Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fort McMurray's Singin' & Dancin' African Firefighters Are Going Home...

 Because their exploitation became public. Notley`s saving face- though she`s an obvious liar
And I`ve nothing good to say about the NGO that brought them here- for profit!

When I first read the news of the South African fire fighters brought into Fort McMurray to help fight the fire- it was OBVIOUS to me and should have been OBVIOUS to everyone that Alberta's government had intentionally brought in foreign workers- Displacing Canadians who could easily do this work, with training. And there was time to train people to undertake  this firefighting.

CBC a couple of weeks back:

South African firefighters arrive to help fight Fort McMurray wildfire

The first thing the 281 South African firefighters did when they touched down in Edmonton was sing. 
They sang soldier songs — songs of South Africa — while the large crowd gathered there to welcome them cheered.

A man who worked in Anzac, a town once evacuated by the fire, personally thanked each one as they walked through the arrival gates. 
"Welcome to Canada, thank you so much," he said, in his other hand he held a Canadian flag tied to a hockey stick.

Yup, they put on a show! Bread and Circuses for the dupes in Canada

Me being a cynic left a comment at the CBC forum. My comment instantly got " Content Disabled " Yes, Content Disabled, which simply means we can't have no truth round these parts

 The offending comment!

 Content disabled.
South African firefighters arrive to help fight Fort McMurray wildfire

What a sly way to bring in foreign workers! With a song and a dance and of course some Canadians are taken by the show, while thankfully others are not!- Thankfully

 We can't have any truth round these parts.

Imagine my absolute non surprise to read this latest news!:  South African company apologizes over firefighter pay dispute in Alberta
Rachel Notley, an NDP'r  is showing that the NDP is a scuzzy as all the rest- (Not a surprise)
A South African company that brought a crew of 300 people to Alberta to help fight the Fort McMurray wildfire says it is sorry about an ongoing dispute over their pay.

Working on Fire Ltd. posted a message on its website Friday saying it is extremely disappointed the dispute wasn’t resolved internally before it escalated into an international incident.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has said the province contracted with the company to pay the firefighters roughly $170 per day.
But a member of the crew says they were being paid about $50 per day for fighting the fire in 12-hour shifts.
Can you say exploiting foreign workers- And Rachel Notley knew dam well this was exactly what was going on!  She may have contracted with the company to pay a certain rate per day, however, she had to have known the firefighters were not going to make that amount- Cripes, even I knew that!
Working on Fire says it never agreed to pay anyone that amount and the workers are leaving for home because of the dispute.

Notley has said her NDP government will ensure that every firefighter from South Africa is paid according to Alberta law, which stipulates a minimum wage of $11.20 per hour.
The company said it is treating the pay dispute with the utmost importance and is committed to finding an amicable solution.
Notley is saving face. She is a liar- That's my opinion.
Working onFire, another No Good Organization is simply exploiting young men , in this global gulag created by the banks and multinationals
Plenty of unemployed Canadians can do that work- Including some who are out of work from the oil industry in Alberta.
If you keep yourself entertrained by the bread and circuses it's all you're ever going to get!

From yesterday- looking for some thoughtful comments:

Darwinism and its Mongoloid Mutations Refuted


  1. If there is something going on at Ft McMurtry that the govt doesn't want Canadian people to know about ( hence the quarantining of the area) then it makes a lot of sense to bring in black South African firefighters and then ship them out again

    1. hey james:

      I think there is something going on there...

      Like the fact that most of Fort McMurray is still standing

      Like the fact the media agreed to limit their reporting (controlling the narrative)

      Like big oil is wanting hand outs- indebting the populace

      Like the government is selling us on the idea of importing foreign workers from all over the world so we accept this as necessary or acceptable- while the young here can`t find a job or start a decent life for themselves

      Fort McMurray is about much more then the media presents

  2. The agenda of the One World Government, One World Economy, One World Religion, Globalist, Organized Crime Family has reached full implementation and is firmly implanted into the brain circuitry of the masses. The Globalist elites are drunk with their power. For those who see through the fog it's time to take the next step. Confrontation. Bitching isn't enough any longer. Voting a waste of energy better utilized on other persuits. I tend to believe our time is short. It's a very freightening world we live on.