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A “Perfect Storm” of Factors Makes Every Flu Vaccine a BUST ! Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

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As always pay attention to the details:
“Generally, getting inoculated reduces the risk of contracting influenza by about 40 to 60 per cent. But last year’s vaccine was found over all to be less than 10 per cent effective in preventing cases of flu – and in some people may have actually helped increase the risk of getting sick”
About- Used to define a number that is not certain or exact

The inoculation reductions are always best guess scenarios. About 40-60 percent? 
Perhaps it's 20 to 40? How about 10 and 30? I can't be certain. And nor can the so called professionals! How can you prove people didn’t contract flu  because they had a vaccine? The simple answer is it’s not possible. Coming up with these magical numbers obviously requires a whole lot of assumptions, which is why the term 'about' is used.

The  2014/2015 flu vaccine was "found over all to be less than 10 per cent effective in preventing cases of flu Less then 10 percent! So was that like 0 percent? Think about that, because that’s entirely possible.0 percent is definitely less then 10 percent!!!


“Last season’s vaccine was designed to prevent infection with two A strains, H3N2 and H1N1, and a B strain, based on recommendations made by the World Health Organization near the end of the previous flu season.

But by the time the vaccine had been produced and injected into arms beginning in fall, 2014, the H3N2 virus circulating in the population had genetically mutated, a phenomenon known as drift.

Protection afforded against the mutated H3N2 strain was virtually nil, researchers found”

That the problem with virus’s, they mutate. And they do this in order to survive. And quite obviously they do it all the time!
Antigenic Drift-
"Antigenic drift is a mechanism for variation in viruses that involves the accumulation of mutations within the genes that code for antibody-binding sites. This results in a new strain of virus particles which cannot be inhibited as effectively by the antibodies that were originally targeted against previous strains, making it easier for the virus to spread throughout a partially immune population. Antigenic drift occurs in both influenza A and influenza B viruses"
Virus's drift. They mutate. It's a regular occurence.

This next part should concern everyone
"Not only was there a vaccine mismatch with that dominant strain – H3N2 is responsible for about 90 per cent of all flu deaths, especially among the elderly – but researchers found that people who had been inoculated in previous years actually had a higher risk of coming down with the flu than those who typically didn’t get a shot"
I'm going to repeat that information
Those that "had been innoculated in previous years had a higher risk of coming down with the flu (and being very ill) than those who typically didn't get a shot"
“That’s a controversial finding, obviously,” said Skowronski, who led the study recently published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. “But that’s not a reason for us to shy away from addressing it.”

It’s not really controversial considering the sludge contained in vaccines- Not the least of which are cells from other animals, formaldehyde, aluminum & mercury.   Formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury all being endocrine disrupting very toxic chemicals. Is it really a surprise that people who have these substances injected into their bodies year after year would have their own immune systems weakened making them more susceptible to dis-ease? It’s not a surprise despite what the medical cartel claims
GSK- FluLaval- Year after year of toxic injections- That’s a problem!

“There’s still a lot we need to learn about flu and a lot more that we need to understand about how flu evolves in order to get really good flu vaccines,” said McGeer, who was not part of the study.
“ we need to understand about how flu evolves in order to get really good flu vaccines,” 
The flu virus evolves and they can’t make a good flu vaccine. Ever. Or they would have done that already.
“We clearly need better vaccines and so we need people focused on how to do this better.”

When a medical authority admits “we need better vaccines” doesn't that really mean... our vaccines are garbage and it’s becoming obvious!  

When a medical authority says "we need people focused on how to do this better”
Doesn't that make you question what they've been doing all along? These statements are admissions that vaccines are a fail.

 Like any other money making industry the medical industry has really focused on managing your perception and increasing their profits. Oh and human experimentation! How else to describe the entire vaccine industry?

When the medical authorities admit a  virus mutates all the time and they cannot keep up with the mutations you know this is a losers game and you’re the loser. And the guinea pig.

Vaccines, EDC's and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

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