Thursday, May 26, 2016

US Forces Wearing YPG/PKK Patches On Their Uniforms

I couldn't have imagined it would have been  just the Canadian Special Forces wearing Kurdish regalia . Why are Canadian troops in Iraq wearing Kurdish flag?

The American nation destroyers, terror state creators supporting terrorists
In the ongoing fight around Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital city inside Syria, some American Special Forces soldiers are wearing Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) patches on their uniforms as they back up Kurdish troops.
The sight of Americans wearing Kurdish patches is powerful, though perhaps not always for the reasons you might think..

 But the United States's increasingly close partnership with the Kurds has increased tensions with Turkey, America's NATO ally just a few miles to the north.

As I've stated for years here at the blog- The PKK destabilization of Turkey has the full backing and support of NATO/US/Israel.

Heval Gabar Tolhildan a Syrian Democratic Forces "volunteer" from Canada?
Sure.  Must be one of those dual nationals that sometimes reside in Canada. But mostly reside and have loyalties that lie elsewhere...

Just another NATO destabilization, with the tried and true media presentation of 'freedom fighters'
How was I one of just a handful to see through the charade?
Three cheers for those spunky NATO backed Kurdish militia/terrorists- Most effective fighting force against their symbiotic partner ISIS- also a tool of NATO!
 Suuuuuurrrreeeee.... all the dis/misinfo media sites and blogs. 

I'm extremely disgusted today.


  1. Many Canadian ex-NATO personnel seem to be out there accompanying the YPG. The Canadian government has always been the 'empire's ally'- a terrorist gov just doing what the US tells them to, much like Turkey. But I think that Canada is a very beautiful country that has great things. I have never been to the Americas but in the UK, a lot of the films/programmes are American/Canadian so we know what it is like. One day when I have finished university and have found a job, I will visit the USA and other places in America.

    1. Yes, many Canadians seem to be accompanying the YPG and one even being killed by Kurdish forces- while several others were attacked- the gov here brushed it right under the rug

      I can't speak for all of Canada, but, where I live is very nice :)

      Very near the Niagara Escarpment and of course Niagara Falls- Not far from either Lake Erie or Lake Ontario and blessedly quite close to wine country -hehe

    2. The army, which moved on Nusaybin after PKK car bombings in Ankara, was stunned, for example, at the extent of the group’s network of underground tunnels, allowing snipers equipped with modified Russian rifles to move undetected, the officials said. The vast ammunition stockpiles and number of improvised bombs that are triggered by motion detectors and hidden in everything from Korans to kitchen walls were also a shock, they said.

      Media campaign in full effect. Snipers tunnels and Russian rifles.


      Interfax yesterday turk stream more likely than south stream. This after the new pm spoke of making friend rather than enemies. Us army chief just in Armenia and azerbaijan in wake of Georgia exercises with saakashvili threatening to make a triumphant return from the ongoing chaos in odessa. Lavroc just refuted the leaks about the prisoner swap being linked to Minsk. the us pressure on Europe and eu as polands tusk makes an exit is growing into to end July sanctions rollover. Russia just banned EU meat. Europe is going to choke on sanctions. Will they break? What will the next BND scandal be? Better yet what will be the next DB scandal?

    4. Well the PKK are extraordinary smugglers-
      I expect they would have learned many, many tricks of terrorism over the years
      Was thinking how reminiscent of Syria and it's rebels... that bloomberg paragraph read..

  2. good work. I covered this today as well.

    1. You'll notice the mis/disinfo sites are framing this in a bad Turkey context- so typical- Without even realizing this is a false flag- in your face
      Not with ships but with soldier- flying the flag of Kurdistan because that's what they NATO soldiers and Peshmerga are fighting at the behest/for the benefit of- another nation state as they sykes picot again for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

    2. They,the Peshmurder, are fully incorporated into the IDF as proxy fighters.

  3. I noticed that this story was covered a bit on CNN and MSNBC last night and yet no one at my website seems to give a rat's ass about the US wearing the insignia's of terrorists in Syria. The Greater Kurdistan project couldn't be more obvious these days, and yet, no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. it's f-in sad.