization attacking Turkey (a fellow NATO member) but said they don't want to "choose sides" between they two? Did you see that? Nice huh?

    1. So much for the Empire and NATOS'war upon terror. Could you make this stuff up if you wanted to? The hypocrisy and thr horror of it all is unfathomable.

    2. Hi Willy: I've added that to the post with a hat tip over your way-

    3. Hi Charles: The war on terror has always been a war of terror-
      You are right about the horror and hypocrisy being unfathomable
      The other problem is the manipualted masses who've been trained to cheer for the Kurds- manipulated into believing they are 'underdogs' and that somehow by their alleged underdog status they are being put upon- It's total perception management, well played, because here we have people cheering for destabilizers backed by NATO.
      Goes to show how well propaganda skillfully applied works

    4. Agreed. The shame of it all is even considering what a well-oiled machine the purveyors of propaganda have created, even if those speaking truth backed up by facts and evidence had the financial resources and the other necessary means to counter the machine the public is so complacent, self-centered and unable to think critically it more than likely would not matter anyway. One must have the ability to read then disassemble, then analyze information in order to judge its true value. Those educational processes which make it possible are being purged from the educational systems of western countries by wolves in sheeps clothing like the Gates.

  2. Penny: the video has been pulled. You can go here to reload it but it probably wont last long either. I guess Google has a vested interest in Greater Kurdistan.

    1. Google so very connected to the deep state- sigh
      going to download it myself- if I can my tech skills are terrible

      Thanks scott

  3. Don't remember where I saw it this morning as I was in a hurry skimming news, But I read that Ankara bombing took our 21 or 22 of Turkey's best pilots.

    IF true, seems possible that 'someone' had intelligence information to know what /who was in that convoy. Also, I personally rule out that this was just blind luck.

    It may have been over at Rowen's blog this morning as I usually see what he's dug up on israel each day.
    My computer has fits with all the trash on their websites and locks up badly.