Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egypt Air Retracts Claim of Wreckage Found: Late April, Israel Intercepted Egyptian Flight (Cyprus involved)

That's right Egypt Air has retracted. The wreckage found near Crete is NOT from the missing plane

Egyptian authorities have now discounted early claims that debris found near the last known location of missing EgptAir flight MS804 is from the downed plane.
Early they had claimed that a couple of items of debris floating south-east of the Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea was from the plane.
Photo of the debris in the Mediterranean was posted on Facebook by Egyptian ship captain Tarek Wahba.

This photo of debris in the Mediterranean was posted on Facebook by Egyptian ship captain Tarek Wahba
 However Greek authorities quickly dismissed this saying the items were related to boat refugees.
"Up to now the analysis of the debris indicates that it does not come from a plane, my Egyptian counterpart also confirmed to me that it was not yet proven that the debris came from the EgyptAir flight when we were last in contact around 1745 GMT," Greek air safety authority head Athanasios Binis told AFP.

Terrorism or catastrophic mechanical failure are the focus of investigators looking into the disappearance of the jet, which had 66 passengers and crew aboard.
The EgyptAir 180-seat Airbus A320, registration SU-GCC, was flying from Paris to Cairo when it disappeared off radar screens yesterday.
EgyptAir Flight MS804 left the French capital at midnight (6am WA time) and its transponder signal stopped at 2.33am about 240km north-west of the Egyptian port city of Alexandria while flying at 37,000ft.
It was reported last night that the crew of a Greek merchant ship in the area saw an explosion that lit up the sky
A Greek minister claimed the plane suddenly spun sharply and swerved several times before vanishing.
What was the Greek minister basing this claim on? Who is this Greek Minister? 
EgyptAir reported at 5am that Flight MS804, which was due to land in Cairo at 3.10am, had gone missing.

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It surely reads to me that the Greeks are putting forth the narrative. And Egypt is denying this.

EgyptAir retract statement saying wreckage of plane found

The Egyptian Prime Minister told reporters that it was too early to say what had happened to the plane and that "we cannot rule anything out".
However Greek minister Panos Kammenos said: "It turned 90 degrees left and then a 360 degree turn toward the right, dropping from 38,000 to 15,000 feet and then it was lost at about 10,000 feet," he said.
Greek air traffic control say the pilot did not send a distress call and that "all appeared fine" when the last contact was made with the plane. However the pilot did not respond to calls when the Greek air traffic control were preparing to hand over to their Egyptian counterparts.
Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos says the EgyptAir flight made abrupt turns and suddenly lost altitude before disappearing from radar.


 Was the plane shot down? Green crow  Willy Loman:  EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises and  EgyptAir Flight MS804: Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises May 17 – 27

 What about the sovereign UK military bases  safely ensconced on Cyprus? Might those bases have been a factor in what ever is going on with this plane? 

 As is widely known, Cyprus was the place used as springboard for all the "US–British air operations in the region surrounding it, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and so on. However, neither the Republic of Cyprus, nor the breakaway regime in the north of the island had anything to do with that. The logistical hub for those activities were the so-called Sovereign British Military Bases conceded to Britain in the 1960 Zurich Agreement in return for the independence Cyprus gained in the same year. Cyprus is the only place on the planet where the United Kingdom maintains as a legacy of British colonial rule sovereign military bases and a military presence secured as a result of a multilateral treaty of guarantee far surpassing those rights that the United Kingdom had managed to have recognized in the installation of military bases in Burma, Malta and Ceylon"

 Would Greece fabricate a tale, in order to obfuscate  what really happened to this plane, especially if it  had something to do with these sovereign military bases?  I don't know? Just think out loud It's pretty clear the pressure aka thumbs screws is being applied to Egypt. 
Two Egyptian planes shot down as of late. ( Russian Plane)  With Israel looking at the Sinai. And some version of ISIS killing law enforcement officers and military men in Egypt's Sinai... And the US removing troops from the Sinai and Israel intercepting an Egyptian plane and forcing it to land at Ben Gurion.. What!  

Flashback to just last month: April 24/2016:  Egypt: US Removes Sinai Troops & Israeli Fighter Jet Intercepts Egyptian Passenger Plane

One of those keep it under your hat posts!
 CAIRO: Egypt’s Ministry of Aviation announced in a statement Saturday that an Egyptian passenger plane was intercepted by Israeli fighter jets and escorted to Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
Air Saini’s flight number 214 was escorted by the Israeli jets due to “Cypriot air traffic controllers’ delay in sending the data of the Egyptian plane to the Israeli authorities,according to the statement.

So April 24. Israel intercepts an Egyptian Passenger plane and forces it to land at Ben Gurion because Cypriot air traffic controllers delayed sending the necessary data- Interesting. Possible practice run? I don't know. I'm still thinking out loud.


  1. Israel conducted a sea based missile defense test yesterday as announced.

    It recalls the 09SEP14 incident when the Russian radars picked up a launch. The US denied a test had taken place only to retract later in support of a joint Arrow 2 interceptor test.

    The protests targeting Sisi are as ambitious as those targeting Zuma, including the Italian student disappear, the journalist protests, Sinai escalation and attacks targeting tourism (like the latest Natgeo Society expose on the lack of evidence supporting a new chamber in the Pyramids).

    The western break of the arms embargo (Libya) alongside the Tunisia deployments and other spec ops in surrounding countries cannot be reassuring despite Kerry visit days ago. Sadat wife just gave an interview wondering why the US is still supporting the brotherhood whilst calling Sisi a hero

    Also interesting that the 'ghost' boat that allegedly killed 500 refugee coming out of Egypt and heading to none other than Italy has also vanished from the headlines.

    More interesting perhaps is the Australians calling off the hunt for the Malaysian MH370 days after yet more alleged parts washed ashore in south Africa. And the end of the hunt comes as Putin has repeatedly said that he intended to discuss the MH17 shootdown with the Malaysians. Note that in the past two weeks both Bellingcat and Stratfor have come out with 'proof' that it was Russian artillery that shot down the MH17. Those allegations come days after the BBC ran the documentary exploring the SU25 shoot down theory. Nuland is in Russia selling the idea that the Russian sanctions rollback only with minsk implementation

    Lots of US Military brass in Lebanon the past few months including rumors of new munitions flowing into the Syrian rebels. The Russian have said manpads were handed over long ago. Now anti-tank missiles? The Russians said today the opposition sponsors MAY be trying to build a buffer zone in the north. If that Syrian border does get shut tighter hen Lebanon looks to be the epicenter as migrant flows

    Also keep in mind the allegations surrounding the southern Russia crash which followed the discovery of manpads in Algeria.

    Algeria declares itself neutral in Hezbollah case 29MAR16
    FlkDubai crash in Rostov 19MAR16
    Russia corruption arrest of Pirumova in Rostov 15MAR16
    Algeria seizes Manpads 11MAR16 (note the Algerians recent declaration on maintaining neutrality in the Hezbollah situation in Lebanon)

    Will this be a catalyst for a transfer of the search radars to target the eastern med basin?

    Russia today announced large scale Caspian missile firing drills

    1. Are we simply recapping or is there a point to be made?