Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kurdistan: Plans for Northern Syria & Jews of Kurdistan want more recognition

It was truly so darn good and convenient that  NATO backed ISIS grabbed and occupied all the land that was so conveniently intended to be the newest NATO state - Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0
Yup, convenient! 
How is it I was the only one to see that as it unfolded? It really was quite obvious.
Thankfully Willyloman-American Everyman caught on, or I would have felt truly alone.

So many others, though,.... busy cheering for NATO’s destabilizers - The bestest fighters of them all- Backed by the biggest guns. The poor beleaguered Kurdish militias completely supported by the biggest global terror army: NATOKurds: Annexers of Syrian, Iraqi and soon Turkish territory. While so many died. And so much has been lost. Wasted.   Because the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and expect a different result-
No wrongs will be corrected- Just a whole big batch of new wrongs are being created.

Federal plan for Rojova advances with U.S. - backed forces

The autonomous federation being planned by Syrian Kurdish parties and their allies is taking shape fast: a constitution should be finalised in three months, and possibly sooner, to be followed quickly by elections, a Kurdish official said.

The plan had taken on even greater significance since the Syria Democratic Forces alliance, which is spearheaded by the Kurdish YPG militia, mounted a rapid new advance westwards this month into Islamic State's last foothold at the Turkish border.
It holds out the prospect of more areas being included in the federation, plans for which were first unveiled in March.

The idea of newly-captured territory joining the "Democratic Federal System for Rojava - Northern Syria" was discussed last week with members of a local council set up to run the IS-held city of Manbij, a target of the campaign.


The political federation for northern Syria builds on three self-ruled regions carved out by the YPG since Syria descended into conflict in 2011 in an uprising to topple President Bashar al-Assad. It has already grown, expanding last year to include the town of Tel Abyad that was captured from Islamic State by the YPG in October.

The YPG has been the most effective partner for the United States against Islamic State in Syria.
Syrian Kurdish groups have made no secret of their aim to link up their two autonomous regions, or cantons, in northeastern Syria with one further west -


Yousef said meetings had been held in the United States, Russia and Europe to explain the plan, and to assure them that the aim was not to establish an independent state.

Letters had also been sent directly to U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.N. envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, who left the main Syrian Kurdish political party, the PYD, out of peace talks earlier this year in line with Turkey's wishes.

"We expect acceptance of this plan and we are working to win international, domestic, and regional support," Yousef said.

Speaking by telephone from Syria, she said the constitution to be known as "the social contract" was nearly complete..

Pending issues included the design of a new flag to be flown alongside the Syrian flag, the location of the main legislative council - to be known as the Peoples' Conference - and the administrative borders of areas in the new system.

"Within three months we should have finished all preparations and frameworks for the social contract," she said.

Once approved by the 151-member assembly which Yousef co-chairs, preparations will start for elections to take place three months later.

They have yet to decide which will be held first - elections for the Peoples' Conference or to regional assemblies. "The entire process will take six months and perhaps less," she said.
No Syrian flag will fly alongside the flag of Kurdistan. Except perhaps that bastardized one that the FSA (kurds included) always ran around with? - Because the plan is the unite into one Kurdish nation- That has always been the plan!

As for Israel 2.0

Jews of Kurdistan want more recognition

Crypto jews abound. It’s the strangest thing- Benjews. Donmeh.
Israel should accept us," says Sherko Sami Rachamim, a Kurd with Jewish roots, who lives and works in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. For years he has been wanting to settle down with his family in Israel, "but the Israelis closed their doors."

He says that many Jews who converted to Islam like him feel the same. Rachamim is one of thousands of so-called Benjews in Iraqi Kurdistan, whose grandparents converted during the persecution of Jews before and after the founding of the state of Israel

Although some of the converted Jews became devout Muslims, many are Muslim in name only. Like Rachamim, who shrugs when asked about his faith. "I am not interested in Islam." His wife does not wear a scarf, he did not educate his three children according to Islam either, because he feels Jewish.

 "People in [the town of] Koya know me for my criticism about Islam; sometimes friends tell me to shut up for my own safety," he smiles, as if it is a joke. "I consider religion a private thing."

After the Kurdish region gained de facto autonomy from Saddam in 1991, Israel organized two secret operations to evacuate Jews - and children of converts - from Kurdistan. Rachamim's parents were airlifted in one of them.
Their sons visited them in Israel, but found out later that they were not allowed to join them. After 10 months their parents returned to Kurdistan. Even though Rachamim had sold his house in order to move to Israel, he was not accepted. "Because my grandfather and father were Jewish they do not accept us," he told DW. Rachamim finds it hard to swallow that Israel only accepts heritage through the mother's line. His wife's Jewish bloodline also goes through the male line of her father, whose mother converted.

Staying in touch

For years there have been close ties between most Benjews in Kurdistan and their relatives Israel, he says. "Before the mobile phones, we would use three-way-calling, calling through another country."

Since last year, the ministry for religious affairs in the Kurdistan region has had a special representative for the Jewish religious minority which has established good relations with Israel. However, the government agency has not been set up to facilitate people leaving for Israel, says Sherzad Mamsani who was appointed to the post.

"We are not a consulate for Israel, nor do we want to bring the Kurdish Jews back to Kurdistan. But both groups can travel to and fro, and we would be very happy if some of them came to invest here, instead of investment only from Iran and Turkey," he told DW.

 At the same time, Mamsani is trying to restore Jewish heritage in Iraqi Kurdistan. He recently travelled to the United States, where he spoke to the Congress and asked for support to restore locations like the tombs of the prophets Nahum, Eliezer and Daniel.

A search for identity

In Rachamim's hometown of Koya, which was a trading town, many Benjews remained to build up the community's identity. Benjews here call each other 'cousin,' and for them it makes no difference whether the bloodline runs through the male or the female side. Intermarriage happens, but there is also marriage outside the group.

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  1. I feel the same way about your coverage. Were it not for you, I would be feeling alone as well. Hey, did you see? The Kurds of "Iranian Kurdistan" (yes, they are starting to call such a thing a thing) are openly fighting and killing Iranian military forces. They gone Full Greater Kurdistan while we were all distracted by Pulse and the elections.

    1. Hi Willy

      Why, yes I did see the Kurds of Iranian Kurdistan were up to tricks

      Mentioned in this post

      I've even got a news item in there regarding terror financing to the PKK, in the multi millions resulting in conditional sentences because it took ten years to complete the trial- what a show!

  2. Interestingly, every time I write on this topic the visits just disappear- this is a phenomena Greencrow has mentioned also when addressing controversial topics-- less main stream-
    a topic the ptb's don't want openly discussed-

    Is it really the cognitive dissonance of my readers and visitors? Maybe, somewhat? Though I'm inclined to think if you're reading here you would be much more open minded then the ABCCNNCBCNBC consumer.
    So, it can't entirely be that.
    I have to put it down to censorship on the internet- we know it goes one- and we know google assists in that censorship-

    "What you’re actually searching for is irrelevant: Google will tell you what it wants you to know"

    It's as simple as that to marginalize blogger such as myself, Willy Loman, Green Crow, Northern Truth Seeker

    1. I noticed that on Jan 1 of this year, my numbers dropped significantly and it could not have been due to content. It had to have something to do with the new CISPA they passed just before. Google introduced new algorithms and various ISP providers did the same. I think my numbers now, in terms of my Greater Kurdistan coverage, are getting better in this new metric of page views this year, but they are still considerably lower than when I cover election fraud, election rigging or American Gladio operations. And I credit that to the fact that it is so underreported by so-called "alternative" news sources. It's amazing to. It's the biggest and most bloody nation-building exercise since Saudi Arabia and Israel and yet no one wants to mention it as it becomes more and more obvious with each passing week. But you go back and look at the "alternative" coverage of Libya while Gaddafi was still standing and they were just getting started and you will see it was a very small amount of us out here saying it was wrong, the whole thing was based on lies and he wasn't "killing his own people". Hell, even Saint Bernie was saying he was a monster who had too go. When these things happen, it takes a lot of courage to call them out as what they are as they happen. Anybody can come along afterward and try to gain street-cred for throwing up their hands and proclaiming foul at that point. But doing it while it's in motion? That's the trick. You do that and few others do so you should be proud of that fact. Numbers aren't everything.

    2. "Anybody can come along afterward and try to gain street-cred for throwing up their hands and proclaiming foul at that point. But doing it while it's in motion? That's the trick. You do that and few others do so you should be proud of that fact. Numbers aren't everything"

      Hey Willy:

      Thanks and back at you! Believe me if I was concerned about numbers, I wouldn't do the creation of Kurdistan stuff- and yet, I do cover it all the time- It's one of the main topics here..

      I've noticed the "alternative media" so called has ceased their mindless cheering for the kurdish killers- Even the demonizing of Erdogan has cooled down. There are a couple of so called alts, shills really, that I take a gander at, to see how their presentation of the 'heroic kurds' is transitioning- It's the 'sounds of silence' right now... But I'm expecting a shift to "oh the kurds have been coopted or coerced by the US" where they will continue right along with the kurdish victim meme with a twist- so instead of willfull participants which they have been- the spin will be continued victimhood coercion- the looney liberals simply love victims- everybody is a victim of somebody- boohoo
      I'm not naming the sites, but I am watching them

    3. I have to admit, while I completely agree with your take on the subject of Kurds and that I think you are probably the best resource on that subject as it is nearly irrefutable (with public available sources), I really do not read these articles as thoroughly as they deserve. It's not that "sexy" as a subject and people are not that deeply invested in the subject. I don't know if you've heard the concept of bike-shedding, but it's exactly what happens. You are the expert on that very complicated subject, people are not and prefer to not comment on it, if the discussion drifts on something lighter, people will discuss.

    4. Hey Gallier!

      thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      I had not heard of bike shedding so, of course, went to read up on it. And yes, that sounds about right.

      Because it ( Kurdish narrative, kurdistan, Israel relations to NATO and the EU etc., )is a complicated issue. And there are many levels of the issue. (From the PKK, the ordinary everyday Kurds,the rich kurds in the EU, plus the affiliation with Israel and the Jews. Never mind each situation per each nation) Surely some people feel it is 'out of their league'

      But it's not entirely that, IMO.
      Because the media has also done what the media does. It's created 2 specific memes. The victim and the heroes.

      So it simplifies the narrative down to a level where people can participate in the discussion, usually to align with the 'good guys' and/or wanting to save 'the victims" In a way, I guess the entire situation has been bike-shedded down to something the masses can participate in and feel good about- while not having to delve into the complexities that are actually involved

      Thanks Gallier :)
      good food for thought, which I always like!!!!
      But next time some wine with the food would be great too- lol (Bad joke,but, I do like my wine)

  3. Willy "It's the biggest and most bloody nation-building exercise since Saudi Arabia and Israel and yet no one wants to mention it as it becomes more and more obvious with each passing week"

    I've said that repeatedly- Sykes Picot redux- remaking the middle east- the US stated this right out loud, I've talked about it all- and it has been bloody and horrific and again the silence of the alts has been obvious, right alongside the msm

    This is reminiscent of the 2013 rumors that Kerry backed strikes. Who in the state department signed the petition? Timeline of Syrian troops moving on Raqqa and Iraqi forces moving on Mosul collapsing timelines. Reports days ago for YPG coalition retreating north.

    2013 brings up the issue of the Khorosan group - speaking to the Kurd nationalists inside Iran - especially in view of the the new murk TAK Istanbul nexus.

    Russia gains nothing from openly embracing the Turkish overture.

    1. Hey Anonymous

      regarding Khorasan- another name/brand for the same old same old- I noticed the link up between Khorosan and the Kurds and mentioned it previously in at least a couple of posts

      It was notable that Khorosan was stationed in Syria's
      North West- Where not coincidentally the PKK had been for some time

      Certainly some of them have come out of Pakistan etc.,
      same as in Syria

      Yah, I saw the news about 50 or so signatories wanting Obama to bomb Assad-

      Plants the idea in the minds of the masses that the US hasn't really been involved all along.

      "Russia gains nothing from openly embracing the Turkish overture"

      Why do you think that to be the case?

    2. btw: tossing Khorosan around reeks of the newest and greatest scary boogie man yet...
      AQ to ISIS to Khorosan- rebranding the same product all the time

    3. Detente with Russia accelerates erdogan timeline? Remember the turkish shootdown of Syrian mig into the massive rebel the offensive coming to close to Syrian troops as Aleppo moves not diversionary enough (ditto fallujah and mosul)

      Lavrov openly said yesterday us backing nusra for overthrow of assad after last week wondering if Russia being played for a fool.

      Russia response to that letter not surprising but the turks are putting the pilot on trial in July. Probably a message in that.