Saturday, May 14, 2016

French Intelligence Fail? US wages small "secret wars"..

Two seemingly unrelated news items? Related because they speak of state sponsored terrorism

The alleged terror attack last year in Paris- French intelligence tracked but failed to thwart Paris attack: media
That headline says' it all- french intelligence tracked but did  not stop the Paris attack
Instead turning to attacking Syria- Seriously.
France changed its military strategy and started airstrikes in Syria last year because of concerns months before the attacks on Paris that ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud was plotting to target a concert and take hostages, the Associated Press said citing a French newspaper report.
- It  seems sensible that France  intentionally failed  to thwart their attack in Paris, so they could justify the change in military strategy regarding Syria ( problem, reaction solution)

Headline: U.S. special forces wage secretive 'small wars' against terrorists ?
 That’s what CNN would like you to believe. However, I’d write that headline in a more accurate manner As follows: US Special forces wage secretive small wars as terrorists
Thomas previously served as head of the secretive Joint Special Operations Command -- the unit that includes Navy SEALS, the Army's Delta Force and other covert Special Operations units.

"We are attempting to identify opportunities to expand [Special Operations'] global presence, forward access and relationships to leverage opportunities short of crisis," Thomas said.

About 50 U.S. troops operate at undisclosed locations across southern Somalia

West Africa
The U.S. has sent up to 300 military personnel to Cameroon. Many are involved in drone operations there from Garoua to help provide intelligence in the region to assist local forces. (What local forces?)

The Pentagon will offer few details, but recently a small number of U.S. troops went back into Yemen. The U.S. troops are providing intelligence assistance and advice, according to several U.S. military officials.

A small number of U.S. forces occasionally travel into Libya, according to several U.S. officials. A few months ago, the Pentagon had to acknowledge the presence of U.S. personnel in Libya when photos showing them appeared online. The Pentagon said they were there trying to meet with locals but left the country at the request of local authorities.

Small secretive wars as terrorists is more realistic.



  2. Multiply those small numbers at least twenty or thirty-fold and a more accurate picture of special ops force levels just in the countries mentioned would emerge. IMHO. The nations where these same terrorist operatives are present in varying numbers and capacities exceed the ones listed. Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, most S.E Asian nations, besides more than a few others.