Saturday, May 7, 2016

Will Free Speech Loving Canada allow Dieudonne to Perform at His Sold Out Shows?

 Keep in mind how much Canada loves "free speech"...  When it's the state approved kind of"free speech", that is! 

CBC :    Publishing the most one sided/propagandistic  article imaginable!
Of course. Always doing the bidding of  our state sponsored tyranny!

I'm excluding the heavy hand of perception management employed in the piece

"Espace Mushagalusa, a small art gallery in downtown Montreal, has booked Dieudonné to play ten shows in a room that accommodates 200 people from May 11 to 16.

Shows sold out quickly

Gallery owner Mushagalusa Chigoho told CBC the shows sold out quickly, despite little publicity.
Chigoho said he was aware that Dieudonné is controversial, and so he asked to review the script of this particular show before agreeing to the booking.
"There was nothing insulting, nothing degrading, nothing racist. I can't be responsible for what he's said in the past," Chigoho said"
Ouellette acknowledged that the show Dieudonné plans to perform here has not generated much controversy after being performed in France, but he still hoped that Chigoho might cancel the performances.
Ouellette also said he doubts Canadian immigration officials will allow Dieudonné into the country, given his numerous convictions in Europe

Canada's Jewish Lobby & it's propaganda department is working over time- Oh wait. We here in Canada are supposed to pretend that lobby doesn't exist and has no power!  My bad.. 

After Charlie Hebdo, freedom loving governments clamp down on free speech:

In the days and weeks after this heinous attack, world leaders rallied under the banner of “Je suis Charlie,” as they expressed solidarity with the French people and, ostensibly, the principles of free expression. However, in the following months, as international attention and collective defiance waned, there was a more disturbing trend of governments around the world attempting to clamp down on these same tenets of free speech...

So, will Dieudonne be turned away?  We Canadians will know in a couple of days.

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  1. Call me a pessimist but I doubt he will be allowed in .... this is, after all, occupied Israeli territory now and must comply with the wishes of the cabal...

    1. Yes, unfortunately I think you're right. Remember when he was put in custody on the behalf of Israel for 2 days when he wanted to perform in Hong-Kong last January.

    2. So much for China's independance.

  2. I can't believe how far we have fallen... so sad.


  3. The rabble are not capable of discerning what is best for themselves. Only the government knows. They are simply protecting the rabble from themselves.

  4. He Should Be Allowed into Canada- Period!!!!

    * Hate Speech labeling is merely state sponsored and packaged perception management*
    *The state wants us to hate those they hate.
    * The state wants us to love those they love
    * The state wants us to accept their edicts without a thought to reality
    * This is clear in all the hate speech aimed at Dieudonne by many partners, including cbc.
    The abundant use of adhominems, by those targeting Dieudonne, speak loud and clear of hate speech- As do the many one sided articles written to bully those who, of their own free will, choose to see his show

    1. The above comment was left at CBC in their latest story regarding Dieudonne:

      It is of course waiting behind the moderation wall- in free speech loving Canada


  5. Of course your comment is not published, it contains exactly the same things as Dieudo's shows, truth. We can't have that.
    It's thanks to Dieudo that I understood Eric Blair's (George Orwell) quote "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

    1. Hey Gallier2

      CBC plays games with certain commenters- apparently I'm one of them- they post the comment- then put it behind moderation- then after a while they let it through- meanwhile their have been a ton of other comments and the targeted comment goes unnoticed

      this allows CBC to pretend that their allowing Canadian taxpayers their right to voice an opinion, but, not really...

      too bad for CBC other commenter are liking it up- but, CBC won't worry their tyrannical ways- eventually they'll just disallow it
      They do that too.
      So when they close the comment section mostly those that support the state's position remain