Friday, May 20, 2016

I Spy an Indigo Bunting! And Other Fine Feathered Friends.

As I'd mentioned the song birds are back!!!

New birds I have seen while woods walking

Yellow Rumped Warbler- Myrtle

Both male and female together a few weeks back :)

Indigo Bunting- Only  the male (today)- he's beautiful

In the same area as the Indigo Bunting... Rose Breasted Grosbeak- Male only

A few weeks back- Eastern Bluebirds Saw a small group of these birds, both male and female:

In a world full of insanity- Woodswalking, bird watching, foraging & herb gathering keeps one sane, grounded and connected to reality.

 (Images are borrowed because we almost never have a camera)


  1. Beautiful birds Penny, especially love the Indigo Bunting, very colourful indeed. Here's a quote from a comment I made on your cold Spring post from 22nd May last year: "The Swifts were the best part of week late arriving here, turning up on the 13th of May."

    And here we are on the 21st of May and they still haven't turned up yet. I would hear them straight away and so far, not a squeak, they're really late. Thought you might be interested. Hope all is good with you there.

    1. Hi John:
      It's sad when the birds don't return but the swift may still come. (Notice you mention that they were late last year arriving around the 13th, so a full week behind, again?) I hope they return and let me know would ya?. I'm definitely interested!

      It 's been too cool by far here.
      The leaves are still not fully out- My mulberry tree in the back has just started to get it's leaves
      My maple- south facing side of the house is finally in full leaf- but it's near the end of may..
      That's late- Most everything appears to be behind, again this year- and that's because of this lingering cold...Next week looks to be warmer, so, the soil should finally warm up enough... to plant tomatoes.
      But temps will not be warm enough for eggplant or peppers

      The Indigo Bunting was beautiful- All the birds really are :)

  2. Cheers Penny. I think they will return, probably just late because it has been cold here this Spring, but yes, I'll let you know if and when they do return. The leaves are mostly out here now, except the Ash, but everything seems late this year. Nice to be able to get out again and see the birds and trees, it's been a long winter.

  3. I first heard the Swifts two evenings ago, so on the 24th. They are back, but in greatly reduced numbers for some reason. Nice to have them here again though they are very late. It's lovely to hear all the birdsong again.

    1. Thanks john:

      I figured they would be back :)
      And yes it is nice to hear all the bird songs again
      Sort of makes you feel all is right in this crazy world