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NATO Backed Kurds Move on Mosul- Canadians and/or Americans on Frontlines?

Going long-
US or Canadian Forces Believed to Be Fighting Near Mosul, Iraq

Let’s start by talking about the US or Canadians on the front lines, alongside Kurdish militia/terrorists including PKK/YPG etc., moving towards the main city of Mosul- An offensive that began today- Sunday morning in Iraq.  Iraq is 7 hours ahead of eastern standard time. (Keep that in mind)
Servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition were seen near the front line of a new offensive in northern Iraq launched on Sunday by Kurdish peshmerga forces that aims to retake a handful of villages from Islamic State east of their Mosul stronghold.

A Reuters correspondent saw the soldiers loading armored vehicles outside the village of Hassan Shami, a few miles east of the frontline. They told people present not to take photographs.

They spoke in English but their nationality was not clear. Reuters had earlier reported that they were American but this could not be confirmed officially.
Commenting on the ground deployment of coalition soldiers seen near the battle front, Baghdad-based spokesman for then coalition, U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren, said: "U.S. and coalition forces are conducting advise and assist operations to help Kurdish Peshmerga forces".

He said he could not confirm which country those seen by Reuters were from.

"They may be Americans, they may be Canadians or from other nationalities," he said, when told that some forces were reported to be wearing maple leaf patches, the emblem of Canada.
Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the early hours of Sunday launched an attack to dislodge Islamic State fighters from villages located about 20 km (13 miles) east of Mosul.

Flashback: U.S. Deploys B-52 Bombers to Middle East. First Time in 25 Years

The US didn't bring those bombers into the area for no reason whatsoever

Flashback: Leafletting Mosul Ahead of Annexation Operations- Coordinating with Raqqa?

See April 10th post on B-52's, leafletting and the American presently bombing Mosul ahead of Kurdish advances

Now let’s talk about the Kurdish militia’s and their move towards Mosul:

First up, a rather absurd video, from the Daily Signal:

Why use it if it’s absurd? Because, it’s a perfect example of a propaganda video created to tug at your heartstrings, despite the obvious manipulative memes, we can still glean some nuggets of truth from the six minutes of video and contrived story telling.

  An interesting aside: When I went to get the link/ embed code for this video, for the first time ever, a cautionary warning appeared- yellow background-
Link- This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

 Not sure what the issue is because I got this story initially from Newsweek-
Which sent me to the Daily Signal (linked above)
The video was included with the Daily Signal article and it was very clearly posted at Youtube.
What does it mean if a video is 'unlisted'? I don't know?  It would seem if this video was made and posted to Youtube, it was made to be viewed and inevitably shared, or it simply wouldn’t be on Youtube. Newsweek linked to Daily Signal whose article contained the video .Daily Signal shared the video just by posting it on Youtube.

 The video is associated with someone named Nolan Peterson, a former special operations pilot and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan,  Nolan Peterson is The Daily Signal’s foreign correspondent based in Ukraine. Nolan Peterson looks to be connected. Quite well connected to the military industrial terror complex.

MUST READ- Interesting tidbit

As I'd written yesterday. Nolan Peterson looked to be connected. Quite well connected to the military industrial terror complex- It's come to my attention, with a hattip to mmm that indeed Nolan Peterson is very well connected. One could say he belongs to the 'In Crowd"
Nathan is 'in with the in-crowd'-
who'd 'ave thunk it

Mr Peterson is so "in" he got an award from none other then Geoffrey Pyatt- Remember him? Oh, I'm sure most of you do!
 With US Amb to -- I was honored to get an award from last night!
 Yes, Mr Peterson was  really honoured to get an award at America House in Kiev from Geoffrey Pyatt. Not sure what the award was for, but, he got it and was honoured. What ever! Scroll down to the end of the post for a special song dedicated to the "In crowd" A musical interlude as MMM called it. For Mr Peterson, Geoffrey Pyatt , Geoff's gal pal Victoria Nuland and all the other scum that make this world far worse then it has to be.

Back to the the main post

So, embed the video or not? I went with embed. The video has to be here for you to understand my critique/analysis. It seems sensible Nolan Peterson wants the video viewed, or he wouldn't have made it and put it on Youtube.

-We see very out of shape men posing with guns- it’s doubtful these persons are seeing any fighting- however they create the perception of ‘ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances’ and also of ordinary hero’s. Making them easy for the viewer to self identify with
-We even get the camera fixated on two faces while particularly poignant tales are told, allegedly about their personal beef with ISIS- Since we can’t verify this at all- The men do no talking at all. We may as well discount those recounts. Sorry if you think that is cruel. It’s not intended to be.
The presentation is extremely manipulative and is done to draw you and I in. 
-We see our Kurdish Sunni fighters kneeling to pray- Because as I’ve said dozens of times the Kurds are Sunni Muslim.

-The video also contains the usual poorly armed, old weapons etc- Not believable.
-Insurmountable odds. Blah, blah, blah. Not credible

And so the legend goes.................

They (the Peshmerga/PKK/YPG and company)  have the NATO special forces arms, training and men amongst their ranks.  They have NATO dropping bombs all over ordinary people- Destroying everything.  And the Kurds are at a disadvantage?! Baloney!!! Not credible. Not believable. Not even in the slightest.
The fact that you have a former special ops pilot making propaganda video tells us clearly the Peshmerga have all the benefits including great PR!
Cripes, BHL made a propaganda film that was ‘discovered’ at the last minute and included at the Cannes film festival.
To be blunt, only a complete idiot would believe the common/mainstream/ promoted memes about the Kurdish militias-

The Atlantic:No Kurd Will Die to Restore Iraqi Unity

-"At least 40,000 peshmerga continue to hold a 600-mile border against ISIS in northern Iraq"

-"These fighters have relied on mostly aging, Soviet-era equipment to clear over 8,000 miles of territory"  

And so the legend goes............

Bullshit on the aging Soviet era equipment! (Excuse the language, but this stuff is just sickening) This is how one creates a drama, but, not reality. Not a way in hell does one clear 8,000 miles of territory with bb guns!!)

" We intend to keep it all, including the oil-rich city of Kirkuk"

 -" We are part of the global coalition against ISIS" (directly contradicting the lie of taking 8,000 miles of territory on their own with aged weapons)

-" The U.S. is devoting painstaking efforts to keeping Shia militias out of Mosul"

Since Kurds are Sunni Muslims...  It should speak volumes to us that the US is making painstaking efforts to keep Shia militias out of Mosul tells us all we need to know about the future of Mosul.

A tidbit-  The majority of Iraq’s population are Shia Muslims-
The Muslim population of Iraq is approximately 60-75% Shi'a, 32-37% Sunni. Iraqi Kurds are mostly Sunni, with about 10% being Shi'a Faili Kurds.
So the US is intent on excluding or cleansing 60 - 75 percent of Iraq’s population from vast swathes of Iraq?

Continuing from the Atlantic- twisting the arm of the Iraqi PM

 -" Beyond the Mosul operation, Abadi can accept he cannot hold back the Kurds, and offer political recognition of our national goals. We will not return to a united Iraq if Mosul is liberated"

One the Kurds have annexed Mosul and Kirkuk that’s the end of an illusion of a united Iraq

-" The Kurds believe long-term stability can only be achieved by recognizing the new, de facto segregated Iraq. No amount of firepower will deliver peace"

But all my readers already know the US is remaking the middle east. All my readers already know the US and company are carving out Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. All my readers know that Turkey will be carved up too. And then onto Iran. That's their plan- it's in your face and mine.

Musical Interlude:


  1. The whole Kurdish meme is very David vs Goliath... so the legend goes.. and goes and goes and goes and goes..

  2. I relinked the post regarding B-52's being brought into the Middle east first time in 25 years- the mass leafletting of Mosul in advance of Kurdish annexation operation and we already knowing Iraqis are fleeing Mosul heading to Syria

  3. Opera House Picture

  4. They will never give up the dream of Eratz Israel by way of conquering and then partitioning Iraq into three. The only surprise is that it's taken this long. I remember at the time of the original (but 2nd) Iraq war they thought it would take little more than a weekend (honest!) Now that Russia is involve and Hezbollah is crucial in the defense of Arabic states...I doubt it will ever happen.

    1. Hi Greencrow:

      I'm afraid they've come to far to turn back now.

      The kurdish militias backed by Israel/US (siding with the 'power' in their same historical role including ethnic cleansing and massacres) seem undeterred and very well supported

      To change this scenario planned by the zionist crowd- we would need to see Turkey and Iran up their cooperation- which they have to some degree-
      It would also be good to see Saudia Arabia and Egypt cooperating with Turkey and Iran- that's the minimum in the region- this would entail purges of embedded scum- which would all be portrayed very negatively in the NATO media and much much more- it could change the outcome to some degree certainly
      but how much of a change in outcome? I don't know?

    2. Justin has been fibbing about Canada's role in Iraq too- Soldiers right on the frontline?!
      Lieberals they are. Just like the Conservatives

    3. Justin probably doesn't even know what's going on. He's too far down the totem pole.

  5. The Daily Signal article is written by 'Nolan Petersen' - "a former special operations pilot and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, is ... based in Ukraine."

    A 'former' special oerations pilot based in Ukraine - hmmm.

  6. Darn - hit publish instead of preview!

    A 'special operations pilot' may be able to offer insights on how a group of ISIS mercenaries made it from Syria to Ukraine. Maybe they passed through Turkey, picking up a few Gray Wolves en route.

    1. Thanks so much :)
      Definitely the special op pilot would be able to offer up some insights in that regard..
      love it!

    2. Nathan is 'in with the in-crowd'-
      who'd 'ave thunk it

      meanwhile a musical interlude-

    3. hey mmm!

      why yes, he is, look at him getting an award from Geoffrey Pyatt- he was honoured to get an award..
      An award for what?
      I really must add that to the post
      thanks for the tip!

  7. btw: National Post is now reporting on the presence of Canadians on the front lines-

    Of course, I got the news first, but, their mouthpiece gets a paycheque and I don't

    U.S. military officers say that Canadian special forces are on the front lines of a new offensive in Iraq to retake villages from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant east of Mosul.

    The coalition troops were spotted with Kurdish forces as they prepared for battle on Sunday.

    U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren, who speaks for the coalition, confirmed that “U.S. and coalition forces are conducting advise and assist operations to help Kurdish Peshmerga forces”.

    He could not confirm which country the troops seen by Reuters were from.

    “They may be Americans, they may be Canadians or from other nationalities,” he said

    along with the usual 'denials' rolls eyes

  8. Hey Penny -

    'Nolan Petersen' - "a former special operations pilot and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, is ... based in Ukraine."
    Well isn't that special. Check out where the metal plates ISIS used on car bomb in Iraq were made:

    "These fighters have relied on mostly aging, Soviet-era equipment to clear over 8,000 miles of territory"
    Yeah, they may have Soviet weapons, but almost the entire former USSR has old Soviet arms/equipment laying around. US has been using that "old Soviet" stuff since at least 1979 when they started arming the Muj in Afghanistan. If you look at the video from PKK affiliate "gorilaTV" you'll see they used old Soviet MANPAD to shoot down the Turkish helicopter. US uses that old equipment as a way to shift blame. Turkey knows this - they are in the chain that these weapons flow thru. Because they are Turkey cannot say anything except "Russia shot helicopter", but we know as well as they do, a warning was sent that Turkey needs to fall in line with US/NATO plans.

    There is a report from RT that shows those fighters on the front line. I'm not big on RT but this time they actually did a good job of showing the troops were US Spec. Ops. The giveaway was the relatively new weapon they had - MK## - it was how I identified them as US because that weapon is not given even to regular US forces. It's very expensive and hasn't been shown very often. Add things like the camo pattern and low profile helmet - definitely from US.

    Syrian general staff says US-SDF move on Raqqa is (dis)info war.
    According to them, and looking at the videos at best these folks appear to be doing training, but there's no real large force or any ISIS for them to shoot at.

    1. Wow, I watched that video
      stamped made in Ukraine- how did that metal get to Iraq?

      The aging soviet era equipment claim is such nonsense- always used to portray the Kurds at a disadvantage- they aren't.

      An AK-47 could be claimed as 'aging soviet era equipment' but it isn't.

  9. #2 -

    Came across some interesting stats from a recent poll out of Turkey...

    "Recently conducted annual public opinion survey undertaken by Kadir Has University in Istanbul has also revealed anti-Americanism permeating the Turks. For 44.1% of the respondents, the U.S. is the greatest threat against Turkey. Although Russia’s perception as a source of threat has risen from 10.2% to 34.9% due to the ongoing crisis, and Syria’s has gone up from 22.1% to 30.4% since last year, the United States is still perceived as the main threat against Turkey and its interests.

    In the meantime, while 41.6% of the respondents describe the U.S. as an “unreliable country” and 21.3% consider it as a “colonial power”, only 4.1% see it as a “military ally” and 4.8% as a “friendly country.” The reason behind this significantly negative view of the U.S. relates to the divergences in the way the two countries deal with terrorism in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and the way both have been and continue to differ over which group should be and should not be classified as such."

    It's quite telling that so many Turks, not just politicians,don't have a very good impression of US :-)

    1. "It's quite telling that so many Turks, not just politicians,don't have a very good impression of US :-)"

      The turks are savvy that's for sure! Clearly the wool isn't being pulled over their eyes

  10. be back later to read the blog post and comments

    Just saw this at Hurriyet

    mentions the area used for supplies, rotation of fighters etc.

  11. Polls conducted throughout the ME, excepting possibly KSA and of course the ZAIS (zionist apartheid israeli state) would most likely yield similar results as concerns the Empire/NATO terrorist organization. I would suggest as well that "the reason behind this significantly negative view of the US" has very little to do, among the effected populace, with the way they deal with terrorism and much more to do with their perception of the US as a force which places no value upon their lives. Being that they, Empire, murdered millions since their military intervention in the region.

    1. Charles 'I would suggest as well that "the reason behind this significantly negative view of the US" has very little to do, among the effected populace, with the way they deal with terrorism and much more to do with their perception of the US as a force which places no value upon their lives"

      Very good observation!

  12. So who are most of Isis then? A lot of the Arabs in Iraq are Shias so they can't be part of Isis, but maybe some of the Sunni ones are. The only Sunnis in Iraq are the Kurds, even the Turkmen minority (9%) are mainly shias so a lot of Isis members must be Kurd or am I wrong because Isis does also get a lot of foreign fighters. But the main ethnicities in Iraq are Kurds and Arabs, with the Kurds mainly living in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the Arabs in the South.

    1. Had a Facebook Face chat with my family in Diyarbakir. Got to see all of their faces. They are doing ok but I didn't ask them about pkk or anything...not something we like to bring up a lot unless they talk about it. I don't talk to them a lot because their English isn't that good and my Turkish either but they seem to be doing ok for now

    2. Ally: I have stated unequivocally that in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.. ISIS is for the most part the Kurds. (PKK in particular- it's a big criminal organization- drugs, human trafficking, smuggling, extortion- with rich friends in Europe)

      That's my informed opinion. It's based on a whole pile of reading and thinking about what is really going on- who's accessible as fighters, who will benefit- who is allied with whom etc.,

      In other parts of the world, where ISIS is. In Africa as an example, ISIS would consist of other persons/groups/ nationalities

      The consistent feature of ISIS would be foreign recruits from NATO countries that includes Israel and the GCC nations

      And special forces operatives, again from NATO nations and Israel in particular

      Yes, ISIS has had foreign recruits from many NATO nations- this would be disenfranchised youth that would be easy to manipulate into going to places like Syria, Iraq and Turkey, Libya etc., to fight for some 'cause'

      Then there would also be NATO special forces in ISIS- there were British troops wearing ISIS clothing and driving Toyota pick up trucks.

      I suspect when the Kurds shot the Canadian soldiers they were wearing their "ISIS" costume

      Here are some previous posts discussing German soldier in ISIS

      british soldiers in ISIS

    3. And Ally: I am very glad your family is ok so far.
      It must have been nice to see all their faces :)

  13. Off topic, but another revealing propaganda story revealed over here, don't miss the comments ;) -

    1. Hey Penny, did you check this out? It is priceless.

    2. Apologies MMM
      I did check it out and agree it is priceless
      Should have let you know
      sorry- just busy the past couple of days