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Annexing Mosul, Destroying Iraq & Collapsing Mosul Dam (Making way for Badush): Part 2

Finally, the second half of Gearing up for the Annexation of Mosul. Destroying Iraq & Maybe Mosul Dam too! 
Additional Background: 2007: Iraqi Mosul Dam Seen In Danger of Collapsing

You may need to read the two relinks if you have not already. And you really should read all the way to the end. I saved the pièce de résistance for the end!

A quick review:

Everyone has to realize that what is set to happen in Mosul has zero to do with ‘fighting ISIS’ and everything to do with birthing the ‘new middle east’. Ash Carter has stated quite clearly. “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity” As I've stated a unified Iraq is not necessary any longer, Ash Carter is quite clear about that!  Meanwhile, the PKK is acting, viciously and violently inside and outside of it’s claimed traditional area of interest- Including Syria and Iraq. With much US assistance. As Syria has been annexed by the Kurds so to has an ever larger piece of  Iraq, including the disputed territories, Kirkuk gone from Iraq. Sinjar firmly annexed too.  Mosul will meet the same fate. The PKK with the help of NATO, will destroy Iraq. Will redraw borders. Sykes Picot 2.0

 The fight against ISIS is the illusion. The perception management. The pretext. The BIG LIE
No different then the lie that Osamba bin Laden directed from his cave, on his dialysis machine, the attacks against the US on 9/11.  Or the ‘smoking gun in a mushroom cloud’ LIE regarding Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The first casualty of war is always: Truth This latest episode is no different then any of it’s predecessors.

 This map shows us all how nicely territory ISIS took has now been claimed by Kurdish terrorist militias:

Kirkuk and Sinjar, held by ISIS, gifted to the Kurds. Only Mosul remains as disputed territory set to fall.

The LIE that the Kurds are such supreme fighters, is just that, yet another lie!  The Kurds have always filled the ranks of ISIS in this area- Always! I've written untold numbers of posts regarding all the symbiosis between the Kurdish militias and ISIS.

Flashback: Kurdish Mullah Protected in Norway- Founder of Ansar al-Islam aka KurdIShIS

Flashback: KurdIShIS: Face the Reality/Discard the Perception Managing Fiction

It’s quite clear that the US and company have been cavorting with terrorists. Kurdish terrorists.
The move on Mosul, by the PKK aligned with NATO forces, is necessary to connect the already annexed Syrian territory to the soon to be annexed Iraqi territory.  And let’s not mince words here the Syrian territory is annexed and governed as if it’s independent.

Location, location, location:

If the PKK takes Mosul, with the help of NATO forces the PKK  will then be astride an invaluable corridor between the Qandil Mountains and Syria”

Quandil mountains conveniently straddle four countries- Think of the whole Yazidi fleeing ISIS psyop? The one that I didn’t buy at all. Remember that? August 11/2014: The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth

I'd suggested at that time that the genocide narrative cover for supplies being dropped to ISIS. KurdIShIS. I believe, still, my call was correct.

“The Qandil Mountains, stretching from the Kurdish region of Iraq over the border with Iran, have been a haven for the Kurdistan Workers' Party, more commonly known as the PKK, over the past few decades. The complex terrain and the autonomy of the northern Iraqi Kurdish region make the mountains a suitable rear basing area for the Kurdish rebels.

The Qandil mountain range is the northwestern part of the larger Zagros mountain system that shapes Iran's western border with Iraq

The Taurus Mountains and the Zagros Mountains, including the Qandil range, cover parts of northeastern Syria, southern Turkey, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran.
Flashback: Iran's Forgotten Kurds Step Up the Struggle- So The Media Promotion Begins

This vast area of broken terrain is easily defensible and restricts the movement of opposing forces, similar to the Tigharghar Mountains in Mali.
The peaks of the Qandil Mountains in Iraq and the plateaus between them are covered in snow most of the year. Cheekha Dar, the highest peak, is 3,611 meters (11,847 feet) high. The broken terrain is overlaid by multiple international boundaries of states that do not necessarily cooperate or have the ability to control the region.
This geography, combined with the presence of the  (NOT) homogenous Kurdish ethnic group, allows the PKK to defend itself in multiple ways.
Moreover, the geography creates safe training grounds and concealed routes through the area that let the rebels project force and smuggle goods”
Like Kurdish fighters posing as poor beleagured 'Yazidis' fleeing ISIS- That was one hell of a psyop! Great for NATO and the fledgling terror state of Kurdistan- Bad for Syria. Bad for Turkey. Bad for Iran. Worse for Iraq. Very, very good for Israel

The fall of Mosul to the PKK will definitely worsen the situation in Turkey. As I’ve stated the PKK‘s resurgent fighting in Turkey is part of the larger plan to remake the middle east.
Erdogan made them offer after offer- The PKK wanted no part of such a small time deal, because with the help of NATO/US, they had  their eyes on a bigger prize.

Flashback:  The YPG-PKK Connection- Erdogan & Ocalan Had Agreed on Autonomy for Kurds in Turkey

In Dohuk:
“The United States has started arming Kurdish Peshmerga forces with two army brigades' worth of equipment as part of preparations for a looming U.S.-led coalition”

The PKK is heavily armed and can employ these weapons as the destabilize Turkey

Dohuk- distance to Turkish border- Not far at all...

Conclusion: Arming the PKK in Duhok = Arming and training PKK in Turkey
Which explains multiple news reports like this:  Kurdish PKK says ready to intensify fight against Turkey

Mosul and Lots and lots of energy & Water

The PKK ‘s taking of  Mosul will put control of most of the Iraqi oil into Kurdish hands.

The control of this oil will empower the new NATO terror state at the expense of the rest of Iraq. And Syria. Soon enough Turkey and Iran. The there’s water control & Mosul Dam- We’ll get to that.. First just a brief digression

Let's briefly go back to a post from 2014: Why Israel and the US Love the Kurds- Pepe Escobar

“And even more crucially, projecting ahead, a Greater Kurdistan would be the ideal buffer state acting in tandem with larger Israeli strategic interests; in one go, it would simultaneously amputate Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria”
Read that entire post- including numerous external links, then check out this news article from just the other day.. Israel backs ‘urgent’ Kurdish statehood, top Israeli official says

Recall this post from 2015? Kurdistan aka Second Israel- Ethnic cleansing the Middle East

Kurd Land and Israel Land
Moving onto the Mosul Dam:

FACT: The Mosul Dam has been firmly in the hands of Kurdish and NATO forces since 2014!

Iraqi media (February 2016)  has reported that there are 1,000 Italian troops also station at the dam And Italian experts  are supposed to be repairing the foundation

I’ve written three posts already regarding the issues with Mosul Dam:

March 2/2016 Mosul Dam Set to Fail- Intentional Take Down? Disaster Capitalism to the Extreme?

March 10/ 2016 Samantha Power “Chilling Briefing” Regarding Mosul Dam. Mosul Dam, Again!

March 30/ 2016 Thank- You E. William Engdahl! And Yes, it's the Mosul Dam, Again

Water is a big part of remaking, redrawing or birthing the new middle east.
Control of water. Consolidating the control of water into fewer and fewer hands is part and parcel of the global elitists control agenda- No different then oil control/consolidation.
The carbon/life control agenda. So here's where we get to my latest find. I feel it's important.
How it fits into the possible destruction, intentional or otherwise,  of Mosul Dam should become clear soon enough.

Background on decommissioning Mosul Dam:

 There has long been a plan to decommission the Mosul Dam and replace it with another, originally named or known as Badush Dam. Started in Iraq in 1988- Claimed to be unfinished to this day?
Maybe? Maybe not? Wiki Badush Dam

“As early as December 2005, (under US occupation) Iraq's Ministry of Water Resources was developing a project to restart construction on the dam.”
 Quoting from necessary background post, linked right at the beginning:
 “The Army Corps has recommended that a partially constructed dam at Badush, which lies between Mosul Dam and the city, be finished as a stopgap measure in case Mosul Dam collapses”
Could the US and company have restarted & subsequently finished building the Badush dam as they continued occupying Iraq? It's possible. The Army corps recommended that Badush be finished 9 years ago. So it's entirely within the realm of possibility the US did build a dam in anticipation of failure or destruction of Mosul Dam. Whichever the case maybe?

Lo and Behold an interesting read came my way:

Turning the Impending Mosul Dam Disaster Into Opportunity

April 19, 2016
Image from article

Iraq has seen its share of calamities in recent years, but none is as dangerous as the impending failure (note the foregone conclusion choice of wording?) of the Mosul Dam. A breach of the dam will result in a tsunami-like wave that sweeps through cities and hamlets along the Tigris River from Mosul to as far south as Amarah and even Basra. Baghdad would be submerged under five meters of water within four days
That's what I would call "a house cleaning" on a huge scale.
The Iraqi government’s lackadaisical attitude notwithstanding, internal reports generated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – which has recently installed very sensitive monitoring instruments – indicate that the dam is in real danger. The sensing equipment has detected a movement of five millimeters of settlement and lateral movement.
Baghdad has given a $300 million contract to an Italian firm to introduce new grouting technology. This is akin to putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound and pretending that everything is going to be all right. Further, the next two months are the most critical as snow starts to melt and reservoirs start to fill. The contract given out will not be implemented in time to avert a disaster this flood season(again with the language of inevitability?) The Iraqi government is also trying to make space in the reservoir by letting one of the floodgates open (the other one has been out of commission since 2014) and directing water toward Lake Thartha
 The article from April 19th is written as if Mosul Dam will fail! 

Now we get to water consolidation, Quandil Mountain range and Kurdistan/Israel 2.0 meet

"There is, however, a solution that is not only cheaper but may become the basis of new cooperation between the Iraqi government, the Kurds, and Turkey; save the historic Turkish city of Hasankeyf; and deliver more water to the struggling marshes of southern Iraq. There are a number of steps to this alternative proposition.
First, instead of investing the estimated $3 billion needed to repair the Mosul Dam – money that Iraq can hardly afford today given the budget deficit – resources could be directed toward storing water in the mountainous regions of Turkey (who controls the mountainous regions of Turkey?) and decommissioning the Mosul Dam.
Currently the Turkish government is in the last stages of completing the Ilisu Dam, but the growing Kurdish rebellion and the worsening security situation in the area is impeding construction. As well, there is controversy over the possible inundation of Hasankeyf, a potential World Heritage Site.

Iraq, under this proposal, would pay Turkey to store water for its use. Storage in Turkey’s higher elevations, with narrow and deep valleys, would significantly reduce the surface area available for evaporation compared to the Mosul Dam, which would in turn make more water available downstream. Iraq would pay the leasing fees with oil and gas exports, thus securing a market for its increasing hydrocarbon production.

Further, to subsidize the deal, UNESCO could pay part of the leasing fees to ensure Ilisu Dam waters do not reach a level that would threaten Hasankeyf. The United States could also consider subsidizing the deal to reduce tensions in the area and help Iraq avert a humanitarian disaster from the breaching of the Mosul Dam.
Illisu Dam is being built in southeastern Turkey

If all this water storage (in the mountains) and control of all dams discussed (Badush/Mosul dam along with the Illisu dam) was to take place in a unified Kurdish state- My oh my the water & energy resources, electricity and oil, that would fatten the coffers of Kurdistan, while impoverishing those all around..... Making the problem of leasing fees for water storage etc, non-problems>

 Tangled webs, duplicitous behaviour, treachery... etc

In closing, it does appear that Mosul Dam can be done away with if Badush has been built. In a spectacular fashion if need be?  Used as a weapon of ethnic cleansing. Ethnic cleansing is people displacement/eradication from the land. Ethnic cleansing along with disappearing of entire villages often happens when a dam is built and put into service. If Mosul Dam breaks and Badush comes into service it would clear a vast area of a whole bunch of pesky uncooperative Arab Iraqis- Very beneficial to the newest Israel loved/NATO created terror state of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

Take a look at Google Earth- Badush Dam (What your allowed to see, that is???) That Dam looks as if it's might just be completed and waiting for water diversion and a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.



I fibbed, lastly again!!!

Badoush Dam and Hydropower Project 

Location within Country:NORTH IRAQ
Name of Client:Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources
Start date (month/year):04/2008
Completion date (month/year):01/2010
Value of contract($):1,300,000
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:40
Value of services provided by Consultant($):345,000
Date:14 Oct, 2015


  1. I've put forth a number of theories over the years of having this blog, these theories are uniquely my own-
    Cause I think all my own thoughts and do not cave to external pressures- please give credit where credit is due?
    I always do. In an unethical world have some ethics. It's refreshing and decent-

    *the destabilization of Turkey-
    *and now the potential psyop of taking down mosul dam because bashdun dam is ready and waiting to go- disaster capitalism - this idea has been picked up by others- notably william engdahl who linked back to my work.

    I truly appreciate it :)

  2. You're doing terrific work, Penny!

    The scenario you've described is, unfortunately, plausible.

    If you haven't already, you ought to read "The Invention of the Land of Israel" by Shlomo Sand. I first read a library copy and found it to be so informative (and eye opening) that I bought it.

    1. thanks gwen
      I've listened to Shlomo Sand being discussing that book a number of times in different interviews, but, haven't read the book- I'll keep an eye out for a copy- preferring hard copy to digital myself

  3. Look where the us deployed the multi rocket launchers. A town on the m4 outside aleppo and on road to mosul.

    1. Hey anonymous:
      I saw the news that the US had deployed multi rocket launchers- the claims are mostly to defend Turkey from ISIS- LOL

      "U.S. Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, deputy commander for the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, said that the mobile, long-range rocket system will be the fourth one deployed around the region.

      Speaking from Baghdad to reporters at the Pentagon, Gersten noted that one is in Jordan another is in Iraq's Anbar province and another is being deployed to help in the fight to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul"

      Is the one "deployed to help in the fight to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul" your referencing?

    2. One more item referencing all 4 of the systems being deployed by the US focus on near Mosul

      The United States will deploy a rocket launcher system in southeastern Turkey across the border from Syria, officials said Tuesday.

      U.S. Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, deputy commander for the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, said that the mobile, long-range rocket system will be the fourth one deployed around the region.Speaking from Baghdad to reporters at the Pentagon, Gersten noted that one is in Jordan, another is in Iraq's Anbar province and another is being deployed to help in the fight to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

      The msm overly focus's on one aimed at taking Raqqa from "ISIS"

    3. Hundreds protest outside US Embassy in Myanmar's city of Yangon against use of term 'Rohingya' - Myanmar's stateless Muslim community. The demonstration was sparked by a statement from the embassy last week expressing condolences for an estimated 21 people, who media said were Rohingya, who drowned off the coast of Rakhine State and came just a day after President Htin Kyaw accepted the credentials of the new US Ambassador Scot Marciel.

      Note the escalation of the 'Rohingya' refugees crisis coinciding with the 'ghost ship' sinking and the alleged interview with the survivor? This as China warns on US escalation with Philippines calling for armed escorts. ASEAN rejected the US boat 'patrols' last year (as NATO pushing western MEd patrols).

      US holocaust museum declares Yazidi genocide
      Yale declares 'Rohingya'

      The similarity is striking.

    4. High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) would arrive in May near a part of southeastern Turkey that has repeatedly been hit by rocket fire from Syria. The deployment is part of a strategy to seal off an area around the Syrian town of Manbij, which could deprive Islamic State fighters of a logistical route they have used to bring in supplies and foreign recruits. "To wipe out Islamic State from this region, we need to support the moderate opposition both from the air and ground. The range of our artillery is 40 km (25 miles), while HIMARS has a range of 90 km,"


    5. US holocaust museum declares Yazidi genocide???? solidifying the bogus narrative...
      That is what these types of museums do- shore up and promote multiple bogus narratives, so I'm not surprised...

      and yes Rohingya and Rojova, I note the similarities

      Disgusted, but, not surprised

    6. thanks for the additional info regarding the long range rocket system and it's deployment
      gotta look at a map

    7. China law of seas hague ruling coming


      Syria says today it si going to move on Raqqa. A race like mosul

      The US has said it deployed specops to Syria to coordinate international forces. The Syrians yesterday called it a dangerous move as Russia called for disclosure on their mission.


      Russian Foreign Ministry calls illegal U.S. servicemen's deployment to Syria

    9. As the UK is saying the situation in Aleppo is catastrophic..

      US blames Assad for the hospital strike; Russia says US plane seen in vicinity

      And ISIS strikes in Saudi Arabia (to bookend the errant Saudi coalition strikes on Yemen hospital: (Medecins Sans Frontiers, MSF again)


      Russia and Turkey detente into the Mosul / Raqqa / Rojava delimitation strike?

      Wolves Pilot arrest. Biden drops in to Irbil. Turkey making overtures to settle relations with Russia. All accidental timing as US ramps up deployments?

      Erdogan and Barzani: What must they be anticipating?


      And Manbij

    12. thanks anonymous- How very Israeli?!

    13. Oh, anonymous? I went and looked up news on the Tishrin Dam and it does appear the Kurds succesfully took it- The amount of water the terror state of Kurdistan will control is unimaginable-

      Hence my comment about how very Israeli..
      but then what is Kurdistan, but, Israel 2.0?

  4. That is one VERY impressive piece of analysis. It ticks ALL the Israeli geo-political boxes and a goodly number of US-NATO ones too; which is tantamount to saying that your prognosis is exactly what is being engineered - just a matter of getting all the ducks in a row and timing it I guess.

    Since both Iran and Russia (and clearly Iraq and Turkey too) will be accutely aware of all this, what - if anything - can they do about it? With Russia-Turkey cooperation a non-starter (unless I'm missing something) and the Russia-Iran relationship looking increasingly fragile, it looks to me like they are all close to being mated on a vastly important geo-political issue, with Israel the BIG winner - as always.

    Oh, and BTW, if the Israeli's are in a position to dictate the manner and timing of all this - and history says they probably are - then an unmitigated catastrophic collapse of the Mosul dam is what will happen because as much Arab death and destruction as possible will undoubtedly be their preference. It's the Judaic way after all.

    1. thanks wikispooks- the analysis definitely ticks all of Israel's geopolitical boxes and many NATO-US ones too, as you note

      Indeed this comes down to timing..
      Which scares the living daylights out of me!

    2. Timing... most likely the next big Muslim holiday after they get everything lined up. Plus look for a day when US will not be seen as in any way involved. I'm seeing July 4 - since that is major US holiday, all politicians out of offices, Americans at the beach - nobody to realize what happened until the next day. Not a prediction but another dot to connect.

    3. silver palomino:
      thanks, I looked into that and the next big Muslim holiday is Ramadan, early June.

      The way it looks to me, I think the Americans have already started softening up Mosul--- lots of airstrikes that's for sure

      I wonder what Judaic holidays are forthcoming?
      Have to look into that..

  5. hi Penny. Did you ever cover this?