Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The US Push to Recapture/Annex Mosul- Fact over Fiction

Recall about a week or so ago claims that the taking of Mosul were stalled ? Cause it was in the hands of Baghdad ? Religious strife and other claims

Example: May 10/16 just eight days ago "While the Iraqi army, Kurds, U.S. military are allied against ISIS, no agreement exists on how to retake Mosul, Iraq's second biggest city"

As I’d mentioned in a previous post claims like that above are a whole lot of rubbish, because it's very clear, despite all the silly claims to the contrary the US is very, very busy working to annex Mosul. The US don't need no stinkin' agreement. Heck they don't even need a unified Iraq to move on Mosul

Ash Carter
“The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”
These more recent news items linked below should make their Mosul moves crystal clear:

May 15th: VOA
The U.S. envoy for the coalition fighting the Islamic State group says the military push to recapture the northern Iraqi city of Mosul is progressing and that the militants are increasingly on the defensive.

"We are doing precision strikes in Mosul almost every day," Brett McGurk said Sunday during a visit to Jordan.

US says bid to retake Iraq's Mosul from IS making progress

The US-led offensive to recapture the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State (IS) group is making progress, the top American envoy to the coalition said on Sunday.

"We are now making progress against Daesh," McGurk said, using an Arabic acronym for IS.

"The campaign to isolate and squeeze and constrict Daesh in Mosul has already began," he said.
McGurk said that the US-led coalition effort to capture Mosul and Raqqa was making progress.

”We are doing precision strikes in Mosul almost every day,” he added. “There is constant synchronized pressure,” he said.

1000 Peshmerga fighters trained and ready to go:

Don’t’ assume Peshmerga means KRG fighters only. To my knowledge it does not.
-"1,100 Peshmerga fighters have completed training with in the last 30 days. 

-There are additional 1,100 in training right now," Warren stated”
So, that an additional 2200 soldiers- ready to go in short order
Female Kurdish Fighter
Kurdish girls and guns? Apparently the men love them? Or so I’ve been told?
Love the evening wear earrings. So chic with camouflage & Kalishnikov? Or is it a Galil?
A Galil  would have been so much more appropriate.  ;)

 From earlier:

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 In the last 24 hours or so:


  1. Glad you have sunk your teeth into this Mosul issue like a pitbull ;)
    I'm serious though, and the kurdish issue also (hand in hand)
    I sure don't have the time nor energy for the effort you put forth on this..

    I know too, you and others don't get the kudo's deserved often and it's not 4 brownie points as U should know
    Great work

  2. It almost appears as if the Mosul dam is being prepared for demolition as the dam's concrete footwall has been reduced to rubble and the concrete erosion caps cut into pieces in recent months.

    Since a 'culprit' must be blamed perhaps this unusual and timely earthquake risk assessment released in November of 2015 could shed some light.

    1. Woweeeeee... Anonymous and thanks so much for leaving that - It fits right into my suspicions. Suspicions I've expressed for months now

      Wow! I'm gobsmacked to see those images.

    2. Here's a monkey running the torch cable to cut the rebar and VOA showing the demo job in progress.

      Here is the main body of the dam being drilled from the crest of the dam (wrong place unless they are blast holes) in February 2016 but it sure isn't TREVI and I don't see any grout trucks or pumps anywhere. Besides they said the grout facility was in Mosul and under ISIS control.

      Here is the proper place to grout the Mosul dam, namely the grouting gallery built inside the dam at the base expressly for that purpose.

    3. Before I forget... if you want to take the express elevator to the bottom of the rabbit hole you'll want to read everything by Brandon Smith and Ken Stephens.

      Here >

      And here >

      The forthcoming Mosul dam collapse is only a tiny part of the Globalist Shitshow and is designed to be part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. By September 2016 the world will be in military, economic/financial and spiritual conflict.

      Don't get taken in by the show >