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Fire in Fort McMurray: 90% of City Saved. Bailing out Big Oil ?

I've been quietly watching the situation unfold in Fort McMurray.  Thankfully the weather has gifted the area a reprieve. Which is good. And, 90 percent of the city is intact! No one has died due to the fire! Despite all that reality.... the  media coverage, pushing the tragedy aspect, is over the top!

 One could say it's very trauma inducing coverage.

Intentionally so, I expect. Just knowing how devious governments are, as a matter of fact. And considering how the media is always used to manipulate the masses? It seems sensible the over wrought media coverage has to serve some purpose.

Me, being the naturally suspicious type

 My suspicions boil down to this: I suspect the Trudeau gov, alongside the Alberta gov, will financially aid the oil companies- In a very big way.  Very briefly - tax payer theft, future debt slavery, to enrich the already rich. In other words more of the same.

Some people may or  may not know the oil sand companies are looking to remove the wage payment problem to increase profits, this switch over would require massive investment/automation to make big, big profits. Example:  Integrated process and motor controls help extract oil from Grizzly Oil Sands

*Canadian Trends can shine some light on the situation regarding the oil sands need for $$$

Tantalizing excerpt:
"Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver recently estimated the oilsands would need $650 billion in capital investments in the next decade alone — almost five times what's been spent there over the past 50 years."
Just from that teeny snippet of CT's blog post you should understand how much $$$ is necessary for the oil sands.

Before hopping out of bed this morning, I remembered this previous post from January 2016:

Banks Brace for Oil Loan Implosion- Big Banks Cringe? Oil Industry Bailout?

The financial pain has gotten so great that now there's murmurs of a bail out for the U.S. oil industry, though it's clear any assistance would run into political opposition.

 "Any assistance would run into political opposition" 

 It sure would!  But, if you have a "devastating fire"(that really wasn't  devastating, with 90 percent of the town intact) Along with a Red Cross fund raising drive and  plenty of  heart tugging media coverage you should be able to head off any political opposition. Indeed that fire and coverage can be  the manipulation needed to provide aid to big oil, obfuscated as rebuilding a 'devastated community'- with taxpayer dollars.  

 Considering the facts of typical government sophistry, an especially devious campaign would be necessary to justify stealing from the people to pay the oil companies... To what end will the servile and colluding government use this incident to enrich the elite classes and big oil?
In order to enable the continued profitability of big oil, at the expense of the canadian populace? (
not just taxpayer dollar extraction, future indebtedness, also lessening  employment and earnings opportunity  for people) I put nothing past the evil of the elites and their servile government lackies. 

 Of course, I might be mistaken. And yes I will be paying attention!

90 % city saved- 85 percent of the buildings intact

90 per cent of the city saved

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says about 2,400 structures have been lost, but almost 25,000 have been saved, including the hospital, municipal buildings and every functioning school. Much of the downtown and water treatment plant are also intact.
"The fast action and the hard work and the dedication and the smarts of these first responders has, it appears, saved almost 90 per cent of the city of Fort McMurray," she said Monday after a ground tour of the devastation.
Along with Notley, the fire chief and a group of  (noting the censorship select media, The Weather Network's own Mark Robinson also got a firsthand look on Monday's tour.

"What struck me the most was the lack of complete devastation," Robinson said. "Considering the wall of smoke and fire that saw, the lack of completely obliterated areas was the one thing I was so happy about."
Areas intact in Ft McMurray. 85% structures still intact.

Beacon Hill destroyed

"Unfortunately there were areas that were completely wiped out and any areas that were hit were generally gone," adds Robinson. "In the neighbourhood of Beacon Hill, you just saw holes in the ground with just a few cars in the driveways and that's it."
Robinson says despite the destruction, there are so many signs of hopes with people just "throwing themselves in there" to start rebuilding already.
An estimated 88,000 people fled Fort McMurray north and south when it became apparent the fire would reach the city. Many of those who went north took refuge in oilsands camps until RCMP and other authorities organized airlifts and convoys to ferry them to more secure areas to the south.
A mandatory evacuation order remains in place.
"Mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect for Fort McMurray, Anzac, & Fort McMurray First Nation and only emergency personnel working on fire suppression, policing, and infrastructure responders are permitted in these areas," said the Alberta government in a critical alert update issued on Monday. "The Fort McMurray Airport is operational but continues to be used for Wildfire Aircraft operations only."
Though no one has been reported killed in the fires, two people, 15-year-old Emily Ryan and 19-year-old Aaron Hodgson, died in a collision during the initial evacuation.
 * Curiously Canada rejected all help to fight the fires:

 GC &Northern Truthseeker x 2 (Canada doesn't use it's largest water bomber?)have also posted some thought provoking info regarding the Fort McMurray fire.

Finally- Just the Facts

- 90 % of the city is saved. 
- 85 % buildings intact. 
-Trudeau government rejected outside assistance, sensible thinking tells us all outside help was not needed.
- Only select media was allowed into Fort McMurray
- Canada did not employ it's largest water bomber to fight this fire

These facts suggest this fire was not the monstrosity the media had made it into and the truth is being obfuscated

From Earlier Today:


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    1. take 2

      So the article I linked to (post above) mentioned the Beacon' Hills neighbourhood-
      This caught my eye!
      What the heck!


      "Buried by the Fort McMurray neighbourhood of Beacon Hill is 43,500 cubic metres of radioactive waste.

      It’s an innocuous landscape of rolling hills, covered in grass and dotted by yellow and purple wildflowers.

      An estimated 80 per cent of Beacon Hill homes were destroyed when the wildfire ripped through the region, but the federal Crown corporation that looks after low-level radiation sites said the fire’s proximity to the waste poses no risk.(?????)

      Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) described the waste as low-grade uranium mixed with topsoil. It’s buried in a self-contained cell under a thick layer of clay and 45 centimetres of topsoil.

      The waste has been there since 2003, the result of cleanup activities after radioactive spills from the 1930s until the late ’50s.

      A company called Eldorado Nuclear used to transport uranium and radio ore by barge from its Port Radium mine in the Northwest Territories to Fort McMurray for shipment by rail to refining facilities in Ontario.

      Spokeswoman for AECL, Maude-Emilie Page, said although the waste is in the fire-affected area, there are no concerns about the integrity of the cell and no immediate risk to human health or the environment. (??????)

      Page said there are also no worries about it catching fire, though AECL is monitoring the situation.

      “It is akin to a field or garden; while the surface vegetation may catch fire, the soil itself won’t,” she said.

      The provincial government said the emergency operations centre is aware of the radioactive waste storage site"

      And an entire neighbourhood is built near this?
      And the fire ran through this area?

  2. My impression from the start of this onslaught of news about the fire was that it had to be a way to get "emergency funds" to the tar sands companies with the oil price war causing all hard to get oil companies hurting now. Many were near bankruptcy even after putting off investment till prices recovered.

    The radioactive waste is interesting... last month there was news of leaking at US Hanaford site in Washington state. That followed last year's news that St. Louis was watching an underground fire that was heading toward it from another US storage site. Add to that the fact Russia is not happy with US changing plans on converting nuclear materials so it is not able to be reused for weapons and there's lots of questions.

    1. Hi Silver Palomino:
      I suspect that's exactly what this is too- The oil pricing has eroded the massive profits and the servile government of Canada will step in to ensure their masters keep their wealth at the expense of course, of Canadians.

      The radioactive waste sort of freaked me out- I wish someone from Alberta would shed some light on that aspect of this fire- Oddly enough Alberta is the one part of Canada I don't have readers from.
      There and Saskatchewan?
      Not sure why?
      But from everywhere else in Canada- multiples of readers?
      (unless their very savvy and hide from my statcounter?)

  3. I've renamed this post and added additional information along with an edit- hoping it's more concise?