Monday, April 4, 2016

Coincidence? Migrants back to Turkey as US trains new "Syrian Rebels"

Anyone who reads here knows I am not a coincidence theorist! We are looking at a plan, obfuscated by the migrant return narrative.  With the assistance of at least one alleged humanitarian No Good Organization. So let's read the news reports covering the who's who of Syrian migrants. So called?
This information is taken from several sources:

DIKILI, Turkey -- A first group of migrants were ferried from the Greek islands to Turkey Monday as part of a controversial European Union plan to curb migration to Europe.

Under heavy security, authorities on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios put 202 people on boats bound for Turkey - the first to be sent back as part of the plan, which has drawn strong criticism from human rights advocates.

The first vessel arrived later in the Turkish port of Dikili where migrants were taken to red-and-white tents for registration and health checks. About a dozen people stood at the port holding a banner that read "Welcome refugees. Turkey is your home."
Ah, heart warming banners... So nice. All ready for media coverage. Bolstering the official narrative.

Except Turkey is not their home!

 "Authorities said most of the people in the first batch are Pakistani nations"

So, you see Pakistan is their home. And Bangladesh is their home. Turkey is not their home!

"All of the migrants returned are from Pakistan except two migrants from Syria who returned voluntarily," Giorgos Kyritsis, a spokesman for a government refugee crisis committee, told state TV."

Syrian Refugee? Daily Mail

 How are 100's of Pakistani's being passed off as Syrians? 

"Even if this first group is not refugees, what we are seeing here is symbolic kick-off of what might be a very dangerous practice of returns to Turkey," Kosmopoulos said"

Even if this group is not refugees? So this is not a group of refugees!
 And this is not a bunch of Syrians, either!

No Good Organization: Ready for the media psyop complete with hashtag
Indeed, indeed a no good organization at work- foolish young women in service of the elites
Melting Pot Europe- check out the url:
And have a gander at that site. Wow wee, can you say pushing the one world agenda? Say it again "Pushing the one world agenda"!!!

Admittedly I'm not the least bit surprised

"The first ferry carrying migrants, mostly Pakistanis, deported from the Greek island of Lesbos docked here on Monday morning"

 "Even if this first group is not refugees, what we are seeing here is symbolic kick-off of what might be a very dangerous practice of returns to Turkey," Kosmopoulos said.

Sorry for hitting you over the head repeatedly, but, it's necessary. Do you understand that these people are not Syrians? Nor are these people refugees?

Refugees and Migrants?

Daily Mail

Under the EU deal, all 'new irregular migrants' who arrived in Greece... Irregular Migrants???
He also said that upon the completion of the registration process in Dikili, the migrants will be relocated to temporary refugee centres established in several locations in the country.
Relocated to several locations in the country? So on or near NATO/American military bases?

Let's recap?

-The first shipment of 'syrian refugees' who are not Syrian, rather they are Pakistani and Bangladeshi are heading for Turkey.
-They are irregular migrants? What ever that means?
- And as coincidence would have it they are being shipped back to Turkey, in an obvious NATO operation, just as the US is training "Syrian Rebels" (And the migrant push into Europe has always been a NATO op)

The US Training "Syrian Rebels". Again.

I'm not a coincidence theorist. Nor do I believe the first attempt at training rebels, by the US, in order to destroy Syria was a failure. I believe firmly that the US was very successful in training it's terrorist fighters. So successful they are reestablishing or expanding the program for the next phase of destabilization and ethnic cleansing.

And finally....

 Recall last week my mention of Italy being the new migrant route to the EU?
Just a little snippet from Daily Mail, but, very, very important!
As it emerged that a quiet Alpine border crossing is set to become Europe's next migrant flashpoint after Austria promised to send troops to stop a surge of refugees crossing from Italy.


  1. Pakistani fighters are well documented in Syria, including at this blog

  2. Penny - Just came across an article that doesn't go with refugees/migrants but back to shoot down of SU-24. A most interesting take from a former pilot in case you're interested.

    1. hey silver palomino

      why isn't that interesting???
      and not overly shocking at all?
      not difficult to consider?
      particularly since I do not have the opinion that Turkey's elected leaders had anything to do with the shootdown- ie: Erdogan did not shoot down the plane, nor did he order it done-

  3. Penny,

    "Wowee" is right regarding that website!

    The obvious plan to destroy (western) nations is so upsetting I can hardly speak about it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the plan seems to only apply to Europe, the U. S. and Canada. Wonder why that is? (sarcasm)

    1. Yes, it applies to Europe Canada and the US
      but it also assists in destroying the culture of the middle east and empty out Africa for the elitists benefits

      it is annoying & heart breaking beyond belief to see these idiots participating in the destruction of their history, their culture, simply tearing apart the roots of their own family trees-

      If they had even one brain between them they'd say no to war- no to the ethnic cleansing of these persons and the destruction of their culture- however they are so indoctrinated.. it;s sick for everyone, just sick

    2. Gwen we have no culture here in Amerika because we rounded them all up and sent them to prison camps.Sad

  4. The machine is indeed very powerful. It managed to take my generation back into the fold. We of the "radical" 60's. So much promise evaporated into thin air. The propaganda machine was not what it is today, what with so many kinds of mass misinformation dissemination. Yet even 50 odd years ago they managed to turn the vast majority back to the pen.
    The young today, don't stand a chance. Except for the few still capable of critical and independent thought. There's rays of hope in Europe. Where you see the young manning the ramparts. Here in Empire they're just not there yet. Canada, I don't know other than the student protests. But I don't believe it was wholly political but more personal economics.

    1. If you have time this were it all came apart in Amerika after the 60s. That and everyone went off to save a small part of the world instead fighting the big fight to save the human race against the 1%. We lost:-(

    2. hey jo, hope you don't mind if I look to?
      not that I think you would. :)

    3. Hi Charles: I agree the hippies were fooled. No matter what they believed or how well intended. That entire generation of tune in, turn on and drop out persons, did just that- And it changed everything, but, not in the way most think- It demonstrated that enough of society could be manipulated en masse and others would simply follow because that's what they saw and heard in the media

      Like these kids waving banners etc- fooled by elite machinations

    4. It's a Great Read Penny.

    5. Thanks jo, I look forward to it then!

  5. What in God's name are the YPG up to??
    Omar rejected the charge that all those who participated in the meetings were PYD allies.

    “No one can say this. Some of the Syriacs are with the regime, some with the coalition and some with us. The [Kurdish Yeketi Party] and the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party are not joining us. The Turkmens of Tell Abyad joined, and those allied with the Syrian National Coalition did not," Omar said.

    Journalist Barzan Iso, who covered the congress, told Al-Monitor that Muhammed Sultan of the Azaz Turkmens came from Turkey and contributed positively to the meeting.

    Despite its enmity toward the PYD, the Kurdish National Council, supported by Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, is pro-federalism for a model. The council’s foreign affairs official Kamuran Haci Ebdo expressed belief that coexistence in a federal system would guarantee Syria's territorial integrity, saying, “The federal system is the best solution for Syria. Federalism is the natural right of all Kurds in West Kurdistan.”

    Further support came from the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Iraq.

    In a nutshell, those opposing federalism say it will lead to the country's fragmentation, while those in favor say this is the only way to preserve Syria's territorial integrity. For example, Mensur El-Selum, the Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly co-chairman, told a town hall meeting in Tell Abyad, “Federalism is more for Arabs than Kurds.”

    Turkey is the party that most persistently and vehemently charges that Syria is being divided by the Kurds. The Kurds say the participation of Turkmens in the system is a clear negation of Ankara’s claim of ethnic cleansing. Esad El Yasin, who represented Turkmens in the Tell Abyad meeting, said they support every aspect of the proposed federalism system that benefits them.

    As was expected, the Damascus regime stated that the unilateral declaration of a federation is illegal. PYD official Zuhat Kobani told Al-Monitor that recent clashes between the YPG and government forces at Qamishli reflect Damascus’ discomfort with the Kurdish move.

    1. Hi Diana:

      The YPG/PKK are up to destroying Syria and using weaponized refugees to do it- backed by NATO, of course. And the Turkmen are clearly not as loyal to Turkey as we've all been told..

      I've covered this in two previous posts:

      Recolonizing Syria etc.,