Friday, April 29, 2016

US Controls Info and Data Regarding Mosul Dam. Why?

I’ll be highlighting very important facts:

Since February US authorities have been issuing warnings that the dam could collapse any day. They produced maps to show that the enormous amount of water would flood not only Mosul within hours, but also downstream Tigris cities like Tikrit and Baghdad.

Engineers working there (Mosul Dam) are not impressed. "Nobody has asked us to leave," Marwan, who has been working at the power plant of the dam for almost 30 years, told DW. Like most engineers he lives in a village next to the dam that will be hit first if it collapses. But that is not even possible right now, he claims: "The water level is too low for this to happen, and we are careful not to let it rise too much."

To visit the engineers in their village of low prefab houses that the ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had built in the 1980s, DW sneaked into the militarized zone the Kurdish peshmerga troops in control of the dam have put in place.
That's also why the engineers who were willing to be interviewed did not want reveal their real names and identities for fear of losing their jobs.
 The engineers don’t want to reveal their real names because the PKK and other Kurds are in charge of this totally militarized zone.

 Normal risk level

Their story is not only confirmed by a third colleague working at the dam, but also the Iraqi minister of Water Resources, Muhsin al-Shammari. He told Reuters news agency recently that "the looming danger to the Mosul dam is one in a thousand. This risk level is present in all the world's dams."

Khaleel, who's been working at the dam for 23 years, is involved in the operation to inject cement into the spongy soil underneath the dam. Work was halted for about a month when fighters of the "Islamic State" (IS) group captured the dam and the surrounding area in July 2014.
 As I’ve repeatedly stated the dam is in NATO/Kurd hands in a completely militarized zone- ISIS is not in control of this dam. Nor are they particularly close to it. This is important.

"The whole area is now under military control, with a defence wall and control posts"
 I’ll repeat that fact!

"The whole area is now under military control, with a defence wall and control posts"

America controls data from the sensors 

" US army engineers have placed sensors on the dam, and base their warning on the readings. They claim the gaps in the soil are forming faster than concrete gets injected. "Only they have the data, we do not," Khaleel complains"
"Only they have the data, we do not," Khaleel complains.

Professor Kamel al-Mohsin, who specializes in dams and water resources at Mosul University, confirms the problem. The Americans, he says, monopolize their data, without it nobody really knows what is going on. "I only have a report, but none of the measurements it is based on," he told DW.  He does not think that "the danger is imminent."
Why is the US monopolizing the data? Shouldn't the Iraqis have access to that data?
Of course they should! However.. if the US provided the Iraqis with the actual data then the Iraqis may be able to seriously counter the claims and warnings made by the US. Clearly the US does not want the Iraqi engineers to be able to challenge the claims and warnings.
If the US wants to take out the dam, denying the Iraqis this very important information is key. 

One of the defects the Americans base their warnings on - the sluice door in the dam that is not opening - does not worry him. It can be repaired, and for the time being the other one can be used to discharge water into the Tigris.

And finally experiences from the past indicate that the dam is stronger than it seems.
"Both in 1988 and 1991 the water levels almost reached maximum, only two more meters and the dam would have overflowed. The pressure on the dam was at its peak. On top of that, the Americans bombed the power plant in 1991 in their war against Saddam, putting extra stress on the dam. And despite all this, it did not break," Marwan said.

Interesting. Very Interesting.


  1. I posted here a while back a contrary opinion to a comment concerning the construction of the damn and how collapse of the structure occurs. My statements were not simply conjecture but come from experience gained in the heavy construction industry; especially on flood water control projects.
    The US, through the corrupt Corps of Engineers, controls the data obviously to hide the evidence that a sudden collapse of the dam due to dissolving rock it is built upon is not immenent and can be controlled. Bombs and planted explosives will certainly accomplish the collapse. Which is the plan. The information made available is provided to support what they say is the possibility of imminent collapse unless they are controlling the "necessary" repairs.

    1. I recall your comment and understood you had the type of experience which could enlighten myself and others

      I notice the persistent US narrative wrt Mosul =

      incompetence and bumbling with inter group fighting always delaying the beginning of taking back Mosul

      I don't believe this is the case at all! - their is abundant information that the US has been softening targets in Mosul for a good while now. The US is not going to allow internecine fighting to prevent the moving forward with it's agenda- which is where and why I think the dam will come into play as a tool of mass ethnic cleansing.

      btw Charles did you get to read the previous post regarding Mosul Dam and Badou/o/sh dam?

      It's moderated now but I would love if you would share some thoughts on that topic, post and I will let the comment through of course! After two days all posts go to mandatory moderation- since I'm the only moderator here :)

    2. Penny, on the internecine fighting, way back in 2014 when the Iraqi army "just ran away minus uniforms", a report in Iraqi media by a kurdish officer in Iraqi army who was loyal to Iraq not kurdistan, told Iraqi parliamentarians that the general officers had left days before ISIS entered Iraq and the soldiers had no orders. He also stated that they didn't have training for terrorist type warfare. That's what the Iraqi CT units were trained in, not regular army. Those units at that time were near the capital and in the area of Falluja - where the sunni were fighting the central govt. If I can find the story again I'll come back and post it - it was VERY revealing.

    3. Hope you can find it SP and thanks :)

  2. Control of the water resources, especially in an area like notthern Iraq, but also anywhere on the planet where water is less abundant or where the source can be controlled via privatization, Paraquay is a primary example, allows for control of those dependent upon that water and much more. I did read the posts you mentioned. The google earth satellite photos if expanded/magnified sure appear to show a completed or almost completed structure at the site of the Badou Dam. A site fully controlled by US/NATO and their Kurdish proxy forces. I will attempt to study further the satellite images. I'm interested in finding Badou Dams'proximity tothe dam at Mosul Dam, whether it's directly down stream, upstream, and whether diverting the river is necessary? Anyway, the important thing is the leverage control of the water resource provides the Kurds

    1. "Anyway, the important thing is the leverage control of the water resource provides the Kurds "

      Exactly Charles, exactly! Provides the Kurds/NATO/Israel and multinational corporations

      Denies all others because water is more vital then oil.

  3. Is the ultimate goal privatization of the resource by Wall Street? Which will lead to further impovrishment of the people dependent upon it?

    1. that's always the goal- monopolization, privitization and total control- plays into the bogus green agenda I despise oh so much!!