Friday, May 6, 2016

Breaking News: Heavily Armed Marines Arrive at US Embassy in Baghdad

Caught this as I was about to stop reading news:
I do not think this has anything to do with the regular occurring protests. Will their be a false flag type attack on Iraq's parliament? With the special ops forces appearing in ISIS garb?
Anything is possible. It's certainly coming down to the wire in Iraq.
Interesting admission in this CNN news article!

(CNN)Twenty-five additional heavily armed U.S. Marines arrived at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad within the last several hours, a U.S. official tells CNN.
The Marines were requested by the State Department, which is in charge of security.
Concerns have risen since demonstrations occurred there last week in Baghdad's "Green Zone," where the embassy is located.
More demonstrations had been expected Friday but the U.S. official said the area has remained peaceful so far.
Neither the Pentagon or State Department disclosed the precise number of security forces already on site.
So no protests. Not that they were unusual anyway..... And  Marines are in charge of security at the embassy in the green zone. (wonder how much of the green zone is under state department security?)  Interesting.

Don't Miss from Earlier:

The Big Nuking of '59 How the US would have Nuked East Asia. ISIS to East Asia?

Two articles that seem not to go together, but, maybe they do?
The ways of waging war are many. The resulting death, destruction, disease and chaos are the consistencies- And though the method may change it seems past targets can still be future targets..

From the past:
A recent collaborative project between (you'll want to check the image at the link) the Future of Life Institute and Nukemaps has created a visual representation of U.S. plans to use nuclear weapons against the Soviet bloc in 1959. The strikes, derived from a declassified list of U.S. nuclear targets published by the National Security Archive, reveals the big plans that the United States had for war in East Asia.

read the rest below!


  1. Anything as an excuse to have more US personnel on the ground in Iraq??? Everything I saw out of there for Friday was quiet. Thursday al Sistani spoke out for first time since he called for the popular mobilization in 2014 but no violence was mentioned. Abadi on Thursday had said that protesters "might" be handled tougher this time if people broke into the parliament again (Thursday Iraqis were going crazy on twitter with posts mocking Abadi for a photo of him staring sadly at a couch that was stained in last weeks "invasion" of parliament). Seemed like all the top folks were trying to stay on topic and hoping to go forward.

    State Dept. asked for more marines - why? They didn't in Libya? Things turned out so well there (sarcasm intended)

    1. they asked for more marines cause they must want them for some reason- in libya they didn't want them.. for some reason

  2. As usual there is no effective counter strategy by the US whether it be Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, any state where the US/NATO terrorist evil-doers instituted regime chang, overthrowing legitimate governments. No matter whether the CMSM paints them as devilish dictators or not, they presided over fully functioning states. Even in places such as Afghanistan prior to US/NATO/CIA/MI6 sponsored radical islamists were used to destroy the allied with Russia government. A government that was not as portrayed by the CMSM as some fractured grouping of local war lords; but one that was making strides toward modernization. The goal a chaotic failed state rather than a functioning one at Russia's underbelly.

    1. "The goal a chaotic failed state rather than a functioning one at Russia's underbelly"

      Yup, I'll include China in there as a nation also targeted.

    2. Absolutely, Russia, China, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela top the list of independent minded nations who wish to make policy decisions that serve their own best interests and provide for their citizens rather than those Wall Streets and amerikan multinational corporations.
      Here is a link to a recent article by Paul Craig Roberts. And yes their are things about him I am not fond of. 2016/05/05/somnolent-europe-russia-and-china-paul-craig-roberts/
      I often wonder the same regarding Russian and Chinese internal policies toward the Empire/NATO criminal enterprise. Who are certainly not as Mr. Lavrov often states their western partners.

    3. From T. Carlucci over at the Land Destroyer blogspot:

      The article supports, I believe, your previous analysis concerning who supplies, finances, and trains the various proxy fighters who are paid by the anti-sovereign nation,
      anti-independent, legitimately elected government regime changers known as NATO.

    4. Hi Charles:


      "This is precisely because the terrorism is being direct(ed) externally, from Turkey and Jordan where the US itself has based its forces for its ongoing Syrian operations"

      That is my analysis- :)

  3. An interesting report from US CTC 2007 on the "Sinjar Records" has a quote that should have warned us earlier what they were doing: "AQI is largely concentrated in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul"
    Sinjar, Mosul, AQI-ISI-ISIS, all in one report. They also accuse Syria of helping many AQ recruits cross the border in the Sinjar area and mention fighters "bleeding out" of Iraq into Syria, Libya, and Suadi. Anyway the title is:

    "Bombers, Bank Accounts, and Bleedout: al‐Qa`ida’s Road In and Out of Iraq" if you want 100+ pages of semi reporting from US intel.


    2. Hey Silver Palomino!
      I'm scanning through the report and it's very, very obvious that "Al Qaida" or ISIS can be what ever it is needed to be to suit each situation.

      It's clear that much of AQ in this instance are the Kurds- the Sunni PKK kurds- no doubt others, but for goodness sake- the smuggling routes mentioned-
      the smuggled goods mentioned- including humans
      this is PKK territory, plain and simple.

      Once ISIS goes to southeast asia it will be the NATO affiliates- special forces and free lance mercenaries they can coral in that area.

    3. I'm still debating how much truth was in the southeast asia stories... US already moved a bunch to Afghanistan so now they aim at Malaysia & Indonesia?? Gotta be careful not to overextend themselves too much. But that will help in expanding the drug traffic just like UK used India for the wars with China long ago and from looking at the maps the same routes all around the world are being used for drugs, people, and weapons.

      An interesting tidbit from a report on Iranian activity in Iraq from the same CTC:
      "Moqtada al‐Sadr is personally erratic and a determined
      opponent of the U.S. presence in Iraq, but his history
      of ardent Iraqi nationalism and support for a strong
      Iraqi central government means he is a potentially
      important bulwark against Iranian political influence
      in Iraq."

      Based on that assessment how does that affect last weeks and previous protests in Baghdad?

    4. I'll have to look at the pdf
      thanks silver palomino!
      (too much work to do yesterday)

  4. noticed an interesting little OpEd at Hurriyet of Turkey today on Iraq visit of our esteemed VP last week.
    You might be wrong, Mr Biden

    That word again technocrat/s mentioned.

    The Technocracy Movement (1920's)

    I did some research into it in the past. zbig was a follower. Red Ice did a 2 hour show with the fellow who wrote a book not long ago on Technocracy.He has a video on his channel at you tube also explaining ties to CFR and Trilateral groups.
    They have been, and are teaching this at higher education curriculum's I would be willing to bet.
    There is a video on you tube of a huge event held at Hollywood Bowl for one of their galas.
    If you watch it note the attire they insisted on.

    1. thanks karin

      I believe I heard and might have posted the technocracy interview???
      But, I'd have to check

  5. One other off topic point: I've been unable to find mention or corraborating stories concerning the attacks by kurdish terrorists upon the IRG in Iran; in any of the Iranian news sources I access or in NEO or any place else for that matter.
    It seemsp somewhat weird?

    1. Hi Charles:

      Iran may not have reported on the news in any of their media outlets- not sure. As for many of the alternate and msm sources- they've been so pro kurdish terrorists they may choose not to report on the attack

      Here is another report:

      The Peshmerga of Iranian Kurdistan [a Kurdish rebel group active in Iran’s northwest] started on Wednesday an armed campaign against key positions for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in several villages in the vicinity of the mainly Kurdish city of Sardasht north-west of the country, informed sources reported.

      The Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iran attacked headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the villages of Hamran, Myouni, and Sartaja [administratively linked to the township of Sardasht]. The Iranian forces received additional military reinforcements to the region in a bid to face the unexpected fierce offensive by the Kurdish rebel group.

      Speaking to ARA News in Sardasht, Kurdish journalist Saman Sardashti said that the recent fighting between the Kurdish rebels and the Iranian forces left dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of the latter.

      The clashes were focused in the area of Ribad near the city of Sardasht [southwest of Lake Urmia] in the Urmia province, a mainly Kurdish area in north-western Iran.

      The Kurdish journalist revealed that at least eight Iranian troops were killed and 60 more were wounded during the Peshmerga-led attack. “Three of the dead militants were Iranian Kurds who were fighting alongside Iranian government forces,” he told ARA News.

      and another:

      Kurdish media sure isn't shying away from reporting on the attacks- the article I posted previously was Lebanese

  6. The kurds who foment these sorts of attacks against the ME countries who will not coadjute with Empire/NATO and follow to the "T" their directives are, as you have pointed out so often, just another proxy army doing empires bidding in exchange for territory, arms, support for their various smuggling operations and of course shrink wrapped pallets of US dollars. Possibly more important is the positive image they are afforded through the propaganda put out by the controlled MSM.

  7. A little article I ran across couple of days ago on the resignation and Erdogan
    Those blue lines open up w/ further info

    Some interesting developments in comments. I check farsnews daily and nothing there on any of that.

    1. thanks karin; look forward to checking that out!
      Cause I've got some info to post on that topic too :)