Sunday, May 1, 2016

Iraq's Maidan Spring? Part 1

Long but worthwhile:

Nawshirwin Mustafa returns from London. All groomed and ready to go. Within hours, literally, the green zone is allegedly , maybe conveniently, breached as protestors enter the highly fortified complex. Conflicting reports are all the rage! And demands for a technocratic government are made?  Sorting fact from fiction? Reality from perception management?

First:  The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London
“Nawshirwan Mustafa has examined several evaluations for solving issues in Kurdistan during his visit to London,” Mahmoud said.
“He has a plan to deal with the region’s situation.”
“ Mustafa’s return would initiate a political movement in the region”
 You can find these next stories in the Friday’s post ( relinked directly above) in comment section

Second: Iraq Green Zone Breach

“Hundreds of protesters climbed over the blast walls surrounding Baghdad's highly-fortified Green Zone for the first time on Saturday.

Cellphone video uploaded to social media showed dozens of young men running through the halls of parliament, chanting slogans in support of al-Sadr and calling for the government to disband.

Earlier on Saturday, a bombing in a market filled with Shiite civilians in Baghdad killed at least 21 people and wounded at least 42 others, according to police and hospital officials”
 Earlier on Saturday, a bombing in a market filled with Shiite civilians in Baghdad killed at least 21 people and wounded at least 42 others, according to police and hospital officials

As I pointed out in the comment:
The bomb in the market would have rallied the masses and breaching the 'HEAVILY FORTIFIED" green zone (no guards/no gun fire) had to have been allowed, encouraged, knowing it would all be uploaded to anti social media as part of a psychological operation

"Clearly the US is moving on Mosul sooner, rather then later, as I expect"
It appears to me as if all this confusion, discord and chaos is part of the prep work for the move on Mosul. As has been stated and reiterated in two previous posts. 

- Gearing up for the Annexation of Mosul. Destroying Iraq & Maybe Mosul Dam too!
- Annexing Mosul, Destroying Iraq & Collapsing Mosul Dam (Making way for Badush): Part 2

 Ash Carter has stated quite clearly. “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”
"Clearly the US is moving on Mosul sooner, rather then later, as I expect"
Third: We have a demand for a ‘technocratic government”

Maybe. As readers may recall, a technocratic government was the desired government for Ukraine. Yes, Maidan protestors wanted a less corrupt more fair government too. Or so we were told?
Al Sadr wants this too. Or so we are told?

Shia Mob in Iraq Demands More Technocrats?
Oh really!!!!
Mother Jones
Oddly, the "firebrand cleric" Sadr (remember when that practically used to be his first name in news reports?) is demanding that...the current hacks running government ministries be replaced with nonpartisan technocrats.

Technocrats, eh?

 Something that makes me a bit suspicious about exactly what went on yesterday or even when it went on:
Kuwait News Agency - MARCH 31/2016- Al Sadr ends Strike after Cabinet Reshuffle:

March 31/2016. KUNA. Baghdad ? Not April 30 2016? Gee that's odd.

“ Iraqi cleric Muqtada al Sadr and his followers ended Thursday (March 31/2016), their strike INSIDE and OUTSIDE the capital’s Green Zone after Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced candidates for the upcoming cabinet shuffle

However demonstrations will continue every Friday of the week to pressure the  parliament to vote on the new cabinet line up, Al Sadr said while addressing his supporters INSIDE the Green Zone.

He also urged political blocs to bear their national responsibilities and look after the public interests in order to complete the national reformation program, pointing out the current high risk level in the country”
The images shown yesterday. Did that protest occur yesterday? Did it occur sometime in the month of April not necessarily yesterday? Did it occur in March? I don't know.
(Please read the rest at the link, I just can’t type any more of it out!)

****Proof positive the news produced for a psychological operation, against us, are part and parcel of the same ongoing protests, taking place every week since sometime in March!
Check this out!Iraqi protesters end Green Zone sit-in

Most important tidbit??? : "Protesters camped out in Baghdad's Green Zone for 24 hours have left the heavily fortified government district after issuing demands for political reform but they pledged to return by the end of the week to keep up the pressure"
These protests are nothing new!******

Fourth: Contradictory news reports
Baghdad has declared a State of Emergency
according to NATO news

"A state of emergency was declared when the supporters of influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr broke through the area, home to most ministries and foreign embassies including the U.S. embassy"

Or not? According to Iraqi news!

"Baghdad Operations Command denied on Saturday imposing a curfew in the capital, Baghdad, while confirmed that everything in under control and pointed out that the General Commander of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the security authorities to confront any attempt to attack on the public property.

A spokesman for Baghdad Operations, Brigadier General Saad Maan, said in a press statement obtained by, “There is no truth to the presence of a curfew in the capital, Baghdad, as reported by some media,” asserting that, “Things are under control until now.”
The claims of a state of emergency being declared due to these ongoing protests is questionable.
Since the protests have been a regular occurrence for more then a month now. Inside and outside of the Green Zone... So, would they ( Baghdad) declare a state of emergency for something that’s been happening for weeks and weeks now?

I left a final comment regarding the protestors leaving the green zone last night

"On Saturday, a security source in Baghdad province announced, that the followers of the Sadrist Movement have begun withdrawing from the Green Zone in central Baghdad.
Sounds like a regular protest.

Which takes us to my fifth point!

The real question is why does the NATO war mongering media wish to make us all aware, at this time, about the political situation in Iraq? Unless the global war makers are set to make a move under cover of all this chaos- I think that is the case.

Could it have been because Iraqi forces had a fairly good victory yesterday against NATO's terrorists? And, they want all this chaos as a distraction for their move on Mosul?

Iraqi forces took control of parts of Anbar

security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told al-Baghdadia satellite television network that Iraqi government forces took full control of the villages of Khazraj and al-Nowaiem, located more than 140 kilometers (85 miles) West of the capital, Baghdad, following heavy exchanges of gunfire with the ISIL.

Iraqi troopers also killed an unspecified number of the militants in the process and destroyed a large amount of their munitions.

Separately, fighters from the Popular Mobilization units brought down an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by ISIL terrorists in the Southern suburbs of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers (250 miles) North of Baghdad, as it was flying over the area and surveying the pro-government fighters.

Also on Friday, four high-ranking ISIL commanders were killed in a series of airstrikes carried out by the Iraqi Air Force in the country’s Northern province of Kirkuk.

Jabbar al-Mamouri, a commander of the pro-government Popular Mobilization units, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network that the Takfiri terrorists were killed as Iraqi fighter jets targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the town of Hawijah, located about 282 kilometers (175 miles) North of the capital.

Mamouri added that the aerial assaults also killed dozens of the commanders’ companions, who had come together for a meeting at the time of the attacks.

 "4 commanders of Takfiri terrorists have been killed as the Iraqi warplanes targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the southwestern district of Hawijah on Friday. Besides, Iraqi forces managed to liberate the villages of Khazraj and Nuwai'am in Anbar province.

The Takfiri terrorists were killed as the Iraqi warplanes targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the southwestern district of Hawijah on Friday, Arabic-language al-Sumaria news website reported, quoting Jabbar al-Mamouri, a commander of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units.

Mamouri added that the airstrikes also killed dozens of the commanders’ companions, who were at a meeting at the time of the attack.

Meanwhile, Iraqi fighter jets also killed at least 32 other Daesh terrorists in al-Rashad region and Bashir village in the province.
Earlier on Friday, Iraqi ground troops backed by the country’s Air Force also killed 91 Daesh Takfiris as the terrorists mounted offensives against the villages of Mahana and Kharbardan, south of the militant-held city of Mosul.

There will be a second part


  1. I've got more, but, that's enough for now

  2. I've just added another news story that makes clear the protest taking place are the same protests that have been going on since March of 2016- As the protestors have left the weekly protests at the green zone but will return again on Friday same as they've done since March- check the news in the posts, check the links- hoodwinked by the NATO media.
    Question everything, always

  3. Here's an article exposing some of what empire's been up to while prepping for their move on Mosul. Much of the same sort of softening up and terrorizing the civilian population while destroying infrastructure much of which is necessary for basic survival. The lead-up to displacement of the populace, cleansing the area of unwanted ethnicities and the creation of more refugees. Fallujah, anyone? Here is the far to long link:

    1. Hi Charles, I had that article bookmarked for my part2
      hopefully others will read it

      What a show yesterday, I was taken initially but after some time digging today and finding the news story about the protests every week since March!!
      I understood we were being psyoped and wickedly so!
      The US never needed the Iraqi gov to move on Mosul and this gives them to green light!

  4. I was waiting for it!
    And it didn't take long to appear...
    The news talk for the week, from the Guardian!

    Viability of Iraq's government in Question

    "In one afternoon, the fragility of state control was exposed by the power of the street"

    so you see it's grass roots aka "power of the street"

    "Iraq’s legislature had three time refused to agree to reforms that would replace a corrupt cabinet with technocrats"

    Technocrats just like Ukraine---- such a familiar theme
    Italy too.

    "At issue now, is the very viability of Iraq"

    Ash Carter has stated quite clearly. “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”

    Back to the Guardian:

    Public officials are starting to talk openly about a future state that is not bound by the same borders or political system

    Now there is a familiar theme? And one that's been discussed here for years now-

    while others have chosen to deceive regarding the situation at hand- and cheer for NATO backed Kurdish militias as they fought alongside ISIS- changing costumes, scarfs and uniforms- alongside NATO special forces always!

    Actually repeating the main stream meme about the most effective fighters against ISIS- PKK/YPG as if it wasn't just the war theatre and I mean theatre!

    -remaking the ME
    -Destroying nations
    -ethnically cleansing the population

    Balkanizing Syria, Iraq, Turkey and soon Iran....
    Heartbreaking stuff :(

    1. The Iranians seem to be well aware of the game and on to it. They are preparing militarily for what I believe will be an inevitable confrontation in what they see as their territorial waters.

  5. Iraq, or at least the ones in control at this time who are fighting the Takfiri scum do not want US/Pentagon/ or even NATO? (where do you draw the line ) running their war or their business anymore.

    They have stated such for some months now. I've seen this in articles in Farsnews, and Turk news site + I think a few references also in Syria and Russian news.

    My feeling is they know darn well they will lose the whole nation, or at least the Oil Producing part at the current rate.
    as they say on the internet, justsaying :)

  6. Here Penny is a short article w/ a couple of blips you might want to consider, author is in Damascus

    like Turkey has ambitions to take Mosul ? and border town near Aleppo
    Something has to be done about 40m Kurds
    Kurds are being supported by isreal
    and a statement by a General Bou about the 250 boots and future plan B of US

    1. thanks for the links karin, haven't had time to read, but will tomorrow for sure :)

      I'm keeping an eye on what's emerging in the news cycle

    2. karin- I read the word press article

      For Turkey to take Mosul- they would need a massive amount of troops... I don't think they can spare them.

      Plan B was always Plan A- balkanizing Syria
      I recall well the flag of the FSA in the early days
      3 stars for a Syria divided in 3

  7. "People power" looks to be the meme, again.

    Is people-power emerging in Iraq?

  8. Penny...don't you think it's plausible at least that Russia is somehow supporting the Iraqis? I know that Iraq informally asked Russia for the same air support they're giving Syria. It seems to me that Russia knows that if Iraq falls...the next domino will be Syria...then Iran...why not surreptitiously prop up the Iraq domino? Prior to the US invasion of Iraq...Russia was just as active in the nation as it is in Syria.

    1. GC- Other then the control center that was set up, I've come across no additional information regarding Russia supporting Iraqi forces- though they may well be?

      I mentioned the Iraqi airforce had some success the other day against ISIS- including killing some leadership... which was when we got the green zone psy op- it's possible Russia assisted with those succesful strikes? But that is speculation.

      If you see anything can you leave a link- it would be interesting to confirm Russian support in Iraq

    2. Back when Russia was asked if it was going to fight in Iraq as well, FM Lavrov had the best answer for reporters I've heard.
      "We only go places when we have an invitation." lol

      Whether it's true or not I can't say, but even Russian news is not talking about any type of assistance to Iraq other than supplying aircraft & tanks,etc. and humanitarian supplies. They know full well that both US and Israeli troops are in KRG, and some articles hint at not wanting to start what would be a proxy war in Iraq with US. Plus Iraq has been operating Chinese made drones, so that area is covered.
      Iran said a few weeks ago that they consider 40km outside their border to be a danger zone. It was a reply to questions of if any IRGC would fight in Iraq. The impression I got was that they would likely send the Basij (volunteer forces) if ISIS got into that 40km area. It was only briefly reported in english that I know of at PressTV, and nobody made any comments at the time. Now think about US troops helping build KRG, and an ISIS attack kills more than just one US soldier - the warmongers would then have their excuse to make war on Iran directly. Iraq or any part of it would make a good launching pad and Israel still has their drone base in Azerbaijan for attacking from that axis. Since the Iran kurds are right on the western border next to Iraq, US can use them along with their terrorist toys in MKO to cause trouble.

    3. thanks silver palomino:

      "Russian news is not talking about any type of assistance to Iraq other than supplying aircraft & tanks,etc. and humanitarian supplies"

      thanks silv, I've not seen anything either.

      As for Iran? Any pretext will do to push the agenda forward. Iran has to be on guard for that

      "Iran said a few weeks ago that they consider 40km outside their border to be a danger zone. It was a reply to questions of if any IRGC would fight in Iraq. The impression I got was that they would likely send the Basij (volunteer forces) if ISIS got into that 40km area."

      Which is why I believe Nagorno Karabakh will not being going away... and will get worse
      I had info bookmarked, but, no time to get to it- sigh..


    Keep in mind Hezbollah has openly come out and said it is fighting in Iraq with under local command. IS that what precipitated the Douri stunt with the alleged offer to back Baghdad.

    US has turned lebanon into an arms depot - including those stray missiles turning up in Serbia (same Serbia whose citizens were killed in Libya strikes) a month or so ago - which dovetails with the US listing (Clampdown) on Hezbollah and the Israeli moves on Golan.

    All of which comes back to this Washignton POSt story on 01DEC15 debunking the conspiracy throiers about the US supporting DAESH in Iraq

    Stories no doubt in response to the rumors of US resupplying of DAESH and allegations swirling around US moves in the Ramadi fight. The Iraqis recall rejected US equipment deployment offers.

    1. Russian fusion center in iraq days ago (in a replay of the US holding out on Maliki during the ISIS run and alleged Yazidi genocide). Days before the Russians delivered Su25s on June 2014, the WAPO reporting on US seeking alternatives to maliki.
      Russia fighters just delivered to Iraq

      Maliki reference timely as the rumors of resurface of a Maliki coup plotting in Iraqi parliament. Maliki has been very open - like his counterpart in Afghanistan Karzai (for his cash filings) - that he was taken down in a coup. From the infamous MEE (who reported the Israeli source saying Sisi wouldn't live out his term following their expose on the Egyptian General Anan - pun unintended - in waiting, the same general in DC during the Spring launch)

      Juxtapose this against the rumors last week Iraq was seeking US guarantees' for another Euro bond issue (Ukraine like in view of the latest round of parliament storming - from sunflowers to datepalms?)

      As an aside given the reference to Serbia above - on Orthodox Easter the Serb Cathedral n NYC goes up in Smoke, dedicated to Tesla.

      Days after the Serbs again affirmed they would in no way join NATO and would sustain Russian ties. Vucic just took the elections in what opposition calls rampant fraud to affirm the EU accession routes which is inextricably tied to the Serb capitulation on Kosovo (recent Unesco defeat notwithstanding)

      Far right party one vote short of Parliaments after the simpatico parties in Slovakia and Austria staged 'surprise ' shock election upsets...

      The far right being risen again in Europe..


      Syrian forces per Russia media announced days ago move on DEIR EZ ZUR,39.9379124,9z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x1518e6dc413cc6a7:0x877546f4882af620

      Russia says Syrian army planning offensives on Deir al-Zor, Raqqa Reuters

    3. thanks anonymous- scanned through but will definitely do a more thorough reading..


      More fire support as UK wanrs rebel situation around aleppo dire

      NATO ramping up in Libya

    5. Anonymous,

      Three Orthodox churches went up in flames over the Orthodox Easter weekend (one being Macedonian the other Greek). The one in Manhattan plus these two:

    6. what would be the significance of the churches being set ablaze- in the same weekend??
      Is it a message?
      To Russia?
      Easter being an important symbolic holiday?

      Any help in understanding would be very much appreciated :)