Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recall the Jessica Lynch Psy-Op? Silver Stars for Lynch Rescuers Questioned

Speaking of  your perception being managed via the likes of  Bernard Henri Levy... 

Cannes adds Bernard Henri Levy's "Peshmerga" documentary to official selection

Who of us could forget the Jessica Lynch rescue lie? 

The Jessica Lynch rescue was yet another prime example of a psychological operation. Like BHL's "Peshmerga" documentary, psychological operations are undertaken to shape your beliefs. To create a narrative , that is promoted as credible , in order to bolster support for a elite agenda- such as the Iraq war in the case of Jessica Lynch. Or the destruction of multiple nations for a a remake of an entire area of the globe-

Questions about those Silver Stars for Lynch's "rescuers"

Circumstances surrounding Lynch’s rescue, and whether the military trumped them up to bolster support for the war, prompted a Pentagon probe and congressional hearings.
Mears reviewed the citations and noted the contrast between those issued for Lynch’s rescue from an Iraqi hospital and those for later missions. The language in the operation to rescue Lynch was “a little over the top,” he said.
“These read very much like embellished evaluation reports, not citations for gallantry in action,” Mears said. He said the citations happened early in the Iraq war when commanders felt it could still end quickly and "potentially limit future opportunities for valor and associated recognition."
The citation for both men refer to their leadership of “a brilliant surgical air and ground assault to seize key areas of the hospital.” One citation goes on to state: “The strategic significance of the first successful rescue of a U.S. POW is epic as it devastated Iraqi resolve and bolstered U.S. and international support for the campaign.”
 The language is clear the rescue was "epic" (as in an epic drama) and it "bolstered US and international support for the campaign" - it was a psychological operation- plain and simple!
That compares to the spare language used to describe the hostage rescue in 2012 of American doctor Dilip Joseph in Afghanistan, an operation that resulted in Navy SEAL Ed Byers being awarded the Medal of Honor, three of his teammates receiving the Silver Star and one SEAL killed during a fierce firefight.
 Now they want to take away the silver stars awarded? 


  1. Now to locate Samantha Lewthwaite and Hayat Boumeddiene the wife of the alleged Paris bomber?

    Déjà vu moment

    2016 Erdogan says ' we all know who is supplying weposn to the terrorists"

    2013 Erdogan: We know the same forces behind brail protests are behind the Turkish protests


    A long Gorran summer..

    1. Uiygurs in Istanbul heading to Cyprus for rebel training? The home of the repeated Hezbollah sweeps - incidentally Haaretz reporting that now Former Argentina president Menem accusing Hezbollah of killing his son in helicopter crash following ISraeli center bombing . The Macri admin (Brazil replay) just launched newly opened investigation into Israeli center bombing and the Nisman kill (story broken by Israeli journalist who fled country).


      Grey wolves-Thailand attack-Kurdish assassin Mehmet Ali Ağca -Vatican set against the Vatican-Russia joint declaration on Christian Minorities that Obama joined late last year in his Christmas address.

      Informing this from former Ambassador Ford

      Rubio asked Ford whether YPG militants are willing to clear the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from the Mambij pocket, a 98-kilometer area in northwestern Syria bordering Turkey, in order to establish an autonomous zone combining the small cantons it declared in 2014 in the north of the war-torn country. “Absolutely they want to take that pocket and create a contiguous region. There is no question about that. And that is why the Turks have reacted badly,” Ford said.

    2. PFC. Lynch and PFC. Lori Ann Piestewa both deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor but the war that was a reason to make a former president's 8 years in office worth while is nightmares to many. I, as well as Jessica and the families if PFC. Lori Ann Piestewa wake up nightly crying and I cannot get tears out of my eyes writing this. I don't remember, as neither of the people involved recall peaceful sleep and what love is. Lori told me I would find true love in someone J.L. but I am in Los Angeles and I will keep 2 promises I made to Lori. Both are messages to Lynch. If I get to see her again, I will tell her and only her.

    3. Buck up Buttercup....you do not owe my family any explanation about that da (l>p>) Bob213-929-3934

  2. What exactly is Putin going to discuss about MH17 and why now wioth piecies turnign up all over the place call off the MH370 hunt



    1. Interesting, I wonder what Putin will discuss and what we'll be told about that discussion via the media?

      The telegraph article contradicts the aussie article

      "ABC reported that the search had so far failed to trace any parts of the plane that disappeared in 2014 when it was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing"

      so were pieces found or were they not found?

      I had posted something here that soon the search was going to end, for good. Sad for the families