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Pt 2 Iraq's Maidan Spring- Order out of Chaos/ Washington Must Decide!

There will be a 3rd part. I'm trying to keep these to readable lengths :)

Very briefly reiterating:
The protests that occurred in Iraq a couple of days ago, we’re NOT new protests. Nor was this the  first time the protests had taken place in and around the Green Zone. Protests have been taking  place since at least March of 2016. So, why did the war mongering media decide to report on these repeating protests, at this specific time?

1.The US and company need the cover of chaos to create the new order
2.The illusion of a central government in a unified Iraq is no longer necessary
3. Mosul

 I will relink all posts related to the above statement at the end of this latest entry

As expected, the media began immediately spinning on specific concepts/memes they want their audience to accept as reality. These memes should be rejected.  As I’ve already pointed out, the presentation of the protests was intentionally misleading therefore we should be prepared for more misdirection and obfuscation from the NATO media to advance the war making agenda!

The first batch of memes came in an approximate 24 hour period, from the Guardian:

I pointed some of them out in the comments section  from yesterday..

I was waiting for it!
And it didn't take long to appear...
The news talk for the week, from the Guardian!

Viability of Iraq's government in Question

"In one afternoon, the fragility of state control was exposed by the power of the street"

Ignoring the lie about one afternoon, you get the grass roots aka "power of the street" meme.

"Iraq’s legislature had three time refused to agree to reforms that would replace a corrupt cabinet with technocrats"

Technocrats just like Ukraine---- such a familiar theme
Italy too. 

"At issue now, is the very viability of Iraq"

Well, that's what the msm want's you to believe? Note the reinforcement of the originating premise? However, I've repeatedly quoted Ash Carter" “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”  Making very clear that the viability or the unity of Iraq is not even a consideration!

"Public officials are starting to talk openly about a future state that is not bound by the same borders or political system"

"Talking openly"? Dismantling Iraq has been spoken of quite openly for some time now- Ditto for remaking the middle east. Is the Guardian article telling us that now the media is going to 'talk openly' , publicly and more often, about the dismantling/balkanization of Iraq since the time has come to move the agenda forward?

Followed up by Al Jazeera: 

"People power" looks to be the meme, again.

Is people-power emerging in Iraq?
 Today there have been numerous news reports framed along the same lines. 

With headlines such as this.  Days of Chaos in Baghdad: Protest or Meltdown?

 Pay attention to the words emplyed by NYT's:
"Mr. Sadr resurfaced in February to lead protests supporting measures by Mr. Abadi to reduce government waste, tackle corruption and end sectarian quotas"  (as I've mentioned the protest have been ongoing for months now)
 "Mr. Sadr is nominally an ally of Mr. Abadi, and the protests were seen as an effort to push Mr. Abadi’s opponents to approve a cabinet filled with technocrats rather than officials loyal to a party or sect"
Nominally? That's interesting. Nominally means "in name only- ostensibly" You could assume because Abadi is Shiite and Sadr is Shiite they are allies. You would be mistaken!
Nominally defined:  by or as regards name; in name; ostensibly:
Example: He was nominally the leader, but others actually ran the organization.

Sadr is not an ally of Abadi- Sadr is an ally of NATO. He played a role in the ouster of Maliki. He is repeating this role.
 "Mr. Sadr is unpredictable and cannot be seen as a reliable ally"
 Why did the protest end so quickly?
 "It was a tactical withdrawal. After they jubilantly occupied Parliament on Saturday afternoon, the demonstrators moved by evening to another area of the Green Zone"
 The protests have been going on weekly for months now- NYT's already informed you all of that, as did I, yesterday.

What really happened?

"Images of Iraqis storming Parliament over the weekend made it seem as though a popular revolution were at hand. In reality, it was something else: partly a legitimate expression of popular anger, but partly political theater"
 "seem as though it was a popular revolution" Entirely "political theater" in my estimation.

And how was it the protestors were able to make such political theater? Inquiring minds want to know. Since this makes Abadi look really lame, I'm more apt to believe the nugget below.

" And a militia aligned with the protesters took over security around Parliament, suggesting a deal with the security forces"
Repeating this statement of fact:
 And a militia aligned with the protesters took over security around Parliament, suggesting a deal with the security forces.

Militia aligned with protestors took over the security- YUP, looks to be the case.
 The NYT's article ends with a very interesting link back to an article from 2006 written by Joe Biden:

A decade ago, as a senator, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. called for the partition of Iraq, an idea that is likely to resurface if Iraq continues on the path it is taking.

From  Joe Biden - 2006:  "The first is to establish three largely autonomous regions with a viable central government in Baghdad. The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security"
 No central government really necessary.

Finally: If Iraq PM fails to survive chaos, Washington must decide what's next

The Iraqi PM will fail as Washington has already decided.

Joe Biden: Gettin' er done!

US Vice-President Joe Biden steps off a C-17 military transport plane upon his arrival in Baghdad on Thursday.

Biden visits Iraq Thursday April 28/16.
Nashirwin Mustafa reappers in Iraq on Thursday April 28/2016
On Saturday we get the show from the Green Zone- Coincidence? No, of course not! 
That's what I'd call Coordination! Cooperation!  Collusion! All actions undertaken when people Conspire.

 The feeling of the vice-president and his advisers was that Iraqi politics were on a trajectory to greater calm and that the battle against IS would now proceed more effectively.  
No one is talking that way now. "There's a realisation that the government, as it's currently structured, can't hold," said Doug Ollivant, a former military planner in Baghdad and senior fellow at the New America Foundation. "It's just not clear how the Iraqis get out of this. I just don't see how they will."
 It is equally unclear how the administration will move forward if Mr Abadi is unable to consolidate his tenuous grip on power. 
 Because Iraqi society is so fractured along ethnic and sectarian lines, Mr Khedery said the administration should adopt a more decentralised approach, working directly with individual Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish leaders. "What you have is a society that is deeply polarised between communities and even polarised within those communities," he said. "We need a radical new formula."

I for one am quite certain that Washington has already decided on a plan.

  • Stay tuned for Part 3

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  1. Hey Penny - Biden going to Iraq Thursday only makes sense when we remember he advocated splitting Iraq up back when he was still a senator. Obama is doing his best not to be seen as part of any problems he has created until he leaves office so Biden (with his son Hunter, of Ukraine fame in tow)is sent to "handle" the situation. But the short videos we've been seeing don't give a true picture of what really happened. This 10 min. video shot by an elderly Iraqi shows a lot of people there but the most they did was chant slogans and dance in parliament. Since parliamentarians refuse to do the work of state might as well make use of the building. lol

    1. Hi Silver Palomino

      did you catch the link to Joe Biden's editorial from 06 linked above- admittedly I missed it ten years ago- but it was sure worth the read. I saw news that there was a dance held after the protest show- rewards for cooperation. I'll check the video
      thanks! :)

  2. I am not in any way questioning your assessment of al-Sadr. Instead I am seeking to gain additional knowledge of him. When you state he is an ally of NATO is it because his true agenda is destabilization of Iraq? I believed Sadr has been playing both sides, that is straddling the fence. I was not aware he was working for NATO. Have you written about him previously? I would like to know more about the reasons you believe as you do? By searching through older posts will I be able to find posts pertaining to Sadr?

    1. Hi Charles:

      I've not written specifically on Sadr.

      "When you state he is an ally of NATO is it because his true agenda is destabilization of Iraq?"

      Exactly. He is playing a role that is again assisting in the balkanization/destabilization of Iraq.

      He led protests against Maliki also- someone he was allied with, nominally speaking.

      "Sadr and Maliki will compete to win the largest number of Shiite votes, despite the fact that they have different constituencies. Sadr’s support is concentrated in the poor and densely populated Shiite areas, while Maliki has succeeded in securing the support of a large segment of the military, state workers and a considerable segment of the Shiite middle class"

      When it came down to the wire he supported Maliki then had a hand in Maliki's fall- 160309061939234.html

      "During the 2013 Arab Sunni protests in the Anbar province against the government of Nouri al-Maliki, Sadr expressed solidarity with the demonstrators, labelling the protests as "Iraq's Arab Spring".

      In this, Sadr, a Shia cleric, challenged his fellow Shia, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki"

      Along with the US,yet again.
      And I wrote plenty on the US pushing Maliki out.
      Check the Iraq label for that.

      here's a few posts:

      I believed Sadr has been playing both sides, that is straddling the fence

      If so, in my opinion you assessed Sadr correctly.

      Perhaps Sadr will lead the Shiite remains of Iraq, in a manner of a despot- The kind the US likes the best

      I would like to know more about the reasons you believe as you do?

      For the sake of brevity- Sadr's actions speak very loudly. Repeating patterns of behaviour
      Sadr is a cult of personality- he would be a valuable NATO asset

      when I talk of NATO, it's as an umbrella global terror group- with many facets- so for simplicity I use NATO

      hope that helps?

    2. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide so much great information and answering my questions. I really appreciate it. I've got some catch up reading to do.

  3. I had linked Biden's op ed on the destruction of Iraq

    Sorry I mean "Unity through Autonomy"

    The editorial was dated: May 1/2006

    Op-Ed Contributors
    Unity Through Autonomy in Iraq
    Published: May 1, 2006


    And nearly to the day, ten years later, Mr Biden sets the final plan in motion???





    33-year-old populist is reaching out to a broad array of Sunni leaders, from politicians to insurgents, and purging extremist members of his Mahdi Army militia who target Sunnis.

    Curious how Sadr has shifted tactics and a sectarian bombing goes off daily in a Shiite neighborhood. One would think given his constituency, the poor vs. Maliki, that such attacks would be the ultimate challenge to his authority?


    SADR last year on the US bill:

    o Iraq's Shiite cleric says U.S. defense bill may split Iraq. Iraq's firebrand Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Wednesday threatened to hit the U.S. interests in and out of Iraq over a proposed defense bill yet to be approved by the U.S., which he said could divide Iraq. "The U.S. House of Representatives intends to pass a draft law on Iraq making each sect independent from the other, and this will be the beginning of Iraq's division," Sadr said in a statement. If the U.S. passes such law, "then we will be obliged to lift the freeze on the military wing which is tasked with (fighting) the American side, to start hit the U.S. interests in Iraq and even abroad possibly," Sadr warned. The bill suggested that at least 25 percent of 715 million dollars of U.S. aid to Iraqi forces to be allocated to the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Sunni tribal militias and a yet-to-be-established Iraqi Sunni National Guard. The bill suggested that at least 25 percent of 715 million dollars of U.S. aid to Iraqi forces to be allocated to the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Sunni tribal militias and a yet-to-be-established Iraqi Sunni National Guard

    Playing both sides but to what end?

    May of last year Shiite militias deploy to Anbar in concert with tribesman...

    Washington, which fought simultaneously against the Shiite militia and the Sunni insurgents during its eight-year occupation that ended in 2011, has clearly been wary of the role of the militia against the common ISIS enemy.

    Hamid Hashem, a provincial council member, said he attended a meeting at the weekend between Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, his defense minister, and the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. The U.S. made its support for the Anbar campaign conditional on the participation only of groups under the direct command of Baghdad, Hashem said.

    NO dial back to the latest alleged proposal by Douri about keeping the militias out of Mosul?

    Curious no?

    1. And the anti SISI campaign at fever pitch with yet another ;leak'

      Notes from Egypt's Interior Ministry leaked to journalists. The documents outline strategies on how to deflect public outrage over recent arrests at the journalists' union headquarters, how to deal with the media in general, and also with the case of an Italian student tortured to death.

    2. And interesting to note that the 'ghost ship' with the Somalia-Italy-Egypt nexus has simply fallen out of the headlines along with the alleged 500 who died offshore Egypt.

    3. 06APR16
      Sources familiar with the matter said U.S. and Iranian efforts helped stave off an attempt last week to unseat Abadi by Maliki, the head of the Shiite Dawa Party who controls nearly a third of the seats in parliament. Maliki denied the attempt.