Friday, June 24, 2016

Britain Exits: Cameron Resigns

Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a bitter campaign that led to a stunning roller-coaster ride as results poured in Thursday. The British pound was hammered on Asian markets, falling to its lowest level in decades.
Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the in-or-out referendum to deliver on a re-election promise, resigned only hours after the results became official.

“I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,” Cameron told reporters on Friday outside his Downing Street office.

Cameron, who choked back tears, gave no detailed timetable but said there should be a new leader by the time his Conservative Party holds its annual conference in October.

“This is not a decision I’ve taken lightly but I do believe it is in the national interest to have a period of stability and then the new leadership required,” he said.
The result of the so-called Brexit vote is the biggest political upset in a generation, part of what is now a global wave of populist movements challenging and defeating establishment politicians.
With all 382 voting areas reporting, Leave defeated Remain by 52 per cent to 48 per cent. The margin between the two sides was more than 1.2 million votes. Turnout was more than 70 per cent of eligible voters.
"The dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom," exulted Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party and a leading voice in favour of leaving the EU
"Let June 23 go down in our history as our independence day."
The results reveal a United Kingdom deeply divided between a pro-EU, more cosmopolitan half and a working class that feels globalization and unchecked immigration from the EU haven’t worked in its interest.
Disgusting. Clearly if you voted to stay you were "cosmopolitan" ( wealthy, wordly and sophisticated) But if you voted to leave you were "working class" ( poor, uneducated, simple) That's disgraceful and has been the tone of this vote all along.  
Since there are not that many 'cosmopolitan' persons in the UK, one would have to figure that some of the alleged cosmopolitan crowd  did indeed vote to exit. Class wars
The latter half voted in favour of a so-called “Brexit” over the advice of the leaders of all four main British political parties, as well as U.S. President Barack Obama, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, among others.
 Appeal to Authority.
 Markets had surged in relief after the end of voting when a telephone poll, carried out by the YouGov agency, showed the pro-EU Remain camp with a 52 to 48 edge over the Vote Leave campaign. But the British pound crashed once the official vote count started, as a series of early results suggested the pollsters had gotten it wrong. The pound dropped from $1.50 (U.S.) to $1.37, its lowest level since 1985, in a matter of hours.
The shocks began in the industrial northeast of England, where Sunderland – a former shipbuilding town – voted 61.3 per cent in favour of Leave, a far bigger pro-“Brexit” vote than experts had forecast.
Nearby Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which had been expected to vote solidly in favour of Remain, provided another surprise when the pro-EU camp captured just 50.7 per cent.
Those results were subsequently mirrored in dozens of working-class towns and cities across the north of England where the Leave side did substantially better than pollsters had forecast. Meanwhile, the pro-Remain margin in London was also bigger than expected – over 75 per cent in some boroughs.
The polls were way out in favour of Exit ahead of the JC incident. Immediately preceding the JC crucifixion we were told the polls shifted to the remain side. Clearly they did not.
Turnout across Britain was on pace for 72 per cent, according to the BBC. Participation was lower than expected in London, which was battered by thunderstorms that wreaked havoc on transportation Thursday, including a prolonged closing of Waterloo Station, a hub for both the rail and subway networks. Two polling stations had to be relocated on short notice due to flooding as some areas in and around the capital received almost a month’s worth of rain in a single day.
Early results from Scotland – another bastion of pro-EU sentiment – also showed turnout lagging that in pro-Brexit areas.
There were divisions in the vote along national lines that could portend more instability ahead. England, which accounts for 85 per cent of the total vote, was leaning 55 per cent for Leave, as was Wales. Scotland voted more than 60 per cent in favour of Remain – every Scotttish constituency voted Remain – and Northern Ireland was 56 per cent pro-Remain.
The separatist Scottish National Party, which controls Scotland’s devolved parliament, has said it would begin preparing for another referendum on independence if the U.K. chose to Leave while Scotland voted heavily in favour of Remain.
Similarly, Sinn Fein – considered the political arm of the Irish Republican Army – warned that a Brexit, and the possibility of new border controls between Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland, would destabilize the peace process there.
Mr. Cameron, who headed the Remain side, tried to emphasize the economic risks the country would take if it quit the EU, which is the world’s largest trading area. But many voters – particularly in smaller English cities that have been challenged by mass immigration from the continent – were drawn to Vote Leave’s argument that Britain needed to control its own borders in order to curb immigration.
“So far, the smaller towns that have been impacted heavily by large-scale migration, the pushing down of wages, the fact that the EU hasn’t helped them economically, are coming out en masse for the Leave campaign. You saw that in Sunderland,” Steven Woolfe, a member of European Parliament for the U.K. Independence Party, said as early results suggested voters might indeed have opted for a Brexit.
The so-called “Brexit” from the EU is expected to continue to jolt world financial markets. It would also raise enormous questions about the future of the rest of the 28-country bloc, with Euroskeptic movements on the rise in several other countries.
The Leave vote kick-starts a two-year period during which Britain and the EU negotiate their terms of divorce. While the pro-Brexit campaign insisted the EU would not be able to shun the British market, Brussels is expected to adopt a tough negotiating stand ito dissuade Euroskeptic movements around the content from trying to follow Britain’s lead.
Even a close vote to Remain will create questions about whether Mr. Cameron can manage his 12-seat majority in the House of Commons after 138 of his 330 Conservative MPs, including several prominent members of cabinet, revolted to join Vote Leave.


  1. So the "vote" is over. The calls for tecount already have started. Let's see if the results are honored and a so called "Brexit" actually takes place. I wouldn't bet my life upon it. Ally, I owe you a pint or two. :)

    1. Did this get covered?

    2. Cannot believe it myself, thought that it would be rigged to make sure we stay in :)

    3. AnonymousJune 24, 2016 at 9:09 PM

      I did not cover that, thanks for leaving the link for others to read

  2. Tonnes of meme already about the BRexit vote, all of them claiming that only . . .
    - old people
    - racists
    - crazy bastards
    voted for the Brexit "leave". There's a video out there now from an American black man claiming that this means Trump can win, since only dumb racist people voted to leave the undemocratic gov't format of the EU.

    Another chart or two going around already with the most ridiculous display of unsubstantiated statistics showing only old people about to kick off voted to leave.

    It's so easy now to know exactly how the Powers That Be want you to behave and act . . . just see what Facebook memes are going around, and that's your daily dose of the propaganda matrix you're supposed to agree with. One of the only reasons I'm on it is to see the stupid shite that people pass on.

    Only in the New World Order can they spin having more choice as being crazy.

    1. hey slozo
      I've seen some of the memes- it's outrageous!
      and glad you're here :)

  3. Voting is obviously irresponsible in a democracy.

    Thank God we have the British Parliament that can exercise responsible and independent judgment and delay the mob's demented choice till it withers and dies in a bureaucratic maze of mirrors.

    1. "Thank God we have the British Parliament that can exercise responsible and independent judgment and delay the mob's demented choice till it withers and dies in a bureaucratic maze of mirrors"

      Yup, that's what they want the masses to believe
      I guess they don't - yahoo!

  4. It's a pity I took a day off today, I would have liked to see the sad faces of my Euro-believer colleagues (one even posted on facebook his sadness). Of course, they struggle a bit with my sarcastic remarks, as they don't get how an EU-official can possibly be Euro-sceptic as I am. But nothing better than getting its referendum ignored (2005 vote on the so called constitution) to learn what kind of democracy EU plans(i.e. no democracy at all). The thing is, people here have not yet understood the problem, as Luxembourg and its surrounding is probably one of the few places where EU has had a lot of positive effects (euro avoids us to juggle with 3 currencies day in day out, the EU regulations for roaming, norming of appliances, etc.). They don't see that these positive effects are done on the backs of the "poor". Being myself from humble origins I still happen to have contact to the "lower class" what some of my frontalier and colleagues do not have anymore (they are kind of middle class bourgeoisie now) and the awaking will be rude when the installation of the tyranny will be complete. I hope Brexit will put at least a spanner in the way to that.

    1. thanks for your input gallier2
      appreciated greatly!

  5. Also the divide was between big corporations (remain) and small businesses (wanting to leave due to EU regulations).

    The result in Sunderland is remarkable given that one of the biggest employers there, Nissan, had warned their factory might be relocated in the event of Brexit.

    1. I noticed the reporting on Sunderland was described as remarkable, but, didn't know why?
      thanks for explaining!

  6. Yep, on Monday the layoffs will begin. The first will be in the public services for the serfs and then? Yes, let the beating continue until the serfs admit their foolish mistake. Oh they’ll promise everything will return to normal but the new normal.

    I was wondering since the serfs in once Great Britain are no longer going to fallow the path of the liberal neo-conns when is the New Amerika going bomb and invade?



      This song reminds me of what a waits the citizens of GB

    2. Hi jo
      And thanks for stopping by!

  7. Bunch of MonkeysJune 24, 2016 at 5:22 PM

    Sextus Empiricus, a vastly under-rated and today and almost completely ignored philosopher (wonder why) would advise everyone to take a couple of steps back every now and then in order to see the forest without the trees getting in the way.

    Sexi, as his friends used to call him, would surely tell you that Britain must now be crucified by the bankers in order to create a very bloody example to intimidate any future exit-eers and thus keep the critical mass of the EU in chains. They really have no choice.(If you don't understand that you don't understand banking.)

    He would tell you that the globalist owned leaders of Scotland and N. Ireland will seek to leave the UK with their own referendums, thus creating even more financial instability in the markets.

    The globalist answer you see is to integrate the nations of Europe even further into this un-elected and unaccountable monster known as the EU. Later it will be the new UN/IMF gold backed SDR financial system. Expect Norway and Iceland to also be in the EU when this is all done. "Out of chaos Order" after all.

    The UK can never leave the EU. It's a giant roach motel of sorts.

    Good news is that it will all be over in 5 months.

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 24, 2016 at 5:27 PM

      I'm long Boris Johnson btw...

  8. Bunch of MonkeysJune 24, 2016 at 5:53 PM

    Sorry... everyone is long Boris Johnson today.

    "The 11th hour decision of Johnson - Cameron's schoolmate from the same elite Eton private boarding school - to come down on the side of Leave gave the exit campaign a credible voice."

    "His Conservative Party rival Boris Johnson, the former London mayor who became the most recognizable face of the Leave camp, is now widely tipped to seek his job."

    "Support for Remain among Scots prompted Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to declare it "democratically unacceptable" for Scotland to be dragged out of the EU, two years after voting to stay part of the United Kingdom. "I think an independence referendum is now highly likely," she said."

    The fish has spoken.

    Wonderful story of boyhood friendship between Mr. Cameron and Mr. Johnson and a photo Penny will absolutely love to be found here >

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 24, 2016 at 6:45 PM

      Last one... promise!

      "But the British pound crashed once the official vote count started, as a series of early results suggested the pollsters had gotten it wrong. The pound dropped from $1.50 (U.S.) to $1.37, its lowest level since 1985, in a matter of hours."

      Not quite right. The polls closed at 10pm with "remain" odds firmly in the lead before vote counts came in.

      But the collapse in the GBP/US came at 7pm a full 3 hours before the start of vote counting.

      "The vertiginous moves portend unruly trading ahead. Stocks had been on a steady uplift this week following a series of polls that suggested a victory for Remain. That enthusiasm continued through the day Thursday. By the time polls closed at 10 p.m. British time, gamblers had staked so many bets for Remain that betting exchange Betfair calculated a 94% chance that the side would carry the day."

      "Vertiginous" is a word rarely heard. here's what it looks like >

      It's called either amazing luck or a crime scene.

  9. Penny,
    Off topic, but another example of the pure evil that is perpetrated by the US "security" apparatus and its various departments:

    Can the decision makers at these alphabet soup organizations, the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. be so incompetant? Who are the real terrorists? Terrorists are us. And I do mean us. Where is the public outcry? Instead we have the robot mourners. Instead we have crocodile tears and sympathetic media shows. Another in a never ending parade of century old false flag events. All for the insatiable MIC and corporatists.

    1. We have finally left and now our media is having a panic attack telling us that it was a mistake to leave and everything the Leave campaign said was lies (some of it was). A petition has been signed by remainers to call for a new referendum because the first was was 'wrong'. No wonder they love this undemocratic, unaccountable EU - they aren't so keen on democracy themselves.

    2. you haven't left yet Ally- not by a long shot