Tuesday, April 12, 2016

KurdIShIS: Face the Reality/Discard the Perception Managing Fiction

I’ve taken heat for my KurdIShIS theory- Yet the cooperation and collusion between Kurds and ISIS is undeniable. I've demonstrated multiple occurrences of collusion. So, to all the naysayers, here are two more articles demonstrating the symbiosis between the Kurds and ISIS.

Symbiosis:  A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence. ... any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons or groups of persons

Rudaw- Pay attention to the very limited details.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – At least 150 Kurds from the Kurdistan Region have left the Islamic State (ISIS) and other Islamist groups over the past two years and some of them are under detention by Kurdish security forces, a religious affairs official disclosed.
 “At least 150 Kurds” have returned to Iraq.  At least 150 Iraqi Kurds, but probably more.
150 is all that is being admitted to relating to Iraq- Read on!

Mariwan Naqshbandi, spokesperson of Kurdistan’s Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, told Rudaw that, following the ISIS attack on Kurdistan in 2014 which triggered the ongoing war, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) began efforts to stop recruitment of Kurdish youth by Islamist groups.
“Since then, 150 young people have returned back, either by turning themselves in to the Peshmerga or through continuous cooperation by the security agencies with their families,” he said.
So, now it’s at least 150 ‘young people’ that have returned? No numbers on how many young people remain with the Islamist groups, such as ISIS.  And what about those that died while fighting alongside ISIS? And what about those Kurds over the age of 25?

The official explained that in 2013 and 2014, 500 young people aged between 13 and 25 from the Kurdistan Region had joined ISIS. He said that 600 Kurds from Iran and 800 in Turkey had joined up with Islamist groups.
 Wait a minute? That is 500 young people 13-25 from Iraq’s Kurdish area + 600 young people from Iran + 800 young people from Turkey fighting alongside ISIS or other Islamists.

That’s nearly two thousand known or admitted to, 13-25 year old Kurds, fighting alongside ISIS.
How many died Or didn't return?
How many 13-25 year old Kurds remain in the ranks of ISIS?
How many Kurds older then 25 left to join ISIS?
No numbers mentioned.

Despite this being a very limited hangout kind of article it still provides us with enough information to safely, quite safely, know with certainty, that there are literally thousands and thousands of Kurds in the ranks of ISIS and other Islamist groups And that is not a surprise to me at all!

 Article #2:  Under the guise of the PKK, Daesh/ISIS terrorists sneak into Europe

Many Daesh terrorists were found after they first infiltrated the terrorist PKK and then traveled easily to several European countries under this PKK guise.

Those Daesh members, poised to commit bloody terrorist attacks in Europe, were trained in PKK/PYD encampments in Syria and Iraq, the source claimed.

Last September Turkish police arrested suspected members of the terrorist organization who were carrying both Daesh and PKK IDs in Izmir, in the Aegean region.

Face the facts PKK, YPG terror supporters, who number many in the so called alt media, same as the msm, you're just supporting ISIS. KurdIShIS.  KurdIShIS. KurdIShIS.
These are the people who raided Iraq & Syria and are now in the process of destroying Turkey. Next will come Iran. The Kurds are Sunni Muslim and many of them are very radical, ardent, one could say fanatical islamists, just like ISIS.  It's all been done in plain site. You just had to have eyes to see it. And be able to sort fact from flights of fancy.


  1. Hi Pen,
    You may have already drawn attention to this article, but in case you haven't . . . .

    Why Kerry's Plan 'B' - a Kurdish enclave in Syria - is a really bad idea

    It backs up everything you have been saying about the Kurds (YPG etc)

    1. I should add that the author is "Syrian Girl", Maram Susli and was first published at the Global Independent Analytics site which can be found at the link.

    2. Hey james- I will read that all tomorrow, but, while I'm here briefly there was another article which supports the claims being made about YPG- I will still feature this in a post- though I talked about this kind of stuff in a previous post.


      PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all

      PYD increases attacks on other Kurds


      "According to local sources, a group of people affiliated with the Democratic People's Party (PYD) attacked a Kurdish National Council (ENSK) office in the Derbessiye district of Hasakah province on Monday, attempting to burn it down.

      Sources also said that the Rojava Youth Union (YCR), the PYD's youth branch, attacked the offices of the student branches of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (S-KDP) in Qamishli, threatening to close down the offices if they do not apply for permission from the so-called "federation" run by the PYD.

      The YPG has recently increased attacks and threats against other Kurdish groups in Syria, according to Abdulhakim Bashar, a Kurdish member of Syria's opposition High Negotiation Committee (HNC) and a member of the National Council of Syria (KNCS).

      Speaking to Daily Sabah, Vahdettin İnce, a Kurdish intellectual and author, said the YPG's attacks on other Kurdish groups is an attempt to create a homogenous Kurdish identity while oppressing other groups who do not share the same worldview"

      I've reported on this previously, several times.
      The way the PKK/YPG/PYD has and will inflict so much misery on the ordinary kurds, it's reprehensible to cheer on these fighters as they abuse... everyone.

      So Surprised SOTT posted Syria' girls work, I got so tired of their mindless cheering of the Kurdish militias, aka NATO's fighters, 2nd Israel, I deleted the link in the sidebar- I just couldn't stomach it anymore.

      Hoping your not offended,but, that's just how I felt about too much of the writing there on the subject- out of touch with reality. :(

  2. It doesn't bother me who you have and don't have on your sidebar, Pen. I've been meaning to revise the sidebar at WPC for months but haven't got round to it. I guess I don't even care too much about who is on WPC's sidebar! :)

    1. Hey james
      thanks so much for pointing that out to me!!!
      What an excellent article. It makes every point I've made for so, so long here. And like myself, Syria girl links to source. I'm going to post her article entirely later today- the image she uses to start her pic is one I've also had here- she is giving the straight goods and she is using the correct language too!

      Ethnic cleansing
      that's what is going on and it's going on in Turkey also as kurds there flee the PKK- who set up in the cities and towns, and they have already annexed and declared one part of Turkey as kurdish territory
      and they're the good guys? lol

      Guess what else is happening to solidify the myth of the victim kurd- their getting their own holocaust museum- I kid you not
      To reinforce the multitude of lies
      Sound at all familiar?

    2. I don't know a lot about Kurdish history but from what I do know, the Kurdish people have been served extremely badly by their leaders over the decades. These leaders kept making deals (and obviously still are) with Britain and the US and got shafted every time.

      But psychopaths see nothing wrong with making deals with other psychopaths. Unfortunately, it is the ordinary people that pay for it every time.

      Syrian Girl is 'very good value'. Here is a link to the original article if you want to use it to link to-

  3. On the one hand, terrorists are chased from house to house and street to street, while on the other hand Barzani is protected. If this is not malicious intent, it is political captivity. Regional games and scenarios show that Turkey is set for disaster,” Bahçeli added.


    1. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.ca/2015/10/pkk-challenges-barazani-in-iraq-one.html

      PKK Challenges Barazani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all

    2. Hi Penny, Just came across this story about why PKK is so interested in Mosul. It's got some interesting topics so...

    3. Hey Silver Palomino- I just happen to have that one bookmarked and it's a good one!

      Makes me fear even more that they will blow the mosul dam and yes, I'm talking about the kurds blowing it in collusion with NATO-

  4. Hi, totally off topic, is marlena A.P. at Twelfth Bough still around?

    1. Haven't heard a peep from her in a very long time.
      Sorry. I wish she would come back, though.

  5. I've been getting some interesting infomation from thr Iranian website En Alalam website. An example:
    Lots of coverage on Syria, Iraq, Iran and battles with ISIS.
    On another note what do you make of reports by the Russian Military that upwards of 10K takfiri fighters are massing around Aleppo? I have not seen reports of Russian Aerospace Forces attacking these groupings? I'll provide sources shortly.

  6. From Alalam:

    As for the so-called plan "B":
    Empire will accomplish it's goals,it will, murder, and destroy everything and everbody in the ME to accomplish them.
    I suspect the Russians will begin raining hell from above on the assembled takfiri groups around Aleppo in the near future.

    1. Thanks for keepin' me in the know Charles :)

  7. Thank you for this. Not surprised, but haven't heard it anywhere else.

  8. Hi, here's a link to what I found to be an interesting take on the infamous so-called Panama Papers:
    Take a look if you get a free minute.