Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cannes adds Bernard Henri Levy's "Peshmerga" documentary to official selection

Bernard Henri Levy- Ardent Zionist/Pro Israel to the nth degree and an alleged intellectual?
The intellectual label applied to Bernard Henri Levy is a  pure appeal to authority logical fallacy
This news story is the cherry on top of that Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 sundae that's been being made.
This is your perception being managed!  
Propaganda to make you believe that which you should not. 


"This film, which we have just discovered, offers a close-up look at the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters," festival organizers said in unveiling the special screening of the documentary.
Oh yes, Cannes just discovered this documentary- rolls eyes- nice spin job.

CANNES,— Peshmerga, a documentary film, was added to the Cannes Film Festival after the festival’s organizers decided to show the documentary as a special screening in the Official Selection.
The 92-minute documentary film by French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy will be given a screening on Friday (May 20).
The film is about the Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) on the front lines around Sinjar and Kirkuk. The film’s producers said that they used drone cameras to get images from IS-held Mosul.
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I know he was around promoting the ruin of Syria

Also: Willy Loman wrote a response to my 'heads upRegime Change Advocate and IDF Shill, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Produces Propaganda Film About Our New Freedom Fighters, the Kurds

Is it obvious enough to everyone yet? Come on people! 
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  1. Some of the things that are said in these documentaries about Kurds is not even true. There is a Turkish religion called Alevism. It is mainly based on the first religion of Turks before they became Muslims (Shamanism) but also Sufism, Shia and Christianity. Around 25% of people in Turkey are Alevis. Most Alevis are Kemalist and there is no gender segregation in this religion (men and women pray together). it's quite a peaceful religion, no need to cover or practise regularly. But there are also some Kurds in Turkey that are Alevis, mainly the Zaza people. All Alevis have to pray in Turkish, inlcuding Kurdish Alevis which shows that it is a religion that comes from Turks. But yet there are documentaries claiming that Alevism is the 'religion of Kurds' that teaches peace and women's rights. They are trying to stir people away from the fact that 95% of Kurds are Muslim and Alevism isn't a Kurdish religion. The only religion that is Kurdish is Yazidism and even they are a small minority of people (2%)...

    1. Hi Ally:

      Since this is a BHL documentary I would expect most of it will be nonsense and rubbish engineered to manipulate the emotions of the masses

      The Zaza are Alevis?- that's interesting because from my reading there is a debate whether they are 'true kurds' which I assume means Sunni Muslim Kurds.
      And Alevism is not a Kurdish relgion- thanks for making me aware

      "They are trying to stir people away from the fact that 95% of Kurds are Muslim"

      Yes, that is exactly what is being done and I've commented on that fact on more then one occasion here
      Along with mentioning all the kurdish terror groups- sadly too many in the main stream and the alternative media prefer fantasy to fact. Or as I like to say
      lies to truth.

      Ally, i thank you for enlightening us and I like that you are very fair minded- It's a good trait to have :)

    2. Many zazas don't consider themselves Kurds. The leader of the Kemalist party CHP is a zaza and he says that he isn't Kurdish. Thank you, you know a lot too.

  2. lol @ cherry on the cake :)
    love to know who filmed it.. bet they're jewish or jewish owned film group. Might be JPost folks. They seem to have a close rapport w/ Kurds.

    It's never good when BHL supports. I call him Angel of Death

    1. It's never good when BHL supports. I call him Angel of Death- That he is
      Trying to think of the number of times he has been mentioned here at the blog.
      I'll relink some of BHL's previous appearance

  3. Very strange, isn't it.
    BHLs "Work" is added during the Festival but Emir Kusturicas Movie was refused because "he had submitted his movie a day late for this year’s Festival". The stories in real life are more better than...


    Gallier the Elder

    1. It is strange Gallier the Elder.
      BHL's work was 'discovered' at the last minute while this other movie you mentioned was "submitted a day late" and rejected?

      Indeed real life stories are much better then fiction

  4. I fear your readers are being misled - witting or unwittingly, I cannot say, but the result is the same.

    The information from your 'informant' on the Kurds is incorrect. The smallest amount of historical digging will prove this so. One need look no further back than the "Dersim Massacres" of 1937-38. The Zaza people of that province[now renamed Tunceli] were systemically driven off, expropriated, and/or executed at that time, by the forces of the new Republic. The army was sent to enforce a project of "Turkification" on an area which had been traditionally heterodox in both religion(Alevi)and ethnicity(Kurdish).

    Many or most of those who survived were sent to schools and boarded with Sunni families in order to 're-educate' them and cause them to lose their identity. This was largely successful, as many of today's Sunni Kurds are unaware of what even happened to their grandparents. It is not talked about. Therefore, it can be possible that your informants ignorance of the facts is innocent. I hope that is the case.

    You can research this for yourself at http://www.timdrayton.com/a55.html, or http://www.massviolence.org/Dersim-Massacre-1937-1938

    and find out how it came to be that many Kurds are Sunni Muslim - and how it has become possible for someone to be able to claim that "Alevism is not a Kurdish religion."

    Forced assimilation is not a pretty thing. It continues into today, via a different group of "Turkifiers." Alevism is an Anatolian religious persuasion - not Turkish or Kurdish. It is unlikely that someone espousing your humanitarian values would support the ethno-religious supremacism being advanced against the Alevis and Kurds right now if your knew the back ground story. Two revealing quotes to leave with you:

    "Alevis venerated Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law. They refused the Sharia and remained attached to unorthodox Sufi beliefs and practices widespread in Anatolia before the 16th century, when the Ottoman state embraced Sunnite
    orthodoxy; the beliefs were mostly linked to Anatolian saint Hacı Bektash (13th century). Since many of the Alevis had sympathised with Safavid Persia in the 16th century, they were lastingly stigmatised as heretics and traitors."

    "The first language of the Dersim Kurds, as they were called by contemporary observers, was not Turkish but Zaza (the main language) or Kurmanji"

    1. Don't refer to anyone who comments here as an "informer" that is a manipulative loaded word and I will not allow it to pass again. You've left your links and everyone can read them.

      "Forced assimilation is not a pretty thing'

      No it isn't.
      And I can't change what happened long ago- It's done.

      However, I see forced assimilation going on today. And that's the problem at hand.