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Gearing up for the Annexation of Mosul. Destroying Iraq & Maybe Mosul Dam too!

Oh, did I say the annexation of Mosul?  Why yes, yes I did clearly say “Gearing up for the annexation of Mosul”. Complete with ethnic cleansing. As the US led NATO terror organization continues on with Sykes Picot 2-  

Posted April 23/2016 for additional background: 2007: Iraqi Mosul Dam Seen In Danger of Collapsing

Posted April 27/2016 long overdue-Annexing Mosul, Destroying Iraq & Collapsing Mosul Dam (Making way for Badush): Part 2

Think of Condeleeza Rice: "What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing -- the birth pangs of a new Middle East"

Was realizing how the taking of Mosul will bring this most recent NATO episode in Iraq full circle and signal the final blow to Iraq-  Using the Fall of Mosul to ISIS in 2014 as the starting point- June 11/2014 The fall of Mosul. Who benefits and who does not. Updated!

Nearly two years ago I opened that post with these thoughts:
 " So, I'm reading on the events in Iraq this morning. The fall of Mosul. Yes, the fall of Mosul! Why? Why now? How? Mosul, Iraq. Bordered by the Tigris, located between Turkey, Iran and of course Syria. So, a good location if one is planning to attack or further destabilize several nations. Oil rich. Always a benefit. Always a concern to those who wish to control resources globally- NATO. Be aware or beware, we're going long and while ambling through the brambles we will meet up with a familiar face.
Who benefits?- US, Israel, NATO Who does not benefit?- Syria, Iraq, Iran"
Of course I wrote a lengthy post, after the shocking news that Mosul had swiftly fallen to ISIS.
And the comments are interesting too!!

Now onto the Latest! 

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is greeted by 7th Fleet Commander Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin on the USS Blue Ridge on April 11, 2016.

Secretary of Defence Ash Carter and I quote..”U.S. military support for the defeat of the Islamic State in Mosul continues with the goal of "accelerating the military campaign as fast as we can," Carter said. "There's no pressure that some of it [the U.S. plan] is dependent upon political cohesion and progress in Baghdad."
"The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said Monday.
Since political cohesion and a unified Iraq is NOT the goal, it would naturally not be a consideration for the push on Mosul.

The provision of weapons to PKK to strike Mosul- 

Cause the Kurds who we're told just want freedom in Turkey need to participate in taking Mosul, right? Of course! Which is why the US has provided heavy weapons to the PKK in advance of this impending onslaught. Because the fighters mentioned below in Christian Today are not Barzani Kurds.

Christians volunteers, who have joined the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, take part in a training session by coalition forces in a training camp in Duhok province, (governate) Iraq on March 16, 2016.

These Peshmerga are NOT KRG affiliated- Dokuk governate
  Dohuk Governorate is mainly inhabited by Kurds and Assyrians.
Recall? PKK Occupy 3 Assyrian Iraqi Villages- Turks to Mosul and more
Dohuk Governorate is divided into seven Districts, four of which are officially part of Kurdistan Region, while three others are under de facto control of the Kurdistan Regional Government:
This is PKK territory

It's important you understand that the US is arming and training PKK in Northern Iraq in order to take Mosul. That is to take Mosul from Iraq. Despite all the previous ballyhooing about Turkey allegedly invading Mosul?? 
Flashback-  Over 48 hours later- Mosul Still in Iraq. And no "Sunnistan" on the Horizon?
 Unless Sunnistan is a reference to Kurdistan aka the Second Israel? Because Kurds are largely Sunni Muslims- It's a good mind virus to spread around though ?
Especially to demonize Turkey!
"The United States has started arming Kurdish Peshmerga forces with two army brigades' worth of equipment as part of preparations for a looming U.S.-led coalition offensive to regain Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, according to news reports.

The U.S. government has sent armoured personnel carriers, mortars and anti-tank weapons to the Kurds, UPI reports.

The U.S. also donated personal military equipment including helmets, body armour vests, anti-chemical protection equipment, medical equipment and M16 rifles, the report says"
Why the PKK is so interested in Mosul
Why are Turkey’s kurdish terrorists so interesting in taking Mosul?
You know Mosul, the city IN Iraq? Of course my readers know why :)

From Al Monitor
“Why is an organization based in Turkey, whose main area of interest is Turkey's Kurdish regions, so interested in Mosul, a center of Arab nationalism? Likewise, why does the PKK want a role in the Mosul operation when it is engaged in a new phase of clashes in Turkey?”
Two very good questions- Readers here came to understand the answer- last year.
Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East
But so many people haven't faced that reality as of yet. The author of the al monitor article gives a couple of reasons- Skirting around that which has only been openly named at a couple of sites-
Here, by yours truly and at Willyloman-American Everyman  
That said his facets still equal Kurdistan as desired by Israel

“This issue has two facets"
 First is the international politics angle. The PKK is trying to erase Turkey’s frequently voiced allegation that it is a 'terror organization,' which is an image accepted by the United States and the European Union,” Alkis told Al-Monitor. “It  (PKK) wants to establish relations with those countries and acquire legitimacy in international politics. The second aspect is its (PKK) wish to become an actor in Middle East dynamics. If it (PKK) can get IS out of Mosul, it will achieve that legitimacy and find itself in good standing in regional politics.”
The PKK wants to erase it's terror organization status?
The PKK wants to 'acquire legitimacy in international politics- terrorists achieving legitimacy in international politics? (sounds like Israel)
The PKK wants to become an actor in Middle East dynamics?- by nation building of course

“The PKK is trying to find a niche for itself by aligning its actions with regional actors. It wants to find a place between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This is also an issue between the PKK and [Massoud Barzani's] Kurdish Democratic Party [KDP]. The KDP has set up a de facto country. The PKK wants to get ahead of the KDP by becoming a party in Mosul. Indeed, global forces see the Kurds as a regional actor and this sometimes leads to angry competition between the Kurds of the PKK and the KDP,” he added.
I've told readers here about this competition between KDP and PKK...
Recall? October 29/15 PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?
Ending with:
"It appears that the PKK is the 'unifying' force amongst the Kurds- I didn't say the agreed upon unifying force- Rather, the unifying FORCE, needed by NATO to create a Kurdish 'state'Whether or not the Kurdish population itself really wants one" 
Al Monitor continued
"The PKK joined the regional Kurdish forces and sent a 500-strong unit from its base in the Qandil Mountains to Sinjar. The PKK leadership announced that it would withdraw forces after liberating Sinjar.
But that is not what happened. After liberating Sinjar from IS, the PKK stayed put. The KRG warned the PKK to leave, but instead the group set up the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), composed of Yazidis, and settled in.
Sources close to the PKK say that the organization has boosted its manpower in the area to 5,000 militants. Although this number could not be verified, it is obvious that the PKK is organizing itself.
At first, nobody grasped what the PKK had in mind and why it decided to stay after Sinjar was liberated. Only after rumors of a Mosul operation began did it become clear why the PKK had stayed. The PKK openly voiced its wish to join the operation to liberate Mosul. Although the KRG opposed the idea, the PKK remained firm"
None of that should come as a surprise to any regular reader of this blog:

Flashback! Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

Flashback! Mosul: A Strategic Prize in the New Middle East- Destabilizing Turkey Continues

"So what is the PKK's chance of success? Alkis thinks that depends on international support, and that the PKK had to secure the support of global powers. It cannot achieve its dreams only by aligning itself with regional powers.
Erbil-based political analyst Siddik Hasan Sukru says that by creating an area it can control in Mosul, the PKK will be protecting both Sinjar and the Kurdish region in Syria.
-PKK had to secure the support of global powers, which means, they did
-Controlling Mosul means so much  more then protecting Sinjar which is annexed already from Iraq and Rojova
“[The] capture of Mosul will be a guarantee for Rojava [the Kurdish term for western Kurdistan in Syria] and especially Sinjar. As long as IS is in Mosul, it will be a threat to Sinjar, Rojava and the Jazeera canton. The PKK is preoccupied with the Kurds of Turkey and Rojava, but I don’t think their interest in Mosul has anything to do with obtaining legitimacy. This is not their problem. The PKK wants to find its place in the region and become an actor in restructuring of the region. 
PKK to become and actor in restructuring the region- Kurdistan, Sykes Picot 2, balkanzing Syria, Iraq and destabilizing Turkey and Iran. With an eye to redrawing all the borders. How long have I discussed this?
Sukru says although the PKK claims it has the permission of the Iraqi government, it cannot participate in the Mosul operation without the agreement of the United States. “The PKK announced it is ready to join the operation with 4,000 guerrillas. But it can’t do it without the permission of the United States. Then there is Turkey. Turkish forces brought to Bashiqa are not there to fight IS but to block the PKK and its allies. Without US blessing there will be problems between Turkey and the PKK,” he explained.
Recall my suggesting that Turkey sent troups to Bashiqua to impede the PKK and bolster KDP?
Once Mosul is under PKK control the end of Turkey draws ever closer
 The operation is expected to resume any moment but for now it appears to be a local skirmish. The real conflict will be behind the scenes between the Kurds. On the one hand, you have Barzani’s KDP, which doesn’t want the PKK, and Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which does. Behind it all is the power game over Mosul between regional powers such as Turkey and Iran. If it can get a role in the operations and control some territory, the winner may well be the PKK because it will then be astride an invaluable corridor between the Qandil Mountains and Syria.

A member of the Kurdish peshmerga forces stands guard at a security point on Mount Bashiqa, overlooking Islamic State-held territories in Mosul, March 7, 2015

This post will have a part 2! 

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  1. I've been working on this over the past few days,but, it's gotten so long- stay tuned for part 2

  2. Like Brazil, Erdogan may have been on to something a few years ago

    Turkey’s top court of appeals has overturned convictions in the Ergenekon coup plot trial, considered one of the most significant legal battles in recent Turkish history which lasted nearly a decade, ruling that the “Ergenekon Terror Organization,” the target of the allegations, did not exist at all

    FT erdogan says same forces behind brazil and turkey

    1. Erdogan has gave many indication that Turkey is being destabilized- from the Gezi Park protests to the stolen election- to the resounding win the second time around when Erdogan made very concise statements other nations respecting Turkey- there have been others of course, some I've caught and others I haven't
      thanks for reminding about Brazil a nation that looks to have lost out to the NATO terror state and it's bankers

  3. Egypt watch as US pulls the peacekeepers

    Egypt opposition figure sues Sisi over islands (Dailystar)

    The boat tragedy, the police brutality the hamas tunnels, the Israel 'red line' on Golan.

    pressure being turned up on Sisi in wake of Egypt Island transfer...

  4. For readers: Keep this under your hat
    I'd say this is an invitation to Israel. Come on in to Egypt, sit right down.
    US admits it plans to withdraw Sinai peacekeepers
    "The Pentagon has confirmed reports it plans to cut the number of US peacekeeping troops in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, partly because of the growing threat from the Islamic State group, an official said Tuesday.

    About 700 US troops participate in a UN operation established after Israel and Egypt signed a 1979 peace deal and agreed for a Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) mission to monitor compliance"

    Of course Canada is following orders

    same narrative peacekeepers are at risk from ISIS..

    "Canada's biggest peacekeeping deployment is at growing risk of attack by a particularly aggressive branch of ISIS, according to a government briefing note obtained by CBC News"

    NATO occupied Canada always follows in lockstep with the leader of NATO-