Wednesday, February 24, 2016

YPG using US High Tech Anti-Tank Missile to fight ISIS? Or Target Turkey?

Some credible reports that YPG has received US High Tech anti- tank missiles

I have serious, serious doubts these anti tank missiles were provided to YPG, by the US, to fight ISIS. Anti tank missiles seem a bit of an over kill for targeting trucks.
Were these anti tank missiles given to YPG to use against Turkey?  Entirely possible and fits into the destabilizing of Turkey that is ongoing.  

If the video, believed to have been filmed near the Syrian town of Shaddadi, is authenticated it would show that Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces have been given an upgrade in technology.

The footage shows a truck allegedly belonging to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on the receiving end of a direct hit from the missile.

The FGM-148 Javelin is a portable anti-tank missile, which was developed by the United States. It is able to lock on to potential targets using infrared imaging, which makes it a lot more effective than the TOW missile system, which militias fighting against IS had been using, as the TOW is heavier and requires a portable power supply

“Assuming he’s not firing from the side of a mountain or on top of a compound, it’s definitely a Javelin,” Corporal Thomas Gray, a former Marine Javelin gunner who watched the video told the Washington Post”

I’m ignoring claims of ignorance or denial from US officials- Because they just aren’t credible.
It’s been obvious and written about extensively here, that the US is participating fully in the destabilization of Turkey- Very obviously the US is not going to admit to or acknowledge their duplicity in this regard.

 If the Kurdish YPG fighters have been armed with Javelin anti-tank missiles by Washington, it is a move that will not go down well with Turkey

As the destabilization/betrayal of NATO ally Turkey continues unabated

Washington Post

 Unlike the BGM-71 TOW–a system that the U.S. has sent in numbers to CIA-backed groups fighting in Syria–the Javelin uses an advanced system to actually lock on to its target through infrared imaging. The Javelin is also more portable than the TOW, which requires a heavy tripod and a portable power supply; a Javelin can easily be fired from the shoulder.

Youtube link

Syria , Shaddadi Front ..outskirts of Hassake, YPG/SDF (People's units protection/Syrian Democratic Force) destroy an isis VBIED before reaching its destination. Probably it was destroyed with the new supplyed FGM-148 Javelin ATGM (note the missile that came from above!) donated at Kurds forces in this area.--


Propaganda Alert: Dozens of Russian Generals Killed by Car Bomb Latakia

Also: If this report is accurate it ties in nicely with the US upping the ante.



  1. Erdogan has no choice but to pivot. All or nothing at this stage. NATO all in. Will he go all in?

    1. reports weeks ago of Turkish incursion and de-mining to move tanks in

    2. Erdogan has got to address this destabilization somehow- A pivot to china? To Russia? I don't know?
      thanks again