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Conversing with Ally: Real History -Turkey, Kurds, Assyrians & more

Back in the post titled, And Moses said...Followers of Judaism to Iraq?,  I’ve been engaged in an interesting conversation with a friendly commenter know as Ally.

Ally is from England- Mom's a brit. Dad a Turkish man. Ally has an Aunt who is married to a Kurdish fellow and they reside together in Diyarbakir- Diyarbakir is ground zero for the PKK's campaign to destabilize Turkey. Ally offers us a unique perspective. One that will not be a surprise for anyone who has read here for any length of time.
 I've added some additional information alongside that from Ally and will relink related posts

Thanks Ally!

A conversation that is worth sharing with all the readers:

  1. Thank you for your reply. Your writing is very interesting and I like reading your page. But how do you know all of this information??? Where are you from originally? My dad is from turkey so I know from him but you know a lot.

  2. "how do you know all of this information???"

    I read. Lots of lots of information from varied sources

    Where are you from originally?

    I'm from Canada- Originally and presently

    1. Ally: if you wish to offer some input, a turkish perspective, from you Dad, I'd love to read it
      It's up to you of course

    2. I am from England, UK. My mum is English and dad is Turkish. I have no problem with giving you his input. in fact, his sister is married to a Kurd and lives in Diyarbakir which is a kurdish city. What you wrote about the PKK is true. The Kurds in the southeast are not supporters of this group and many people have had their kids kidnapped and areas terrorized by this group. 90% of the trouble is caused by them. Although, many Kurds in Europe are supporting this group and are trying to play the 'victim' but the real Kurds who are living in the southeast are fleeing because of them. I just don't understand how the Kurds are being portrayed as these 'secular freedom fighters' when they are the most Islamic people in Turkey. A few weeks ago, there was going to be a gay pride march in diyarbakir like there is in Istanbul, Ankara, etc but the Kurds there didn't want it and were protesting against it so it was cancelled. They are all Muslim people and a lot of them do support Erdogan because he is Islamic and actually gives them more rights than most of the other previous Turkish nationalist, secular leaders. Many Kurds live in western Turkey too and they always laugh at my blonde hair when I go there...just hope that we can find peace between the people and not pieces. You can ask me for more information if you want :)

       *US Embassy Warns, AGAIN, of Possible Terror Attack in Turkey- 
      *Obfuscation: PKK "Splinter" Group Claimed Responsibility for the Bombing in Ankara 
      Also: Syrian Kurd self-immolates after son recruited by PYD/ PKK
      New: *PYD abducting under age girls in NE Syria
      "The mothers of some of the abducted girls have since staged a three-day sit-in outside a local PYD recruitment office to protest the abductions, but to no avail, the sources said."

      Hi Ally:
      Thanks very much for sharing that :)
      I appreciate it a great deal.
      I too hope all people, always can find peace and not pieces. It the reason I write this blog. It's always been the only reason.

      "My mum is English and dad is Turkish"

      My mother is Canadian of british descent and my dad is from Italy (southern Italy) So I totally get the skin comment-

      Your dad has a sister who is married to a kurdish man in Diyarbakir (making sure I have this correct)- which indeed, from my understanding is a city with a large Kurdish population-

      "What you wrote about the PKK is true"

      I figured it was.

      "The Kurds in the southeast are not supporters of this group and many people have had their kids kidnapped and areas terrorized by this group"

      I've written about this too. And am aware of the extortion and terrorism they face from the PKK

      "90% of the trouble is caused by them. Although, many Kurds in Europe are supporting this group and are trying to play the 'victim' but the real Kurds who are living in the southeast are fleeing because of them."

      I am all to aware of this.And did my best to raise awareness of this fact. I have many posts here explaining the situation and the feelings of the kurds in Turkey, most of them as you point out muslims- sunni muslims, most very devout. And many of them obviously voted for Erdogan and the AKP government.

      "I just don't understand how the Kurds are being portrayed as these 'secular freedom fighters' when they are the most Islamic people in Turkey"

      This is the power of the media at work- Nonsensical stories about 'heroic kurds' litter multiple news sources and other's pass along the fabrications in social media as if they are truth- not a second thought is given to them- the words are not carefully read-

      Not only are they the most Islamic people they form the back bone of some of the worst and I means depraved, disgusting terror groups out there

      Look at these names- then think about the vicious acts they have undertaken- ask yourself why the US and company will negotiate with these persons?

      : Ansar al-Islam Army, Ansar al-Sunna, Army of Ansar al-Islam, Devotees of Islam, Followers of Islam in Kurdistan, Jaish Ansar al-Islam, Jaish Ansar al-Sunna, Jund al-Islam, Kurdish Taliban, Kurdistan Supporters of Islam, Partisans of Islam, Protectors of Islam, Protectors of the Sunni Faith, Soldiers of God, Soldiers of Islam, Supporters of Islam in Kurdistan.
      It is because they work with US/NATO/Israel and they've killed so many. They've displaced so many.
      They've destroyed so much. And they are the kurds that are terrorizing the regular kurds, the arabs, the christians--- it's terrible

      Pt 2 response to Ally

      "They are all Muslim people and a lot of them do support Erdogan because he is Islamic and actually gives them more rights than most of the other previous Turkish nationalist, secular leaders"

      He did indeed give them quite a bit and he had intended to give them more- but there was bigger plans a foot

      "Before the collapse of the peace process, leaks about the state of the peace talks suggested that Öcalan appeared willing to support a proposal backed by Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) to transition to a presidential system in exchange for some semblance of democratic autonomy. The move would have helped resolve the issue peacefully by addressing key Kurdish demands (beyond those espoused by the PKK) for greater political and cultural autonomy. The AKP supported the premise of this potential compromise, although many details needed to be worked out before implementation"

      "You can ask me for more information if you want :)"

      Thank you, I will keep that in mind :)
      I wouldn't know where to begin?
      But, something I would appreciate would be if I could share your comment in a posting here?

      If there is something more that you think my readers need to know, please include it.

      If you can add more information that would help us understand the ongoing situation- please help us
      I would love it! :)
      Thanks so much

      You can share. You are right - many normal Kurds have had their lives ruined. They claim to be ecological but are destroying everything. Many of the pics of them that are circulating around on facebook are actually pics from the Syrian Army which includes many women as well. They are tossing them around, saying its their 'Lions of Rojava' Here is a video of 50K Kurds in Diyarbakir cheering for Mohammad and an Islamic State on 17th April. The event was organised by Hezbollah which is a Kurdish Islamist group in Turkey (not to be confused with the Lebanese Hezbollah). Ask me what you want. I am also happy to talk about events in Europe.
      Do you think that Syria, Iran and Turkey can defeat the Kurds or is it too late?

      Link for video  Event organized by Kurdish Hezbollah a Kurdish Islamsit group in Turkey
      My thoughts: I find Ally's comment above very interesting. I've written about the abuse the PKK and it's other alphabet subsidiaries have heaped on ordinary kurds.
      Interesting the kurdish militias are circulating pictures of Syrian Arab Army and claiming them as their own- Ally left a link for a vidoe of Islamist Kurds cheering for an Islamic State- so they are definitely NOT a secular bunch- as I've stated repeatedly here at the blog. And two Hezbollahs! Hezbollah the Kurdish Islamist group? That's good to know!

      Also, the land that they want is historically Assyrian. Southeastern Turkey today is 95% Kurdish. Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Mardin are all Kurdish cities. My dad's sister is one of a few Turks that live in Diyarbakir which is the biggest Kurdish city. But 100 years ago, this area was Assyrian. In 1915, the Ottoman Turks had decided to slaughter them and killed more than 200,000. During this time, the demographics of the area started to change as the Kurds were coming over from Persia as mercenaries to help with the genocide. The Ottomans would give the Kurds Assyrian land if they helped slaughter them. The Kurds were allies of the Ottomans as they are also Sunnis and so there were a few that came to settle in s/e Turkey, northern Iraq and Northern Syria before 1915, but 90% of them only arrived after. So their ancestry in those areas only goes back 500 years when Assyrians, Arabs and others have been living there for thousands of years. In fact, many of the Kurds in Syria only arrived after 1925 after the failed Islamic Sheikh Said rebellion in Kemalist Turkey which the Kurds still commemorate today. You can read:
      Ally's link: 1925 Sheik Said Rebellion: Sheikh Said Rebellion (Kurdish:Serhildana Şêx Seîdê Pîran, Turkish: Şeyh Said İsyanı, contemporary name: Genç Hâdisesi means "Genç Incident") was a rebellion to revive the Islamic Caliphate System and used elements of Kurdish nationalism to recruit...

      My thoughts: That Ally said, to me, "the land the Kurds are after is historically Assyrian" just blew my away!  It was as if Ally handed me a gift. That the Kurds aided the Ottoman Turks as mass killers was written about here at the blog. The Kurds aided the Ottoman in ethnically cleansing the land of Assyrians- The Kurdish militias are playing the same role, again.  Mercenaries. They are displacing their own people for an expanded Israel, this time. Sure some kurds will remain, but, a great many of them have left- Not because of Erdogan. Because of their own bretheren.

      *PKK Occupy 3 Assyrian Iraqi Villages- Turks to Mosul and more
      " When asked by an employee of the school why the PKK is occupying the village, a PKK fighter said "you [Assyrians] have the opportunity to leave the country, why are you staying here?"
      *Ramadi to Palmyra: KurdISHIS/Israeli collusion- Stealing Assyrian history
      " The Kurds, and I have covered this previously, covet Assyrian history. To the point that they are attempting to make it their own. Stealing Assyrian history in order to make a history for themselves, pushing the meme of a people that deserve a country, though, they have always been nomadic and have from all my reading never had a country" 
      *Kurds Fully Participate in Generational Assyrian/ Armenian Christian Genocides


  1. #
    The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Movement for Change (Gorran‎) have agreed on 33 points ahead of elections


    1. Yes, I saw that, but couldn't post it
      It's definitely bye bye Barzani

  2. The discussion once again raises the question of what the Russian game with the Kurds is longer term especially in view of the Patriarch's rhetoric (pope, orthodox - duly note the latest outbreak of the atheist movement protests in Russia after the Xi warnings on western interlopers weeks ago) and the Russian outspoken position of protecting christian minorities namely the Assyrians. Putin's various visits to the Vatican punctuate the point. Recal it was Putin and the Vatican who jointly called on ISIS to release those nuns from the ancient convent.

    Also notable that the IRan troops capture/kills and the Hezbollah assassination come within spitting distance of the latest US spec ops deployments in the country.

    1. "The discussion once again raises the question of what the Russian game with the Kurds is"

      Yes the discussion did raise that issue again. For myself, it's an issue I find unclear- I addressed it to the best of my ability in this post

      "Russian outspoken position of protecting christian minorities namely the Assyrians"

      many people speak of protecting christians... I'm not sure how far Putin is willing to take it?

      I also note that Russia wants some of the Kurdish terror groups dealt with differently then the US does.
      Our media doesn't mention them as kurdish islamist terror groups, but, I know they are

  3. Anyone find interesting the kurdish hezbollah? Why hezbollah?
    How about the truly miniscule history of the kurds in Syria and Turkey.... If we are really about correcting historical wrongs shouldn't the NATO thugs be concerned with restoring Assyrian lands to Assyrians- you know christian?

    How about the fact that the terroristic kurds are playing hired mercenary killer to yet another power group, just like in the past?

  4. Little tidbt on Kurds at Tass news this morning

    will come back and finish reading this later

  5. Great piece. Yes, the Kurds did aid the Ottoman Turks in butchering the indigenous Christians of Turkey. But the pkk has since apologised for its role in the Armenian genocide and so relations between Armenians and Pkk has improved. They also have a common enemy; Turks. But the Turks and Kurds have never admitted to the Assyrian genocide and the Kurds have carried on killing Assyrians long after the genocide which ended in 1923 as they want the land so relations between Assyrian Christians and Kurds is not good, especially now. Many Assyrians are being driven off and killed by these peoole. What makes me laugh is that I see pages like Ari Murad and Save Kobane and many Kurdish people doing lip service for the genocides to make Turkey look bad when not only did they participate in them but they still are today. Another shocking thing was, around the time of the commemoration of the Armenian genocide (late April), there were some clashes between the Kurdish Asayish militia and Syrian forces and a Syrian Armenian soldier called Hagop Manoukian was shot, not by Isis, but by the Asayish militia in Qamishly. And there were Kurds who were glorifying these deaths and saying how strong they are and that they have 'defeated' the 'regime' but then on the 24th April, 2 days later, doing lip service for the Armenian genocide, saying what fascists the Turks are and talking about the crimes of Turkey. Turkey should obviously own up to its crimes but the hypocrisy coming from some Kurds is laughable. So I don't know about the relations between Kurds and Armenians, only that Kurdish tribes have been attacking Kurds even after the genocide ended.

    1. Hi Ally:
      Glad you liked it- I find, though this post has been well read, it seems very likely that many people have difficulty accepting, what is obviously quite a different take on the reality of the situation versus the spin. If the PKK apologized to the Armenians (of all flavours) for their role in the genocide- it surely was done for political expediency- this is where we get to Nagarno Karabakh and the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.. I'll leave that story for another day.

      'Kurds have carried on killing Assyrians long after the genocide which ended in 1923 as they want the land so relations between Assyrian Christians and Kurds is not good, especially now"

      The PKK and Kurdish leadership should own up to their part in the slaughter of Assyrians- Instead they keep right on going with it. I think that Israel plays a bigger role in this issue them most realize because it was the Assyrians that kicked the early kingdom of 'Israel' to the curb- It is Israel that covets the entire area, including that chunk of Turkey in the south east and it is Israel that wants Assyrians wiped from history- because of both their victory over their 'kingdom' and their because of their christianity

      Sadly most people want simplistic narratives and black and white scenarios- reality isn't like that

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    3. take 2:

      "What makes me laugh is that I see pages like Ari Murad and Save Kobane and many Kurdish people doing lip service for the genocides to make Turkey look bad when not only did they participate in them but they still are today"

      Yes, I've seen statements like that also- On some of the kurdish media sites Do the kurds really not know their own history? I doubt it.

      Like you said- right now they've targeted Turkey so it's a pretty typical demonization tactic

      And yes, I would like to see Turkey take responsibility for their role in this situation, however, at this time it's the last thing on the mind of Turks or Erdogan


    "As the battles rage around Mosul, it is relevant to recall that what we now call Kurdistan (??? we being the jews??) was actually the core of the old Assyrian Empire"

    "Assyria looms large in the Bible. After it conquered the Arameans of Damascus who had ravaged the Northern Kingdom for years, it then turned its attention to the Kingdom of Israel. First they bullied King Jehu into submission and finally conquered it in 722"

    Assyria looms large not only in the bible, but, in that geographical area including modern day Israel and the followers of judaism hold a grudge of biblical proportion
    This is the other layer of the PKK vs the christians. And acting as mercenaries, for NATO and especially for Israel

    "They then turned their attention to the southern Kingdom of Judea and besieged King Hezekiah, “like a bird in a cage” according to Sennacherib’s stele. The Bible tells us that the Assyrians withdrew, but Hezekiah was forced to pay tribute nevertheless"

    Hezekiah paying tribute tells us that the Assyrians- the christians conquered the kingdom- they would have only left if the king had agree to pay his dues. Like I said- a grudge of biblical proportions- erasing Assyrians from the history books-

    1. You are right. Didn't know the relations between Israel and Assyrians. It is interesting. Why weren't the Kurds and Assyrians given a country in the Sykes Picot? They should have been included back then. And a few days ago, pkk shot down a Turkish helicopter and was allegedly using Russian Iglas weapons...Erdogan is in deep trouble if this is true.

    2. Hey Ally:

      I highly doubt the manpads came from russia- they could have come from Libya or eastern europe
      nato has been bringing boatloads of weapons into Turkey from both areas-

      That said it does not change the fact that Turkey is in a whole pile of trouble as the insane mission to remake the middle east continues

      'On May 13, 2016, PKK militants shot down a Turkish Army Bell AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopter using 9K38 Igla (SA-18 Grouse) version of this missile system. The missile severed the tail section from the rest of the helicopter, causing it to fragment in midair and crash, killing the two pilots onboard. The Turkish government first claimed that it fell due to technical failure then it became obvious that it was shot down'.'

    4. Maybe from Libya, but how would they get to pkk?

    5. Hi Ally:

      The short answer: NATO

  7. Got this in an email few mintues ago

    Kurds and filth 'close ties'
    There is mass holocau$t denial and refusal to accept the existence of jews as a MOSIAC (ACK!!) in the region in many countries.

  8. Ally: I've read multiple times that the PKK has dug trenches, created moats etc in the south eastern area of turkey they have been annexing---- there is a post here mentioning that, somewhere- would your aunt and uncle know anything about this practice- would they have seen it taking place?
    Have their been any demands made on them?
    Just curious, how they are faring in Diyarbakir?

  9. Oops, sorry Ally, correction below

    Just curious, how are they faring in Diyarbakir?

    1. Well, they live in one of the best, new areas of Diyarbakir called Kayapinar and it has generally been ok. My uncle is a high school teacher there. Despite this, I think my dad said that my cousins were sent home from school a few months ago because there were problems near the school or something. Either that or that there were clashes between the security forces and pkk right outside my cousins' school. But yes, they have dug trenches and tried to declare autonomy in areas. My fam probably haven't seen the pkk do it because they live in a better area but Kayapinar is near Sur which was under curfew for some time. I have seen many videos on fb of the residents complaining about trenches being dug. But the Sur district has opened up about a month ago and my aunt has said that the shops have reopened and things seem to be going ok there. I also heard that the Kurdish party hdp had visited Sur after the curfews were lifted and the people in the area told them to go away because they were angry about the kidnapping of their children by the pkk. Anyway, the Turkish army has rescued many of the kids anyway. My dad has also been told by his sister that the pkk have been using human shields and even hiding in civilian homes and bringing the fights to areas where many civilians live because they know that civilians will be killed. But I haven't heard of any demands made on them or anything too serious happen to them, other than the school incident. They still go out to places but are being more careful now. No one in those areas wants these pkk teens running wild in their areas. They want them to leave so they can just return back home and the fighting can stop. The pkk is just 'forcing' the people in the areas to accept their rule. I think when we talk again soon, we will ask about what is happening lately and I will comment back. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to ask. But my aunt has said that the situation will not get better, only worse. Fighting ends in one place and then starts again in another.

    2. Ally that is horrible, and is so reminiscent of exactly what happened in Syria- except I don't think so much trench digging went on- but I could be mistaken

      Your aunt is correct- this situation will not get better- it will only get worse :(

  10. Great story Penny.

    Google has buried you a liitle bit more. Normally I type 'penny for your thoughts blog' and you come up second on the list. No such luck today. I had to enter the full name of your blog starting with 'a penny...'

    The value of the info you provide is immense, hence the lengths they will go to supress it.

    Keep up the great work Penny!

    1. I am aware that google buries my blog- I've noticed that phenomena time and time again- I'm glad others are noticing also- and thank you for mentioning it so others are aware of googles manipulative tactics

      When every I write on the topic of the Kurds and their Israeli buds, kurdistan israel 2.0 and all this history- my blog disappears.

      If everyone would help me get this information out to a broader audience I would appreciate it a great deal.

    2. "The value of the info you provide is immense, hence the lengths they will go to supress it"

      Sad isn't it?

    3. Maybe it's just paranoia but the other blog that comes up when I look for you under 'penny for your thoughts' -- a certain Peniel Tovar -- is pure hasbara, meant to throw people off of the search for your blog.

      I've been banned from Saker blog as well, for too much insistence on Truth. There is absolutely no question in my mind concerning the takeover of that blog by pro zionist Russian 'anglophile' oligarch money, fronted by one Konstantin Maolfeev. My reluctant conclusion is that all pro Russian 'alt' media including RT, Russia Insider, Fort Rus and EVERYONE associated with Saker including Pepe Escobar and A. Mercouris are Echelon (Five Eyes + Israel) controlled opposition disinformation artists.

      Google sic semper tyranus + saker... check comments at bottom and you will see who runs saker blog.

      Hint: the i.p. was hosted at a Canadian military base at the time of the comment.

      Also see books written by Andrei Raevsky, aka the Saker, on Amazon. Two UN reports written by Saker are still available.

  11. I've made this post the featured post- so it will stay top of the page despite new postings