Friday, April 1, 2016

The US Training "Syrian Rebels". Again.

So much for that commitment to peace? Pretty sure I have a post somewhere back making the case that the US will buy time until the election. And when Hillary wins.... Because she is truly evil. There will be more war then before. If that's even possible?  The US/NATO and Israel have been remaking the middle east since 2001. The take down of Iraq in 2003 told us all these psychos were in it for the long haul-

"If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now"
Richard Perle (from right around 2002/03)

How many of you feel like singing 'great songs' for the total war waged in our names?
Anybody? I sure don't!!
Where is this training taking place? NATO occupied Turkey, of course.
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 The U.S. military said Friday is has started training dozens of Syrian opposition fighters to combat the Islamic State terrorist group, a revamped program that officials hope will not run into the same problems that doomed the first rebel training program in Turkey last year.

New recruits are being trained how to identify targets for U.S.-led coalition airstrikes to allow coalition aircraft to better strike Islamic State targets from the air, Reuters reported.

You all now they aren't targeting ISIS/L
Rather than bringing entire rebel units out of the field for training and equipping, the new program was focusing on taking individuals from units and training them in such skills as targeting and coordinating airstrikes with the thought that they could then pass along those skills to others, said Warren, a spokesman for Combined Joint task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.

“That allows us to bring significantly more fires into play in any of these skirmishes, battles, and firefights that are taking place throughout Syria, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Baghdad-based spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition.

How many PKK/YPG are included in this training.?
Because the PKK/YPG assists the US with exactly this type of activity.
And surely the US assists them in blowing up people in Turkey!


  1. Yes, I guess the training worked so well the first time it's time to do again. What's that they say about doing something over and over again and getting the same results:) I'm sure glad I'm so poor here in Amerika this isn't my tax money.

    1. Hi jo

      I sit in the camp, and am firmly implanted in that camp, that the training went very well.
      It did everything it was intended to do.
      It trained terrorists.

      I hold the opinion the US claims of fighter training aka terrorist training being a failure were only done to create a perception and a deception, of distancing themselves from their intentional creation of terrorists

  2. It depends what you conceive as the intended results. If never ending chaos, the destruction of national infrastructure, destabilization of an entire region and beggaring of the people of that region are the goal then empire/NATO is not acting in an insane manner. They are acting in a coldly calculating way. They rest assurred that the supply of Islamo-nut-rolls will continue to be sufficient to keep the game going. Here, there and everywhere.

    1. you are 100% correct.

      even though I don't think disaster capital was used in that context in the book, by Naomi climate guru to the Pope, whatsherface I can't help but think of it every time infrastructure etc is destroyed.

      Head of the IMF said it aptly very recently.
      It's good for (their) business

    2. Hi Charles: good points- Out of chaos- order

    3. rouge k

      "Naomi climate guru to the Pope, whatsherface"

      that gave me a morning smile- Naomi Klein who packaged up a limited hang out idea of disaster capitalism? I could see it- Don't look here- look there- that's disaster capitalism but this isn't
      Isn't all war really disaster capitalism?
      I think so. Loved that comment too!

  3. awesome thanks, but i was expecting something about Turkey.

    Chance the Gardener

    1. why when the US/NATO/Israel/UK run the show?

  4. How many of you feel like singing 'great songs' for the total war waged in our names?
    Anybody? I sure don't!!

    Hi Penny,
    when listening to neocons (and other assorted jewish supremacists) it is much easier to understand what they are saying, if one takes us goys out of the equation. When he says "our children", we are not included. We are only cattle, do not forget that. When they are babbling about "human right" they mean that, they talk about the right of the humans i.e. the people of their tribe. Anyone outside of that isn't human and can be exploited as slave or cattle.
    When you know that, then you not only can easily understand what neocons say, but even understand the leftist jewish social warriors (the Max Blumenthal kind) who sound decent but are working for the same end goal as neocons.

    1. Thanks gallier2:

      Good clarification and I will keep it in mind when dissecting the words of the neo con crazy club :)

    2. Thanks to you as well. So many of the goyum are completely illinformed concerning the philosophy behind orthodox, zionist principles. Principals being not its usual defined meaning. They have never read the thoughts of the controlling rabbinical group. Since before the creation of the illegal state. They endorse, enslaving, killing and using others for their own purposes. We are not worth the toe nail of a jew. Mind control at its epitomy.

  5. To Charles:

    Sicily? Jealous. I watched this show just on Sicily not to long ago---- beautiful

    Cross the Messina strait- to Calabria- that's where my roots are

    1. My grandmother's first husband, unfortunately gassed in WWI was Calabrese. It was also a consideration because cost of living is very low. The coast is quite unbelievable. If only we all weren't being sent into forced impoverishment by the inhumane .00001% our dreams might have been reality.

    2. Hi Charles: That's so sad for your grandmother :(

      What's I've always loved about the Italian people, my extended family inc is some of them have horrific stories to tell- from the war. Others from the community that my dad came from, who also came here- awful stuff
      BUT, they are the warmest, most generous people, not saying that cause I'm biased, it's just dam true!

      My dad still talks about gardening by the moon.. I love that stuff so much. When to plant, when to harvest- the were so observant of the world, so in tune with it all

      That natural, innate knowledge is lost- sadly

      "If only we all weren't being sent into forced impoverishment by the inhumane .00001% our dreams might have been reality"
      So true... sigh

  6. Heads up Penny,

    PKK and 9 other Kurd groups join forces

    Will use propaganda and Terror Acts throughout Turkey and they will also Target Nationals

    there goes tourism or what is left of it
    note: that 'group of 9' also includes the communist party.
    I read some months back that the Kremlin delegation that went to Syria were the communists.

    From a very small amount of sleuthing, seems the communist ideal is not foreign to the Middle East
    I was not aware of this, but you probably are.


    1. Hey Karin

      thanks for the link! The Kurds and communists go together- Like Jews and Communism.... Similarities. Similarities