Monday, April 11, 2016

Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri-King of Clubs & Nawshirwan Mustafa- Gorran Party

 This is some kind of strange.

Let's look at this latest news:  Video suggests aide to Iraq's Saddam may still be alive  
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 Izzat Ibrahim al douri- April 7/2016

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, the most prominent member of Saddam’s Baathist regime to escape death or captivity following the invasion of 2003, featured in a video sent to the Saudi Arabia-owned Al-Arabiya television channel.
He read out a statement to the camera while wearing military uniform and his characteristic red, bushy moustache, making identification instant.
 He made no reference to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), despite widespread and credible reports that his own militia, known as the Naqshabandi Army, helped the group as it swept through western Iraq in 2014.
 So April 7/2016, Izzat Ibrahim al Douri rises from the dead? Makes no reference what so ever to ISIS, despite "credible" claims his own militia helped ISIS?!?! That's really odd!

But, wait just a minute! Izzat Ibrahim al Douri emerges in new audiotape

By | May 17th, 2015

Caleb Weiss shares this video, which was posted to Youtube May 15/2015 
Published on May 15, 2015

 According to The Guardian, Al Douri commented on the deployment of Shiite militias in Nukhayb: “Nukhayb represents a strategic position for Iran inside Iraq, and one of the aims of occupying Nukhayb is to open a front against Saudi Arabia.” The deployment of these militias happened after he was reported killed on Apr. 17.

Here we have al Douri who died April 17/2015. Reappearing May 2015. Then reprising his starring role, again, this April 07/2016

Do you all find that a bit fishy? I sure do!  I find it all so fishy-- that I'm going to state the obvious- This is a psyop against each of us. Someone is feeding the media the same information with a different twist and they are using it. Without question! Including the same imagery.
The goal appears to have you all believe that Iran is targeting Saudi Arabia.
Why should you or I believe that?

If that doesn't strike you as curious enough- How about getting, oh shall we say, curiouser and curiouser?

Recall this post?  Nawshirwan Mustafa. Kurdish Gorran Party Leader. Hiding out in London.
For months and months now. When he will return to Iraq is anyone's guess.

Kurdish Gorran Party & London, England- What is the connection?

 Five months ago Nawshirwan Mustafa, general organizer of the Change Movement (Gorran) party in Kurdistan, left Iraq for London under the pretext of receiving medical treatment for chronic back pain. His extended stay has puzzled not only his rivals, but also his supporters.

Hoping you kept it under your hat?

Check out the video below Nawshirwan Mustafa and.....  Izzat Ibrahim al Douri 
Mustafa, circled head. al Douri to the left. 

Published on May 25, 2015

Obviously an older video. Taken long before Ibrahim al Douri died. Likely when Saddam Hussein was still leading Iraq? Because Nawshirwat Mustafa is a much younger man in that video.

Nawshirwat Mustafa

So the al Douri news from earlier this month looks to be a complete and total psyop.
 Yes, the King of Clubs is really dead
But, what was the deal between Mr. Gorran movement Mustafa and Mr al Douri at that time?
Such strange bedfellows, or maybe not.


  1. Yep, major psy-op. The first video though if we watch it, we see that it's a voice-over with a still shot of al-Duri that could have been taken anytime before Iraq invasion/occupation. Especially suspicious when Saudi Arabia-owned Al-Arabiya television channel is involved and trying to make world believe Iran is going to attack Saudia. Right now house of Saud has SO many problems they can't get themselves out of, seems likely they are using the tried and true method of blaming the (non existent) outside threat.

    As for Naqshabandi Army that's most interesting since it ties into the kurds from Soviet times who lived in NKR. Are they trying to point us there or what??? The Naqshbandi was the name of the kurds that Russia had good relations with throughout the cold war. (comes from a biography of Soviet/Russian foreign affairs minister Andrei Gromyko - the guy who knew just about everybody who was anybody from the days of Stalin through Gorby. He retired and wrote "Memories" - his take on 50+ years traveling the world representing Russia)

    1. Hey silver palomino!

      So the Naqshabandi (Army) allegedly lead by al Duri, is the name of Kurds that Russia had good relations with????

      "Right now house of Saud has SO many problems they can't get themselves out of, seems likely they are using the tried and true method of blaming the (non existent) outside threat.

      Or does someone else want us to believe that?
      Because Saudi Arabia had made some noise about patching things up with Iran. And that would be Israel's worst nightmare.

      And then we have this older video of al Duri with Mustafa from the Gorran Party (Kurdish) who is holed up in London- What was their relationship?

      And is al Duri a Iraqi Kurd? I suspect as much myself
      Which would link the Kurds and ISIS.. and relationship i fully believe is very friendly

    2. Just as Obama is about to arrive and the STATE issues warning to Us citizens ahead of visit: Fitch downgrades Saudi Arabia to AA- with a negative outlook

      Which follows the Bloomberg expose citing Treasury official calling for more transparency on Treasury holdings – as opposed to the Caribbean banking centers

      Repeated and inflammatory escalations around the Yemen ceasefire including the releases on the market bombing by the "Saudi" coalition as another American goes missing in Yemen.

      UK even playing role in the Yemen drone war (VICE no less) after those Israeli exfiltration(s)?

      Russian media reported yesterday about the Saudi memo showing the Saudis knew about the Saleh hit. The memo presumes the US knew about the assassination plot which is odd because Arabiya at the time reported that a western team of experts determined that it was a US special munition that hit the compound. Following the burns Saleh was not granted his request to travel to the US for treatment. The leaked memo is also curious because it was Saleh son who ran the RG and led the resistance in wake of Hadi ‘election’

      “"We inform, that we received data confirming information of the General Intelligence Bureau at the Embassy that Ali Mohsen Saleh al-Ahmar, commander of the 1st Armored Division of the Army, with the support of some members of the General People's Congress party and the leadership of the presidential guard, in the coming days will make an assassination attempt on Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is assumed that the Americans are aware of it,”

      The diplomatic correspondence of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sanaa, obtained by Sputnik, revealed that Riyadh could have been aware of the preparation of the 2011 assassination attempt on former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

      Dial back to June 2011 and the AA report citing US investigators that the Saleh compound was hit with a special munition

      “An investigation team from the United States has reportedly found that an attack that wounded President Ali Abdullah Saleh and several senior members of his government while performing the Friday prayers in his Sana’a presidential compound earlier in June was carried out by an advanced US-made missile designed for special assassination operations, sources close to the probe told Al Arabiya.” “The missile is very advanced and still not widely used. Only the United States and Russia currently employ this weapon,” a source said. US investigators informed the Yemeni authorities about the finding, which they said refutes earlier claims attributed to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that the source of the explosion was inside President Saleh’s compound.

    3. Sinai attacks in 2011 that kicked off the re-militarization of Sinai

      A Year later June 2012 Aramco was hacked with a program that presumes to have

      August 2012 Saudis say will intercept IDF planes,7340,L-4266427,00.html

      August 2012 Egypt deploys into Sinai without Israel consent, allegedly

      September 2012 Egypt claims Mossad back in Sinai

      October 2012 Saudi warns on infiltration of gov’t

      Why it matters? The US just again noted a pullback from Sinai. Why when ISIS is rising in Sinai and the US is deploying into the beehive around Mosul would it be pulling back from Sinai? The Mosul replay?

      The Saudi execution campaign follows the driving campaign

      The Saudi execution campaign rhymes with the Egyptian police brutality campaign

    4. No need for h/t:)

    5. I appreciate the assistance :)

    6. Interesting the US surge in Iraq is accompanied by the sectarian bombings and article noting the disarray in iraq forces. But other media is reporting on iraqi land gains around Anbar and north of Baghdad. The US rush to deploy would seem to validate the later. And the undertone of the douri video (alleged) that the Baathists holdovers would back Baghdad in exchange for no Shiite militias in mosul would appear to reveal something about the reported ineffectiveness of the militia alliance...

    7. Penny - you ask if al Duri is kurd... not sure but I just read an article yesterday about long lost Zarkawi. He was sighted as kurd. Since he was from Jordan that was surprising but maybe not. He was US original AQ leader in Iraq that later turned into ISIS, so it would make sense to have kurds in power positions.

      A couple good posts about NKR and those Grey Wolves:

  2. I am to the point that when I see a name like WEISS involved, it's a dead give away to me, And, I wait, no longer w/ baited breath, for the NYT or Atlantic Council or Bookings or thier ICON CFR to "expose" this latest development for "the masses"

    Who [ may be 5% of the population that still is cognizant and or able to read and hold a thought ]

    If I respect them at all, it's their ability to 'throw a wrench' into the works if need be, to foul the water.

    damn, I hate them
    but i digress

    1. hey karin: yes the 'usual suspects' seem to have their hands in everything. Always. And how is that even possible!! Seriously?