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Mosul: it's Precarious Dam & an Earthquake? CENTCOM/ DOD. Baghdad Protests, Again

 If you’ve read here over the past few months then you should understand why I keep coming back to the subject of Mosul Dam. Today we’re all going to look at some information and images left by a very helpful commenter.  I've added additional info and will relink all previous posts regarding Mosul Dam

It almost appears as if the Mosul dam is being prepared for demolition as the dam's concrete footwall has been reduced to rubble and the concrete erosion caps cut into pieces in recent months.

This image is from

An employee operates an excavator as he works at strengthening the Mosul Dam on the Tigris River, around 50km north of Mosul, Iraq, March 3, 2016.

Would it "strengthen" the dam to remove the concrete at it's base?
I don't see how it would?

 Watch the video at VOA as the concrete is demolished- This is the low water level side of the dam.Behind that wall is the water being held back- To the left we see what appears to be the power generating operation? (If I'm understand this correctly?)

 ( I can't embed  the video, so go to the link.  Can't say why, but, it just won't show)

You can see the concrete demolition taking place very briefly- as the talking head claims repairs are being done. Except repairs cannot be taking place, because the "repair" contract was only finalized a very short time ago and  work camps were in the process of being set up. 

Here's a monkey running the torch cable to cut the rebar and VOA showing the demo job in progress.

Here is the main body of the dam being drilled from the crest of the dam (wrong place unless they are blast holes) in February 2016 but it sure isn't TREVI and I don't see any grout trucks or pumps anywhere. Besides they said the grout facility was in Mosul and under ISIS control.

Here is the proper place to grout the Mosul dam, namely the grouting gallery built inside the dam at the base expressly for that purpose.

 Yet, another image: The Grouting Tunnel- grouting gallery referenced by commenter

Employees are working to strengthen the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq [Azad Lashkari/Reuters]
 The Mosul Dam was built with a grouting tunnel specifically because of the geology of the area (gypsum content)

"The dam was built by an Italian-German consortium and started operating in 1986. Because of the high proportion of gypsum in the area, the construction included a grouting tunnel to allow almost constant injection of cement and drilling mud into crevices in the base that are widened by the water flowing through them"
 If we understand that regular maintenance of the dam, as with any dam, would be absolutely required! We then understand why the dam would be constructed with this grouting  tunnel  The grouting tunnel, was a design feature, built into the tunnel to specifically address the maintenance that was required. This was not incompetence or corruption. As a matter of fact this was competent engineering considering the locale.  This was what had to be done, given the geological base/location for the dam. 

 Recall in a previous post the times the maintenance of the dam fell to the wayside?

1-When the US applied harsh sanctions on the US. (the Iraqis came up with an alternative solution to keep the dam maintained)

2-When the US attacked Iraq

3- Allegedly for two weeks in 2014 when "ISIS" took control of the dam two years ago- Since that time the dam has been in NATO/Kurdish hands

Since we now know the grouting tunnel is THE way to maintain the dam- what is going on in the image below?

Repairs? That's the claim? But the Italian engineering firm isn't at work yet. So, what are we really looking at?

 Since a 'culprit' must be blamed perhaps this unusual and timely earthquake risk assessment released in November of 2015 could shed some light.
 November 2015- Yup, a timely assessment!

Difficulty of Predicting Earthquakes in Mosul Dam

Have a look at that information. November 2015 earthquake assessment? 

If you want to go down a rabbit hole then we can talk about the Assyrians. I've mentioned this before. The followers of Judaism have a biblical grudge with the Assyrians.  And that area of Iraq was the heart of the Assyrian empire....  

  Before I forget... if you want to take the express elevator to the bottom of the rabbit hole you'll want to read everything by Brandon Smith and Ken Stephens.

Here >

And here >

The forthcoming Mosul dam collapse is only a tiny part of the Globalist Shitshow and is designed to be part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. By September 2016 the world will be in military, economic/financial and spiritual conflict.

Don't get taken in by the show >

Baghdad has been preoccupied- and the US has already moved on Mosul with the Kurds

  • DOD  ISIL Campaign Shifts Toward Taking Mosul and Raqqa

 The U.S. commander of all troops in the Middle East, Central Command's General Joseph Votel, arrived in Baghdad Thursday on an unannounced visit for meetings on how the war against ISIS is progressing.
 CNN is the only television network on the military plane carrying Votel, a four-star general, to the Middle East to meet with his commanders, the troops and regional military officials.


  1. Is the commentor a civil or structural engineer? From my own experience in heavy civil construction, which approaches 25 years, I believe there is some speculation going on? Concerning the "monkey" supposedly carrying a torch cable, what evidence is in the photo that allows for that conclusion. To cut rebar, where do you see it. The voids between the concrete, which appear to be part of a concrete breaking operation, do not have noticable bar. Unless there is a photo of far greater resolution than that one. The area where "drilling" appears to be taking place is adjacent to an access road and not part of the dams superstructure. Which is visible in the background. What are they doing? Possibly drilling for placement of explosives, possibly drilling for cast piles, possibly drilling and placing sleeves for a guardrail, possibly. You can't know for certain unless you have access to the daily reports, geotech reports or physically viewing the activities. One thing we can agree upon, if Mosul Dam is blown the creature from US/NATO will be responsible.

    1. Geologist actually and yes indeed there is some speculation going on. Glad to have a civil engineer aboard to explain how cutting erosion caps and the footwall of an 'earthen' dam could possibly improve the dam's structural integrity, because frankly I'm a little in the dark on that issue.

      As for the rebar it can be clearly seen in the bottom of the cuts when enlarged and thankfully since you are here I will allow you alone to speculate on what the two different sized cables/hoses carried across and into those same cuts exhibiting rebar could possibly be used for >

      My contention is not that the dam would not fail if maintenance were neglected because the nature of the subsurface geology virtually assures that outcome. My point is that there simply is no mechanism for a catastrophic failure to suddenly occur of the main earthen dam. The solubility of the interbedded breciated gypsum and anhydrite layers is certainly problematic but the chalks/marls are practically impermeable and the dolomite/limestone karsts while permeable are not highly soluble in anything other than geologic time horizons. That leaves a sudden collapse of a hypothetical major void under the earthen dam itself as the only possible mechanism for the dam's destruction but the geology is simply not supportive of that potential outcome.(see page 5)

      Grouting procedures under the 2379m. long main dam itself ( are well explained on page 6 which you will also note is referenced in the top left corner as page 64 of the original 1988 report of which this 'new report' is only a partial out-take. Also there have been media references to an ACE (Army Corps of Engineers)updated report on the deteriorating conditions but unfortunately nothing has been made public.

      Failure of this dam would be preceded by substantial increases in discharge through massive fissures downstream south-east of the dam itself. This process would occur over an absolute minimum period of months not days or hours.

      This BBC graphic exaggerates what is occurring but as you can see the cavities in the gypsum beds which are in reality extremely small, if collapsed, would in no way immediately compromise the entire structure which is what would have to occur to trigger an instantaneous and deadly flood.

      Glad to hear any feedback you may have and then I'll take you through a tour of the inconsistencies wrt the MSM analysis (or lack thereof).

    2. Hello Anonymous Geologist!

      I didn't delete the comment- Google has a habit of sending comments with multiple links to the spam file and I'm not so good about checking daily
      My apologies for that.

      I want to thank you also for clarifying this for everyone here. It's greatly appreciated

      PS: If a comment ever goes missing again, let me know and I'll check the spam
      OK? and thanks again.

    3. And now I'm sorry I excluded the image because there it is- the rebar!!

      Since you've been reading my posts, it seems we are on the same page that if there is a catastrophic collapse it is intentional.

    4. My apologies. I was able to magnify the image and saw the bar. However, 2 cables, no. One in his hands and a shadow. But, the premise stands, in so far as speculation is concerned. You, or me or anyone else not present or privy to reports can only do so. Is it not a possibility that the existing concrete is neing demolished in a controlled rather than random means in order to replace or modify? Again, unless privy to necessary info it's a guess, speculation.

    5. Here you go... two cables.

      And a possible reason for any cables being placed near the rebar in the cuts in the concrete erosion caps that clearly where in excellent shape prior to the cutting is?

      Listen... I'm not trying to bust your b*lls or anything here but if I see a dead body with the head smashed lying on the ground with a blood spatterred crow-bar sitting next to it I might be tempted to infer it was the murder weapon.

      Yes it is speculation... but I don't think I need to be privy to a special report from some authority (AKA 9/11)to tell me it was actually a heart attack so that we can all just forget about it.

    6. Anonymous " but I don't think I need to be privy to a special report from some authority (AKA 9/11)to tell me it was actually a heart attack so that we can all just forget about it"

      Well said anon! Those special reports from authority are the wildly speculative reports that so many choose to believe based soley on the fact they come from authority-

      I'll take my carefully considered speculation. Examined to the best of my capabilities. My ideas, thoughts and concepts to be accurate, until someone can demonstrate otherwise.
      And it takes way more then some logical fallacy appeal to authority to do that!

      The one thing we can count on with "authority"

  2. Charles: I excluded the image of the man pulling the cable because it was not necessary for this post

    The "drilling" image is included to present a repairs taking place idea however that is not the case- Because the Italian firm is not presently repairing anything- therefore all the 'work' we see taking place in those images can't be repair work

    'An Italian engineering firm, the Trevi Group, is set to sign a contract with the Iraqi government to begin shoring up the dam"
    from townhall

    "A delegation from Trevi visited the dam in March to begin preparing a nearby site to host the engineers and soldiers, which a source said could take up to six months to complete”

    Trevi visited the damin March and they began to prep a site to host the work to be done- six months to complete the site?

    Also: New Civil Engineer 12 May, 2016 By Emily Ashwell

    "Italian engineering giant Trevi has revealed how it plans to tackle the structural crisis facing the Mosul Dam in Iraq"

    The other aspect of this is the constant harping on the flaws of the dam... when very clearly the tunnel was included in the design and original construction to address the locale/geology of the area

    So Trevi has not started to shore up the dam- I linked in a previous post, that they have a plan, but they are not presently shoring up the dam.

    The image of the concrete being broken up- therefore cannot be repair work if Trevi is not repairing the dam

    So, what's being done at the dam?

    1. I found the image of the guy pulling the cable prior to commenting. My response to a previous discussion regarding how water and the substrate below interacted to affect the disintegration of the rock made mention of the engineering involved to compensate. The grouting tunnel is what was engineered into the structure. Is there information available stating the necessary grouting of voids was abandoned and not taking place? "So what's being done at the dam" is an unknown. Unless one is there, as stated, it's all speculation. Would causing an event which will result in death and destruction downstream be planned by empire if it serves their purposes? We all know that answer.

  3. Hi Pen, why is this dam so important for the Kurds and Americans?

    1. Hi Ally:

      the locale + the locale of a dam being built in SE Turkey- would control lots of water and lots of power generation

      also if the dam fails it would clear the land immediately of it's inhabitants and then the PKK would be free to take and control the land and all the resources

      Mosul is a very, very contested area

      Also the two year anniversary of Mosul falling to ISIS is coming soon, clearing the area of ISIS would be a feather in the outgoing cap of Obama

      Kurds controlling Mosul would also make the Israel quite happy- settling old scores one could say

    2. Thank you, and you posted earlier about Erdogan 'warning' us about the Brussels attacks. He said that they could happen in Europe. What does he mean by that?

    3. When Davatoglu went to Brussels the PKK was out in full force- In his face so to speak
      Erdogan made a comment to the effect that since the EU supports terrorists (right in Brussels) perhaps Brussels will be struck by those terrorists
      It was not predictive. It was more observational.

    4. Oh yeah, they have the tent outside the Brussels parliament and want to remove it from the list of terrorist organisations. But the EU is allies with pkk so why would they get attacked? I also read on Hurriyet that Erdogan said: the weapons you give to the pkk will be used to attack you. And AKP has just voted to remove immunities from hdp party members so he can prosectute my opinion, this is making things worse

  4. re: rebar and the lack of it in images

    A general fyi for readers:

    rebar goes with concrete construction like peanut butter goes with jam.

    We don't need to see rebar to know it's an integral part of the dam's concrete construction.

    Rebar has been used in construction since at least the 15th century; for example, 2500 m of rebars were used in the Château de Vincennes.[2]

    rebar is cast into it (concrete) to carry the tensile loads. Most steel reinforcement is divided into primary and secondary reinforcement, but there are other minor uses:

    Primary reinforcement refers to the steel which is employed to guarantee the resistance needed by the structure as a whole to support the design loads.
    Secondary reinforcement, also known as distribution or thermal reinforcement, is employed for durability and aesthetic reasons, by providing enough localized resistance to limit cracking and resist stresses caused by effects such as temperature changes and shrinkage.
    Rebar is also employed to confer resistance to concentrated loads by providing enough localized resistance and stiffness for a load to spread through a wider area.
    Rebar may also be used to hold other steel bars in the correct position to accommodate their loads.
    External steel tie bars can constrain and reinforce masonry structures, as illustrated by the Nevyansk Tower or ancient structures in Rome and the Vatican.

    A proper concrete driveway cannot be poured without a rebar grid put down after leveling - or it will crack in short order

    Therefore, if we can see concrete at Mosul Dam, we can be assured there is rebar present.

    1. First, I did not need wiki to understand rebar/concrete construction. The point was you are speculating. You must have much more experience than I. Is rebar placed in a driveway. No, unless you are placing heavy duty concrete pavement. What is utilized is welded wire mesh. I suppose you have overseen the placement of millions of cubic yards of concrete, as well? Did you ever see flatwork placed without wire or rebar. It is done. Utilizing fiber mesh. Look that up too. The point, I repeat, is you are engaging in speculation on a topic I can be pretty certain you have little personal experience with; or else why quote from a source from the internet? Explain how you know for certain the "cable" is for a totch. Which isually consists of two lines, oxygen and acetylene.

    2. charles:

      "A general fyi for readers"

      " Is rebar placed in a driveway"

      A proper concrete driveway cannot be poured without a rebar grid put down after leveling - or it will crack in short order

      I've seen rebar in concrete driveways- A very large one, right across the street from my home

      "Explain how you know for certain the "cable" is for a totch."

      Since I never said that,anywhere, I see no need to answer that question.

      Not quite sure why your coming off as offended?
      That was not my intent-

    3. "Explain how you know for certain the "cable" is for a totch. Which isually consists of two lines, oxygen and acetylene"

      Unless it's a plasma cutter. Then it would appear as just one cable.

      FYI: My husband is a construction tradesman- 30 years- As was his father.(Ironworker) As is his brother.
      So, yah, Charles I know a bit about construction-
      Hell I've even been to job sites!

    4. The replies were to the geologist poster, not you. Nowhere did I speak of your lack of knowledge. Now where did I state a driveway cannot have rebar in the pour. Only that unless it's heavy duty pavement that will need to support heavier loads it's overkill. Again, before magnifying the photo I could not see the bar. I apologized for that. I'm not above admitting to mistakes.
      I too was a construction tradesman for 25 years. Ran work for 18 of those. Moved into the office a long time ago. I don't doubt father's, your husband's or your own experience. I ask you do not doubt my own. Ran some of the largest concrete jobs in my area. The original point made was pertaining to speculation. If your not there you have no actual idea of what's going on as far as the work at the dam. If it's a plasma cutter hose I'll buy you a beer. "If" that's the point I'm attempting to make. If the intent is to demolish the existing structure and build another there are preparations that are not occurrring and you certainly can't see those in any of the photos. Lots of assumptions. Like me being an engineer. No, just a stupid construction worker who was for some unknown reason given enormous responsibilities on major projects. Facts and evidence matter, speculation is like toilet tissue. Your still the best :)

    5. Hey Charles- It's nothing personal- I don't take it that way- I just wanted you to know that I did have a basic understanding of construction work and my husband has a ton of it-

      His father built the Skylon tower in Niagara Falls
      And the Nanticoke coal plant (two examples of iron work)

      Hubby has constructed, installed, designed so much stuff out of normal to exotic metal, I couldn't even list it all
      work for the nuclear power plants, the food industry, wineries, pharmaceutical, chemical etc

      YOu sound exactly like my husband "given enormous responsibilites on major projects" that means you were or are still a good man for the job and thats a good thing :)

      As for speculation? No one claims otherwise. Certainly I don't and I know the engineer fellow didn't either. However all the speculation being undertaken is based on as best as can be gathered information- It's not just speculation that's being pulled out of a hat or something like that?
      Facts and evidence do matter and I do what I can to provide both to support my speculation

      And thanks for the compliment :)
      Because having this blog is a mostly unappreciated effort that I've actually been thinking of giving up the last little while.

      What keeps it going is my enjoyment in the learning and digging- and the sharing of thoughts with so many others

      But lately... I'm not to sure if that's enough?
      Maybe I just need a break?
      I don't know

  5. Correct Penny...

    Mosul is in a very oily neighborhood and depopulation appears to be an objective.

    1. Yes, I have some images regarding the abundant oil
      thanks for providing more !

  6. Another green zone violation in wake of rumored sadr pull back of protesters. Friday Iraqi troops took key town on road to Syria. Hmm.

    On Egypt, the devaluation may offer a hint. Watch for sawiris backed economic reforms.

  7. lol Rebar Like peanut butter and jam :D love it

    On prophesy
    About 2 yrs ago, I saw a picture of a rabbi in the middle of a field in Golan telling the military what to do. It was then I realized it was bigger than I thought

    The Assyrians won against them in two decisive battles way back in history. They have never forgotten this. One battle was in what is now Syria, by a river that comes from Lebanon mountains and runs North through Syria and into Turkey.
    I have that info and if you want to see it, I'll dig it up.

    You stinker ! That Indigo Bunting just wow
    fyi, the other axe to grind by UknowWho is Khazaria
    Several books on recreation of it and their ruling from there.

    1. yah, the indigo bunting was something else :)

    2. Egypt has an issue with the cnn coverage of the place shootdown.

      And this

  8. (All hypothetical so let's not get our shorts in a bunch!)

    Rebar can be seen in this hi-res photo. Just check out the bottom of the cuts.

    There is an interesting dam x-section graph here. Notice the clay core and the boulders for backfill.

    The boulders behind the clay wall might lodge before the concrete footwall and impede the scouring effect once the crest gets breached/blown. That could explain why they removed the footwall and caps.

    Perhaps this is why the rebar in the caps had to have torch hoses / electrical cord / pneumatic hose sent down to the rebar from the top.(the base is not a road)

    Did you want me to take you through the reasons why the geology does not support a sudden catastrophic collapse again? (my last post yesterday got deleted somehow so I'll try to be a tad more snark sensitive in the future :)

  9. Hi Penny -

    Not even going to touch the rebar discussion...smh

    but here's an interesting story about 2 earthquakes in Syria today:

    Since aftershocks often come in at same size it could be a sign of things to come. When ISIS took Palmyra they did it during a sandstorm that was traveling from east to west. Not the normal direction and many other similar "strange weather" occurances have been noted since 2011. They always seem to benefit those "moderate" head choppers.

    1. Hey SP

      2 earthquakes in Syria today, in ISIS controlled territory
      I believe that's a first, in all the time I've covered Syria, that I've seen reports of one earthquake let alone two earthquakes..

      Do sandstorms usually travel north south? Or something like that?

  10. Penny,

    June 20th (solstice/sacrifice) to October 2nd (New Year 5777) will be the critical time period during which the dam will likely experience a catastrophic collapse due to a massive 'earthquake'. Keep an eye out on August 14th (Tisha B'Av) as well.

    It is possible if not probable that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will collapse at the same time (it's a building after all) which will initiate the religious wars necessary to fulfill the 'End Times' prophecies and allow the rebuilding of the new Temple of Zion/Solomon/Multifaith center.

    Lieberman, an extreme hawk, is being put in charge of both the Defense Ministry AND the West Bank

    Also the Temple Mount fanatic Yehuda Glick from central casting has just made a timely entrance in the Knesset..

    In addition they are continuing to set up conflicts in the South China sea with China, the Baltics/NATO with Russia, Ukraine wrt Russia, and of course Syria, Iraq, and Middle East, all timed to create a sense of overwhelm while at the same time they threaten to collapse the global economy.

    Don't get taken in by the Globalist NWO Shitshow.

    They are ALL bought and paid for actors.

    Even Putin.