Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Grimerica Talks Ancient History, Sacred Geometry and Climate Change with Randall Carlson

I loved this interview. It's over 3 hours long and took me 3 days to listen to it entirely, but, I loved it just the same! It seems Grimerica is a Canadian operation. So, yeah for that! They've been around for a while now, but, I've only just stumbled across their work in the past couple of months.
Yes, Randall Carlson is a freemason, but, don't let that stop you from listening.

Subjects covered: Geology. Geometry. Earth history. Catastrophes. Real Climate change. Evolution. A fascinating look at sudden evolution vs long term evolution, which suggest epigenetics is very real. (I've talked epigenetics previously)  The fanatical green cult- you know the ones that say man is a cancer on the planet? Yah, those freaks! (one that is markedly unusual or abnormal) Then their are the money greens- Cause that's the green they see. Greenpeace. Al Gore. Big Banks When Randall said, man is not a cancer on the planet or he wouldn't be here, I said to hubby- That's exactly how I see it!!   And we've all read the fanatics in the green cult exclaim man is a cancer- I realize they can't help their delusions- they do not understand that we are a part of this whole picture. They've been perception managed into believing man is some sort of blight. Of course that's the agenda pushed by the elite class. Who would want us to actually believe we are worthless! Sadly, but clearly, their brainwashing has worked on far too many gullible persons, who refuse to  use discern by employing some logical thinking practices- See trivium learning and identifying the use of logical fallacies. (sidebar: sorting fact from fiction) Seriously take the time to listen, it's far reaching with lots of thought provoking information. Relevant comments on the interview are welcomed


  1. be aware: the language is colourful-

    1. oh and buffy? you gotta give this one a listen!

    2. Hey!! Will listen! I LOVE Graham Hancock - here he is with Randall:

  2. Hi Pen, I shall give it a listen. Psychopaths are the cancer. They've managed to get the rest of us to take responsibility for what the psychos have done. Blame the victims writ large!

    1. hey james- share some thoughts when your done listening?

      I liken psychopaths to a predator- Can't recall who described them in that manner,but, it seemed the best description of them- because they surely live by predation of the masses, on multiple levels..

    2. Hi Pen, it is a fascinating interview. I haven't listened to the last thirty minutes yet though it seemed to be heading off in all directions by then.

      I found the cosmology and the earth changes due to the Ice Age etc very intriguing and thought provoking.

      I'm less impressed with the talk about Gematria, but then, I always am. It is always the problem of drawing conclusions (even speculative ones) from a long list of coincidences or syncronicities without the connecting logic.

      This is especially problematical when practicing Gematrics on the Book of Genesis which was written by psychopathic priests around 500BC. I say psychopathic because the psychopathy is evident in the writing and you don't need any 'code' to see it.

      Genesis was a goulash pinched from a variety of surrounding cultures for the purposes of inventing a history of a people with which to control them. Its purpose was power not truth. So there cannot be any ground shaking eternal truth gleaned from it whatever the method.

      But apart from my little rant, yes it is a fascinating interview. Anyone who wants to listen can skip the first 13 minutes to save a little time.

    3. The people at Signs Of The Times (probably Laura Knight) coined the phrase, "intraspecies predators".

      I think others have claimed credit for it, too. Functionally, psychopaths are parasites as well.

    4. Hi James:

      I find long interviews do ramble as the lenghty, conversation does, what lengthy conversations naturally do, they branch off into different but related topics

      I enjoyed the talk of earth changes due to the Ice age and subsequent thaw very intriguing and also feel a personal connection to them- Randall said at one point Canada was central to the last ice age- and believe me- there are sign of that all over Canada

      Where I reside we have the Niagara Escarpment- glaciation and a massive sea played a huge role in the very geography of my 'neighbourhood'

      Randall spoke of archeology of the future being underwater- they have found entire communities off the coast of BC-

      "Archeological digs on Haida Gwaii put humans on the islands 12,700 years ago. But Dr. Mackie and Dr. Fedje have long argued that 16,000 to 17,000 years ago humans were likely using the landscape that’s now deep under Hecate Strait. They have been lacking hard proof, however"

      their was also a recent news article about finds in the water off the coast of florida

      "Additionally, the artifacts at Page-Ladson highlight that much of the earliest record of human habitation of the American Southeast lies submerged and buried in unique depositional settings like those found along the Aucilla River, which passes through Florida on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. This record can only be accessed through underwater investigation"

      So Mr Carlson was right on the money with his scoffing at AGW- since most ice has already been long melted and it flooded these ancient communties under 100's of feet of water

      Then when he discussed the ppm of carbon in the atmosphere as low- compared to higher levels previously- suggesting that too much lower and photosynthesis could not take place!! Yikes.
      That's the end of life on earth.
      People don't understand how fundamental carbon is to our very existence- the carbon cycle
      we being carbon etc.,

      I could go on, but, think you get the idea?
      There is a part 2 of this interview which I have not gotten into as of yet, but, I will

    5. I was thinking the psychopath as predator came from that fellow in toronto- whose name escapes me- but I do like his stuff quite a bit- can't recall his name- darn it!

  3. I am just wondering, if the problems in with the pkk is about getting land, why doesn't Turkey just give them the southeast and be done with it? Why is nato trying to topple Erdogan?

    1. Hi Ally:

      Based on my own reading the toppling of Erdogan isn't just about the kurds and kurdistan aka israel 2.0
      It's also about a partition and entry of a compliant little toady into the EU. Along with the erasing of the Ottoman history. Keep in mind the PKK is destroying Mosques in Turkey, which on the surface seems strange but not really if history is being rewritten

      The partition of Turkey completely will see a very, very servile leader who will be willing to bend over for the US and Israel. One will head Kurdistan in Diyarbakir. And the rest of Turkey will be reduced to a toady state in the EU. Like all the other EU leaders- who fail to act in their best interests- the interests of their citizens and are completely, and I mean completely subservient to US/Israel interests

      I suspect this is why Davutoglo parted company with Erdogan and the AKP. He's looking for his reward in the EU portion of Turkey- I've info saved on that but as of yet haven't had time to read, understand and write something comprehensible up

      Davutoglu was the water carrier for the US, way more then Erdogan was- he's looking for a reward

      Interesting article below- at least I think so
      tell me what you think?

    2. This is a good article and thanks for your information. Actually, I can see all of this happening as the Sykes Picot agreement did actually want to get rid of Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and reduce it into tiny western-controlled areas. Luckily, the commandor Ataturk, with the help of the Russians and even Kurds managed to save the land. Looks like this time, the west is trying to bring back the Sykes-Picot. But you talk about the EU: the countries now do not want Turkey. The talks have been going on for a decade and nothing has been achieved. So what do you think?

    3. Good morning Ally:
      You've hit the nail on the head with this comment

      "Sykes Picot agreement did actually want to get rid of Turkey" -"reduce it into tiny western-controlled areas"

      Once Turkey is reduced to a tiny western controlled state(same name vastly different country) pseudo Turkey will be allowed into the EU
      That's why the EU has been playing games all along with Turkey- they aren't going to let Turkey in until the US forces their hand- And the US won't force their hand until Turkey is a shell of it's former self
      The rest of Turkey will form another western Israeli controlled area- that's part of Kurdistan

      If I am correct- things will get vastly worse for your aunt and uncle and your cousins- your aunt is a smart lady and she knows this already

    4. Just found out that Isis from Syria has captured 4 villages in Turkey. The war is quickly spreading. I actually started to believe what the international media was saying about Erdogan before I found this page. Someone had posted a link of one of your articles on a page and I clicked on it to find it. I am no fan of Erdogan but I don't think that he is so bad after all, just a bit more conservative. what NATO has been propping up in Turkey have been even more disgusting, the only difference was that they were extremely secular, unlike Erdogan. Dunno if my aunt knows all of this but she definitely knows that the pkk isn't leaving the southeast until they have got it. Not only that but there was the Durumlu massacre a few days ago where 10s of villagers were massacred by the pkk and where was this on the media? The al-zara massacre against the alawites was done by the NATO-backed 'moderate' rebels in Syria, and again, nowhere to be seen on the media. Can't understand how people can't see that exactly what has happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria, etc is exactly what is happening in Turkey. During the Dara protests in 2011 in Syria, the mainstream media was going on about the Syrian civilians being killed by Assad's forces but completely missed out the fact that more police officers than 'civilians' had died in those 'peaceful protests'. Hailing the fsa and Kurds as freedom fighters - the real freedom fighters have been the Syrian Arab Army which not only include Arabs but also Assyrians, Armenians, Kurds and others. The same thing is happening in Turkey - the media talks about the Kurdish people 'allegedely' killed by the state but completely ignores the thousands of soldiers who are also losing their lives. War-mongering and looking for regime change when the only regime that needs to be changed is the regime in Washington. The real terrorist is NATO. Things will get worse for all of my dad's family but hope they will stay safe. Good to see your articles keeping me informed about what is REALLY going on in the middle east. Seem to know a lot more than the Europeans who can't figure it out yet.

    5. Ally:
      do you know the names of the villages?
      I did not see that news reported.

    6. It is from a Turkish newspaper that I have liked on fb. But I have read it wrong. Used a translator and it says it is just on the border in Aleppo.

  4. I still plan on listening to this when I can. Just no time of late to do so. I'm trying very hard to break away from the news cycle rat race because I realized, I'm 70 years old, and years are numbered although no one bothered as of yet to share how many I have left yet ;^)

    I want some peace and happiness and I have to make that happen, no one will drop it in my lap. Whatever does happen I can't stop anyway.

    Oh.. you need to read about these freaks, I see above skimming comments the fake greenies statement
    Meet these whack jobs

    1. "Recognizing that the United Nations is central to global efforts to solve problems which challenge humanity"....... blah, blah, blah, yup whack jobs!