Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Global Economy Leaves Us Vulnerable: NATO in Aegean: Destabilizing Russia: Kurds/Iran & Kurds Terror Financing

Wanna do a quick round up of news regarding the multiple topics covered here at the blog:

The elites & multinationals have built a weak, sick, globalized economy at a time when we are supposed to believe weather is more extreme then ever.
Hate to break it to everyone... weather has always had it’s extremes, that’s a fact.
But never before have we had a globalized economy  that will indeed leave us all more susceptible to food shortages. Shortages in manufactured goods.  Etc.,
A sensible solution is to return to more LOCALIZED economies resulting in more resiliency to extremes- However a banker, globalist, phony green, psychopath solution is...
“make better use of insurance against production failures”

Yes, Make better use of insurance!!  Because if a massive crop fails, an insurance pay out will feed everyone. Right? Oh wait, no it won’t- It can't. Because all the food is gone!
Stupid is as stupid does and making better use of insurance against production failures is the most bizarre,stupid, solution imaginable! Someone with a brain actually made that suggestion?

If you don’t have a garden, get going! Start a community garden. Do something. Cause these people are idiots. If you can produce something locally, please do so.  And relearn some of those old skills our parents and grandparents had.  Please. I cannot stress this enough! The elites will leave us all to die- Can we please stop following the pied pipers of finance and industry- they just aren’t that into us!
NATO presence in Aegean to receive US Navy boost
NATO’s navy patrols in the Aegean are expected to continue following comments made by US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter concerning the dispatch of USNS Grapple and its incorporation into the SNMG2 fleet – the Standing NATO Maritime Group Two deployed to intercept migrant flows from Turkey.

The USNS Grapple, an American safeguard-class salvage ship, has been docked at the naval base of Souda on Crete since June 14 and is expected to join patrols on Friday.

Reports said that Carter’s announcement was expected and came at the end of two months of talks during which Washington expressed its intention to reinforce NATO’s presence in the Aegean.

The announcement also follows statements made in May, during an Alliance meeting at its headquarters in Brussels, by US Secretary of State John Kerry, who revealed Washington’s intentions to boost the NATO effort.

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos has hailed the navy patrols in the Aegean as a “crowning success” as they have helped stem the flow of migrants.

Suuurreeeee....... Access to the Black Sea anyone??? Surrounding Russia- Destabilization and balkanziation of Russia has long been on the agenda.

Lets trip down memory lane to 2012. Yes, 2012. More then 4 years ago I posted this:

Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia

"Keeping in mind, of course, the goal of balkanization.
As laid out by the Heritage Foundation and one Ariel Cohen Ph.D
I am only including excerpts here, it's a big article, linked so you can read it at your leisure

A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response

A threat to the West?  Of course! 
The rise of "Islamist Insurgency"?  Of course!
Russia's Inadequate Response?  Of course!

Well you just know someone is going to have to step up to that plate!
Who might that be?

Abstract: The Islamist insurgency in Russia’s Northern Caucasus threatens to turn the region into a haven for international terrorism and to destabilize the entire region, which is a critical hub of oil and gas pipelines located at Europe’s doorstep. Neither Russia’s excessive use of military force nor its massive economic aid to the region appear to have helped. The U.S. and its friends and allies should keep a close watch on the region. In the meantime, the U.S. should work with neighboring countries to improve their border security. The U.S. should also encourage and work with Middle Eastern countries to stop the flow of cash to the Islamist terrorist organizations.

You think about all those young men, young  men of fighting age making there way through to Europe. Recruits for the destabilization of  Russia. Never mind the effects on Europe. I've talked about this previously at the blog- The end game will be a destabilization of Russia 

 As for stemming the flow of migrants?

 All they’ve done is move the operation from Greece to Italy- There is no flow being stemmed- Only the route has changed- More through Italy and less via Greece- Ethnic cleansing of the region has always been a NATO operation

March 30th- NATO Op: Destroy Culture, People & History via Chaos- Moved to Italy
Egyptians amongst the top migrants to Italy
Egypt occupies the tenth place among countries that see irregular migrants travel to Italy, which is symptomatic of a rising trend in Egyptian emigration since the 2011 uprising, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said in a recent statement.
In the first five months of 2016, a total of 1,815 Egyptian irregular migrants landed on Italian shores.
Of those migrants, 1,147 were unaccompanied migrant children, making Egypt the top country to see unaccompanied minors arrive in Italy.
So the US Navy's presence in Greece has lots to do with the Black Sea and the migrant flow- but not stemming the flow. And certainly not to make peace.

Iranian military deals heavy blow to PKK affiliate
Anonymous and I mentioned this news the other day in the comments section- worth touching on

The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), an Iranian offshoot of the PKK terrorist organization's armed wing YRK (East Kurdistan Defense Units), suffered heavy losses in a clash with the Iranian army in the Sardasht county of West Azerbaijan state, losing five militants.

According to the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force, Brig. Gen. Mohamad Pakpour, speaking to a Farsi news agency, said the Iranian military killed 5 PJAK militants.

"In an operation conducted in the West Azerbaijan state, five PJAK terrorists were killed," he said, adding that one of terrorists killed was a high ranking commander.

Pakpour added that the terrorists killed in the operation had executed two revolutionary guards and an Iranian engineer.
I mentioned ,way back, that this exact situation would unfold- Kurds destabilizing Iran

Kurds on the Attack in Iran- As Predicted .....

Via the above relink, the last post written on this topic, you can access the very first post written on the topic of Kurdish destabilization of Iran. From August 2015 : P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border

Kurds and Terror- The two do go hand in hand 
2 get conditional jail in Kurdish terror finance case
 COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- A Danish appeals court has given conditional jail sentences of four and five years to two men who had been found guilty of terror financing for providing millions to a Kurdish separatist group.

The Eastern High Court on Wednesday said the sentences were made conditional because the actions had taken place more than a decade ago and one of the defendants is 75 years old.
It took more then ten years to hand out conditional sentences for terror funding of multi millions of dollars? Apparently the wheels of justice turn very slowly when someone is funding a group of state sponsored terrorists
Last week, the court overturned their previous acquittal while upholding the exoneration of eight others charged with transferring at least 130 million kroner ($20 million) to the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, via Kurdish organizations. The PKK, which seeks Kurdish autonomy in southeastern Turkey, is labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the European Union.


  1. A few more

    Kerry says patience with Russia running thin in Syria. The comment follows the Russians holding back unilateral strikes on Nusra for weeks at the us request as the aleppo shelling and retooling proceed.

    Germany denies special forces on the ground in syria

    Lavrov takes a line from putin says Russia will not be drawn into conflict with west

    Sarkozy back in Russia meeting with putin

    Mato calls on Russia to pull out of ukraine

    Canada intelligence says Russia preparing for war

    Russia calls on us to rethink the bMd deployment in korea

    Russia says may deploy iksanders west in response to nato battalions

    Chinese ship shadowing us Japan and India western pacific exercies

    Like the leak a day befor Xi arrival in India,another headline about an alleged Chinese incursion into India days after the modi address to congress

    Msci rejects inclusion of China as the capital flight rumors are back en vogue

    Kazakhstan says terror attack planned in Syria and markings of color revolution

    Dilna still fighting in Brazil with reports of a deal pre Olympics for elections after annoucing the opposition is underestimating the Brics resolve

    Fed balks again on raising rates and slashes gdp and rate outlook ranges

    Allegations the Russians hacked the dnc as their 200 football fans allegedly held off 20k British fans prompting ytet another sports sanction.

    July convergence of SCO meeting, Russian sanctions deadline, us mosul offensive, raqqa offensive meets Syrian offensive, Japan elections, brexit vote, nato meeting Poland, Spanish vote, Venezuela offensive, deflating oil prices, leaked Saudi memo from the crown prince reiterating the Saudi us holdings leverage (setup for the dump rumor? As scmp is writing about the Saudis trying to outrun new technology with new neo liberal economic plan, us says will esclate operations in afghanistan as Pakistan readies to join SCO, Russia moves heavy equipment to tajik following the attack helicopter deploys to kyrgz, Italy and Spanish dent hit all time high....

    What could possibly go wrong?

  2. “Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite, in fact it is very limited with whether or not Assad is going to be held accountable,” Kerry said during a visit to Norway.

    Russia says will deploy carrier to Syria after repairs.

  3. How long before the Rojava declaration inside the new safe zone?

  4. On schedule

  5. Interfax: Lavrov: U.S. seems to seek to use Jabhat al-Nusra to topple Assad

  6. Insurance, the I in FIRE Sector. Not surprising at all.
    Islamist insurgency in Northern Caucusus? If Chechnia is taken as an example they're not doing so well. Russian Spaetznas has been quite successful in countering threats as well. Not targeting al-Nusra, not true. I provided a link contradicting that analysis.
    Learn to grow your own food. Couldn't agree more. Less dependence on big agriculture, it's crazy easy to grow organic, pesticide and chemical fertilizer free. Food that tastes better, and as it should. I might add, learn to use tools and fix things yourself. It's satisfying and way cheaper.
    Iran and Russia are not patsies. They are both very prepared as is China. None are what you can call 30 second knock-outs.
    Be prepared yourself, the shit will be hitting the fan sooner rather than later. Sadly, if it does the way it seems to be heading all of us may be toast.

    1. Which makes the whole foods scandals ryme with VW? Chipolte put down as mcd making its way into kazakhstan.

    2. Yaalon speech today interesting read on dismissing the existential hysteria around Iran and hezbollah