Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kurdish ( Syrian) FSA commander died in Manbij

FSA/ Wahabbi Sunni terrorists = Kurds/ Wahabbi Sunni terrorists  =  KurdIShIS

The commander and founder of Northern Sun Battalion (known as Shams al-Shamal in Arabic) affiliated to FSA, Faisal Sadoun (known as Abu Layla)

Hate to say I told you all so. But, I did. All you cheerleaders for terrorists.
You who know full well that FSA and KurdIShIS fighters just flow in and out of each others groups. Very symbiotic  So, who shot this guy really, is anyone's guess?. Perhaps a special ops from Canada/US/UK hit him in a house cleaning operations?  Since they`ve been known to play ISIS on a number of occasions! Ya know too many cooks spoil the soup?

 On Sunday, a Syrian Kurdish commander of a rebel battalion affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) lost his life after being shot by a sniper of the Islamic State (IS) group east of the town of Manbij.   
The commander and founder of Northern Sun Battalion (known as Shams al-Shamal in Arabic) affiliated with FSA, Faisal Sadoun (known as Abu Layla), was shot on Friday in the operation launched by the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to liberate the northern Syrian town of Manbij, a key IS stronghold northwest of Aleppo.
“Abu Layla was shot on Friday by an IS sniper in the village of Khafya Abu Qalqal on the outskirts of Manbij while he was backing his fellows on Sunday,” said the leadership of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in a statement released on Monday.
Abu Layla was then transported by a US military helicopter on Friday to a hospital in the city of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and succumbed to his wounds on Sunday.
“We, the leadership of YPG, consider Aby Layla not only a commander of FSA, but also one of our commanders and we offer our condolences to his family,” the YPG statement said

Speaking to Kurdistan24, Mustafa Ebdi, a Syrian Kurdish journalist and activist based in the Kurdish-held town of Kobani, said on Monday that the death of Abu Layla is a significant loss.
“Abu Layla fought on multiple fronts against both the Syrian regime and IS.

He fought the regime in Aleppo’s Kurdish neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiya, and then he fought the IS insurgents in Manbij, al Bab, Qaraqozaq, Ain Issa, Tal Abyad and Kobani,” Ebdi said.
More likely he ethnically cleansed Arabs and non compliant Kurds when he 'fought ISIS'
Additionally, the leadership of the SDF changed the name of the title of “Manbij liberation operation” into “Martyr Abu Layla operation” since he was leading the Manbij Military Council which participates in the operation with the SDF.
Abu Layla was one of the founders of the Manbij Military Council which is an ally of the SDF.

Responding to Abu Layla’s death, Bret McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against IS, offered his condolences to the Free Syrian Army in a tweet on his twitter page.

“Prayers with #FSA commander #AbuLeyla who lost his life in ongoing operations to liberate his hometown of #Manbij from #ISIL terrorists,” McGurk said.
On May 31, the SDF launched the operation of Manbij liberation, and up to the present moment, dozens of villages have been liberated in the surrounding areas of Manbij in addition to releasing a number of Yazidi (Ezidi) families. 

 From earlier today:

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  1. Thanks for the article.
    Just heard about another attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Mainly targeting police so my guess in 'Pkk splinter group' TAK aka PKK. The bomb has killed 12, and destroyed parts of Istanbul university and a famous Mosque built by the famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Sooo sad to see this happen :(

    1. I saw that news too- tragic when people going about their die are killed- Yes, TAK aka PKK :)

  2. So you are saying that the SDF is allied to FSA? I thought that they were fighting each other. Is the YPG the same as SDF?

    1. I'm saying they are all of the same ilk.
      They are all terrorists bought and paid for by -NATO
      US/UK, whoever- They just come under different brand names to confuse the situation

      I've long said all these terrorists are allied
      Kurdistan 24 is making the connection very clear

      As is Brett McGurk in his tweet

      Brett McGurk "“Prayers with #FSA commander #AbuLeyla who lost his life in ongoing operations to liberate his hometown..."

      Brett McGurk should know!!!

    2. Bunch of MonkeysJune 7, 2016 at 5:26 PM

      To add to the confusion (or perhaps clarify)...

      Corbett report has a nice piece on how Khomeini was in contact with US.gov prior to the Revolution. There is no doubt they could have stopped him from leaving for Iran from France. Seems like the CIA wanted the Shah gone. Probably just some long range planning setting up the current 'religious' war and create some additional boogy men for the sheeple to fear.

      It is also interesting to see where the current batch of Iranian mullahs bank (hide their money) considering that they are the sworn enemies of the "Great Satanic" west. Perhaps "great" = "good"?

      Rafsanjani's kids absolutely love Canada btw...


    3. Hey bunch of monkeys- I browsed through the piece on Putin, but, just didn't have the time to really get into it- apologies

      that said and just an fyi for all readers here:

      I don't do cult of personality- at all
      A big cult has been built around Justin Trudeau- it's a distraction
      So Putin's cult of personality would also be a distraction- As is Erdogan's. And Assad's
      And Gaddafi (cults can be negative or positive)


      I pretty much figure anyone who has managed to get into higher political office, particularly in NATO nations, are compromised in one way or another

      Hillary Clinton is a prime example of a compromised politico

      I have no doubt that situations are manipulated to set up future scenarios that can be manipulated again- look at the Dayton accord- Sykes Picot
      etc- All the seeds are planted for the next crop of bad weeds

      It seems to be run of the mill

    4. "I pretty much figure anyone who has managed to get into higher political office, particularly in NATO nations, are compromised in one way or another"

      Correction... every nation penny.

      Every nation. No exceptions.

      Here's 4 minutes and 29 seconds of complete lucidity. You are getting very close to truth.


    5. thanks BoM
      I'll check it out
      have you see the latest
      Cotler- honoured in Israel- nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize- barf!

    6. You'll understand this better once the Globalist's MSM nuclear war alarm bells are sounded as WW3 begins with Russia and China this September.

      He's a triple threat... sings, plays piano and bombs.
      His Hollywood MSM CIA BB CFR friends can't get enough!

      It's Globalist Kabuki Theater Penny. It's what's behind the geopolitical mahem that you are witnessing now. Don't buy the tickets.

    7. $50 says Cotler loses.

      Edward Snowden has a lock on the Prize this year. The timing is also great for Oliver Stone's Snowden movie due out this September when TSHTF. Not that Hollywood would have anything to do with the CIA CFR BB or other Globalist sociopathic institutions.

      Besides Edward turns 33 on June 21 this year which makes him 33. Being born on the summer solstice makes him the clincher.

    8. Didn't even know Snowden was nominated (psyop Snowden)

      Even if Cotler loses, he wins, because of the prestige of being nominated (cause it's 'awesome' to be nominated isn't it?;) )is nearly as good as winning- in the minds of the gullible dupes.

  3. Arab armies are of course world renowned for their marksmanship. :^)


    "But – whoever the snipers were – ..."




    1. Hi Modern Kant:
      If he was sniped, it's house cleaning- the end is nigh for the creation of syrian rojova- and power has to be consolidated- to fewer tyrants

  4. Report on interfax yesterday of a russian shop fire in St Pete. No follow up. Series of Russian and US sub yard incidents including the Miami arson. Day after the video of Junker (EU) released after he agreed to go to the St pete economic forum.


    Most interesting is the German raid on the MH17. 19 million paid Swiss box? Whoever was payng must have had deep pockets..going back to the Russian comments about coordinating with the Malaysians at the ASEAN meet up in Sochi

    US just put another carrier in the Med,; Anaconda drills kicked off with more convoys through the Baltic; China just picked off another US spy plane dangerously; South china sea referendum coming.

    Accident, including the S&P, waiting to happen. Bund yields nearly negative.

    Goldman Sachs this am
    "Large equity drawdowns often mark the end of an equity cycle and tend to coincide with a recession or financial market/geopolitical shock or a combination, which tend to result in a sharp equity correction driven by a decline in both earnings and valuations."

    Bund yields

    OIl demand allegedly rising but Chinese imports drop. Why price rising? All DXY? or something else? Another story about the growing possibility of a Saudi coup. Watch Nayef...


    Saudis ban specs

    1. Italy is also moving ant aircraft equipment into Turkey? Another deployment like the dam deployments. Why>


    2. To shoot down Turkish jets? (hindering Turkey (nation states ability to defend itself?)
      just a guess?

    3. anon linkie person, just got your first comment out of spam
      let me know when comments disappear?
      please and thanks :)

    4. Us just put a fast attack sub in the med also? Libya or something else with the massive drills into the Russian sanctions deadline which Italy and France (senate) just rejected. Germans ex Merkel are wary. Getting very dangerous must explain soros coming back to trade, like buffet buying IBM